Yesterday, Akemi and I racked up 25 000+ steps checking out a local con.  I’ll tell you all about it.  But first…

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to introduce themselves and offer up a little backstory to their hitherto mysterious online personas.  Keep ’em coming!

And now, back to the con…  

Hitting The Con!

We started with a tour of Artists’ Alley where I met up with fellow Montreal native Louie De Martinis who is gearing up for the release of his self-published comic Blood And Sand.  Could there be a collaboration in our future?  Loui De Martinis Art

Me: “Is there a difference between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z?”

Outraged Akemi, suddenly sitting bolt upright: “Is there a difference between Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis?!”

After some three hours of the South Hall, we were headed towards North Hall when I heard someone call: “Mr. Mallozzi!”  Assuming it was the police, I was about to make a run for it – but it turned out to be two long-time Stargate fans, Lee and Andrew Portello, who actually recognized me from the blog.  Great meeting you guys!

Hitting The Con!

At North Hall, I said a quick hi to the ever-popular Jason Momoa, did a quick perusal, then headed home with my three super villain-themed t-shirts, no awesome new cufflinks to add to my collection, but a few signed books –

Hitting The Con!

Akemi and I capped off the night by having dinner with my friend (author, and comic book writer) Marjorie M. Liu and her artist on the award-winning Monstress, Sana Takeda.  I was lovely reconnecting with Marjorie, and equally lovely getting to know Sana.  Here’s hoping we get to do it all over again in Japan soon!

Hitting The Con!

Tonight, I head over to Ivon Bartok’s place for slow-cooked pork and our Fantasy Football draft for A League of Our Own.  Could my Snow Monkeys win a double-championship this season?

Hitting The Con!


Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular PBMom who went in for emergency surgery yesterday. 

13 thoughts on “Hitting the con!

  1. I’m Cath, and my preferred pets are cats (in case my moniker doesn’t give it away).

    I’m 100% BC quality. Born and raised on the Island. Spent a few years in Burnaby and lasted a whole month in Poco before deciding it was just too far to travel to get anywhere and moved back to Burnaby. Hated living in the Lower Mainland and eventually moved back to the Island, then up to the Cariboo, where I’ve been for the last 20 years. Unfortunately for us, we seem to have taken the brunt of the fires for the last two years. Yay? A couple of weeks ago the smoke rolled in so thickly that at 1:30 in the afternoon it was so dark it was more like 1:30 in the morning. It looked apocalyptic in the dark with the red cast to the light from the streetlights and headlights and ash so thick it was choking..

    I have had seven cats over the years, up to five at one time: Neka (2) died in 1997, Ari (9) in 2007, Tia (2 months shy of 16) in 2011, Kali (16) in 2013, and Monster (16) last March. I currently have Mollie (12) and Dude (10). Monster was the only one I picked up on my own; the rest came from co-workers.

    Would love to travel, but the cats make it difficult since I have to find someone that will look after them, which can prove a challenge, especially when health issues are involved (Monster had them since he was three) that require special care, and Mollie seems to be developing issues now.

    The two places I have wanted to visit for umpteen years are Iceland and Tasmania. Iceland from the numerous photos people have posted on Renderosity (very much want to do that dive between the two continental plates) and Tasmania from a photo spread in PhotoGraphic back in the 80s (before it became nothing but ads). I also would like to “do the Dempster” at some point. I like the temperature cool and hate heat, so tropical spots are not really on my list of desired places to visit. Not that I would turn my nose up at them should the opportunity arise, as long as it’s not at the hottest time of year there.

    When I was in Grade 7, we had to go to the school library, pick any book, and do a book report on it. I chose War of the Worlds and have loved sci-fi ever since. I really loved SGU, it was my favourite of the StarGate series, and was thoroughly disappointed at its cancellation. Same with Dark Matter. Say it with me: Syfy Sucks!

    I’m not a social media maven, and I despise Facebook. Been a regular visitor to Joe’s blog since his Blogspot days (back before the kidnapping). Don’t remember how I came across the blog in the first place, but I’ve stuck with it, although I don’t post much.

    Anyway, as for what I do, I started working in retail, then moved to the shipping department of one of the local mills, and have been working in the law for 25 years, with the last 15 as a paralegal.

  2. Looks like fun, so many happy shiny faces! That’s a lot of steps, but worth each one, no doubt!

    I really wish I had some spare change in pocket, and well, a mind free from worry and distraction, because next weekend is FanX, or the convention formerly known as Salt Lake ComicCon until San Diego were big babies about SLCC being “too similar” to SDCC. Ha, we’re just getting more popular.

    Anyway, Tim Curry and Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick will be there, and I am dying to go in my Crim costume. Even better if my friend could come as Eddy. Not in the cards this year. Maybe next. if I budget well. I get a senior discount now, or a military one. Whoot.

    1. I didn’t. I swung by to say hi but he wasn’t at his signing booth.

  3. So excited to hear about your con adventure. I spent the weekend at Dragon Con. It was overwhelming because it is so big. Managed to see and purchase some fantastic comic books and talk to a few artist.

  4. My name is Peter, I’m originally from the north of Sweden, a town called Kiruna, that is, I think, most famous for the Icehotel, and, fot hockey fans, Börje Salming. I have since moved to Karlstad, Trosa and lastly Stockholm. 41yo now.

    I have followed the blog for may years, since maybe … 2008 or something, during the Stargate era. Have not commented that much but read it every day. I love Sci-Fi, watch a lot of e-sports, Starcraft and PUBG. Work in marketing and IT, have a 4yo son and a son-to-be wife, Liza.

    My Sci-Fi hope is that someone, Looking at you Joe, would make a tv-show based on Starcraft, it has a fantastic story that would do well on the TV.

  5. There is a ComicCon in Sydney the end of This month. I have never been. I will this time…. I will go dressed as a 60 year old man., that should stand out from the cosplayers.

  6. So… Why didn’t you get a picture of Jason Momoa for your blog fans? What is wrong with you!?? How could you see him and not snap a pic real quick? I’m so disappointed.

  7. Thanks for the dedication.

    @MaggieMayDay I’m going to post on a more recent post something to you in case you aren’t checking back this far.

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