So, here’s my story…

My name is Joe but I my online handle is BaronDestructo.  I’m a television writer/producer with about 400 hours television to my credit, most of it in sci-fi, some of it in animation.  Over the course of my career, I’ve created, developed, written, story-edited, and produced.  No plans to direct.  I was born in Montreal, moved to Vancouver to work on a little show called Stargate, then moved to Toronto to work on my own little show called Dark Matter.  My varied interests include food, reading, and dogs (particularly of the snub-nose variety).  I’ve been with my girlfriend, Akemi, for almost nine years now after meeting her on one of my annual trips to Japan.

This is me in a nutshell – more or less.

Now, I want to hear about you.

Blog regulars have come and gone over the years, and I’ve gotten to know them (and you) as best I could, drawing from the various tidbits you drop in the comments you leave on these entries.  Lately, I’ve been reviewing and thinking – Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little refresher on who frequents this blog.

So, if you’re feeling up to it, have at it.

What’s your story?

68 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. My name is Katie but my Twitter handle is SimplyMe (@risumalways) I currently live in South Dakota aka the middle of nowhere. I recently decided to quit my job to follow my dreams to become a writer and hopefully showrunner (someday). I am currently in the process of moving to Toronto, because I believe Canadian television is more inclusive and a better fit for me. I am excited for what’s to come. That’s a little about me!

  2. My name is Colleen. I was born and raised in Port Dalhousie Ontario. Lived in Hamilton and Welland in my teen years. I have lived in Niagara Falls for over 40 years. I retired from banking last year and now have a fun part time job. I have been happily married for 30 years to Brian. We were set up by friends. He likes the outdoors and I enjoy the indoors. We both love Sci FI. I love cosplay and attending Comic Cons. Wr will retire up north when we officially retire in 5 years.

  3. I’m Kathy, known on Twitter & Periscope as KathLuvsGH. GH stands for General Hospital & Ghost Hunters, my two favorite shows at the time I joined Twitter. Born in Nebraska so I’m a Husker by birth. Forced as teen to leave my corn fields move to the hustle & bustle of NJ. Currently hold three college degrees. Had lots of different jobs over the years, never finding my true passion but enjoying where I am at the moment – until I’m not enjoying it anymore and then I move onto something else. I enjoy reading, hiking, yoga and cruising. Have a wonderful family with two boys in college, making the most of my empty nest. Getting closer and closer to retirement so looking for a nice lake somewhere that offers a good spot for our boat where I can sit and read all day while the hubs fishes.

  4. I’m Brenda. Normally I don’t talk much about myself, so this is weird that I’m doing this. Don’t want to bore anyone, so please just read and scroll on by while I get past my shyness. Currently single. I work in health care. I used to read a lot of books, not as much these past few years. (I blame Twitter. Evil thing that it is.) I used to write fan fiction in a lot of fandoms. There are several original novels rattling around in my head but I can’t seem to write anything at all anymore. Can you say blocked? I am owned by cats. Traveled a bit back in the day — Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Texas, California, Alberta, Montreal. Huge tennis fan. Canadian. Saskatchewanian.

  5. Hi Joe
    I am a Medical Physician specialist from Australia. Married with kids.I have a life long love of good science fiction. I am inspired to comment here because of your generosity in sharing bits of your private life and mostly because I think you are a genius at writing good sci fi and Dark Matter was so great.
    I treat patients and spend a lot of time teaching training specialists and medical students
    My escape from the stress of work consists of good sci fi and playing guitar
    Carry on with the good work!
    Best wishes

  6. Ok…
    I’m Danine Dolphin and I’ve worked as an Economic Development Specialist in the Federal Government for 18 years. I help citizens start grow & develop businesses, get into government contracting, & recover from disasters. What I do for a living is only a sliver of who I am.
    I am a survivor of severe childhood abuse which led to a very challenging tour through the foster care system, some PTSD and a near abrogated adoption to a super large family. Hard living for a decade after their abandonment was almost not survivable, but I’m here!
    I know my biological family, but there is no health or harbor there. I had to build my own world literally. While coping those years I wrote fantasy fiction, immersed myself in community theater, oil pastels, piano, hiking, calligraphy, but struggled heavily finding a stabilizing medication for my severe depression. Found a set that worked but they permanently destroyed my metabolism. I didn’t know that at the time.
    I found myself pregnant at 28 and absolutely terrified that I couldn’t do it alone. Happily, having someone to live for really tweaked my mindset. My daughter is a beautiful gem of a human, but not quite yet independant. She just came back from a tour of Europe that I have always dreamed of. Ok, I sometimes live vicariously. Who can blame me?
    I’ve been married 13 years this October to a cleric from the MMORPG Everquest. That’s right, i met my spouse virtually. Which led to me having everything that is part of the American dream.
    We are foodies that love to eat and critique. I’m the one with the passion for hot sauces. For hobbies I’m searchingsancestry, playing Minecraft, watching all sorts of food related programming & mourning the last best show I engaged in on an emotional level. I’m sure everyone here knows which one that is. I was the recipient of Ones necklace and have the Lego minifigs of the Raza crew.
    I follow the Suji chronicals as I also want to own pugs, but the climate in Arizona is bad for their breathing & until I can be home full time I don’t think it’s fair to have a pet. See, there’s that vicarious living thing again!
    Hope this bio bit helps people have a better understanding about who is behind the Penguin Sushi chef icon.
    Thanks for reading.

  7. Me in a nutshell…Well…

    My husband says I AM a nutshell. Thanks, Hubby!

    My name is Mary. I live in Idaho (yes, the place with potatoes) with said hubby. We been married almost 20 years now. I am the mother of an Autistic kiddo. I run an animal rescue with my sister. I am a writer/editor by day and novelist by night. I love good story-telling and compelling characters, so I naturally enjoy Sci-Fi. I found some of my best friends through fandom (Thanks, Gateworld!), even though I haven’t actually met any of them. I’ve been Joe’s stalker–erm, I mean FAN–for longer than I care to admit, and I tell myself that when (not if) I ever have fans, I’ll be as cool to them as Joe is to his.

    Those are the broad strokes.

  8. Hi, my name is Rita Lewis but my online handles have been “ixchup” and lately “mayanscaper”, the last vestiges of my former life and still intense interest in Anthropology and Central America ethnohistory. I have lived most of my life in the Washington, DC suburbs trying to ignore the noise on Capitol Hill but kind of involved in volunteering politically. My mother is a Holocaust survivor and my father was strongly involved with the local Democratic party.

    I have an MA in religious sycretisms of the Maya and worked for a while as a researcher and writer as well as computer -aided designer at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC back in the late 1970s. I have a lot of training in graphic arts and set out to recreate myself in the computer field and after a lot of false starts an the writing of 10 computer books and years writing Federal proposals, I became a successful freelance web marketer for small films and web series as well as for non-profits for the past 25 years.

    I’m a certified geek who came to Farscape late in its third season after years of reading science fiction and keeping my hand in Anthropology and history through reading intensely about anything historic, Archaeological or fantastical about King Arthur. I went through a bad but of Breast cancer and it was a Scaper survivor group who sustained me for whom I’m forever grateful. I’ve kept in touch with wonderful friends from all over the I meet periodically at cons. I’ve been married for 36 years and my two grown daughters followed me into Archaeology and history as well as our family hobby of Farscape, Stargate, supernatural, dungeons and dragons and other games and manga/anime. I’ve been lurking and reading Joe’s blog for years.

    I’ve worked with various producers on Ben Browder’s projects and feel honored to be helping Joe with his site and what little I can do to spread the Save Stargate word on social media. Oh, and I do cat rescue and There are two nutty females who own us.

  9. My name is Dave. I was born in Sacramento,CA in the early 60’s. Growing up, I was smart, but a poor student (bored). I was hanging out with my uncle one Summer day (probably 1980 or so) and he took me to the college where he worked. He sat me in front of a Commodore PET computer and handed me the manual. He thought I could figure it out while he got some work done. I typed in some BASIC programs from the manual and got them to work. It was fun. After a couple of hours, I was figuring out how to modify the programs to do what *I* wanted. At the beginning of the school year, I asked the high school math teacher to offer a programming course. I scored 100% in the course–never missed a point on homework or test. The following year, I was the teacher’s assistant in that course. After graduation, I got a job programming computers for the local power company and I’ve been programming ever since. I’ve been programming for Intel for over 21 years.

    Along the way, I got a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Database Administration. I got married and had 4 kids. I bought a house in the mountains (4,000ft elevation, snows a few times per year) and I have a Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV with half a million miles on it.

    Some of my interests include science fiction (books, tv shows, movies, etc. which is what brought me here), programming (I’ve written tons of games and other stuff which you can find at, art (I’ve contributed to the free Windows paint program Paint.NET), music (I love the blues, rock, and funk), and the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering (which is where my online handle comes from).

    I also like to build things. My most recent was a digital pinball machine. You can see all the pictures of the build here: and now that the pinball machine is done, I’m working on a video game machine to go with it.

  10. For this many years you have known me as my pen name Tuptiang. I have made numerous comments and you have acknowledged my presents. It is a throw back to my US Peace Corp (s) days where I learned to speak and read Thai, and enjoy hot food. Not all Thai food is hot hot. I still have friends in Thailand who wish to see me. I have worked at an airline for many year, and seen them come and go. Mesaba, a great MN name was one such company. They were closely related to Northwest Orient Airlines, of which my Dad retired from as a pilot. Thus the industry earned moniker when the weather was bad and the rides were poor, “Follow the Red Tail.” NWA sold out to Delta and no American airline service Thailand, much to my dismay. NWA used Narita as a hub, and you could count the NWA as the largest foreign carrier. They also developed and proved the great circle routing, but smarter people than me made the end come true. Now I work for United. I am a Aircraft Dispatcher. I tell pilots were to go. I tell the pilots how to get there. No, I am not A.C.T. because I work for an airline. I planned for weather events and equipment limitations. Now I am in recovery mode. Due to a accident that left me in a coma for 2 weeks, and partially paralyzed. I gather all my energy and wits to get myself back to work. (would share a picture if possible) It has been a 2 plus year of recovery that typing this letter serves as a therapy. The Brain is a complex thing. I don’t have broken bone, I drive myself (now I now how dangerous other people are.) I have a health club membership which includes weekly YOGA. I sweat up a storm using my mind, yoga is no easy thing. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood, “A man has to know his limitation.” Such as me; I had to know what I didn’t know. With that in mind and my interest for learning I have over the past 18 months accumulated 9 certificates of completion for college equivalent work classes from Hillsdale College, Michigan. The latest was on economics. I learned that Dark Matter came to an unglamorous end. I had plans to watch season 2 or 3 when I heard the show was cancelled. About that time I work a letter because Jay mentioned to you the desire to give swag to the fans. I wrote my letter. About the same time I heard RUSH was calling it quits. My favorite rock band EVA! I reflect that I made the right choice on traveling to Toronto to see and be apart of their last tour. I remember walking down King and Queen street and around the arena for the concert. If it wasn’t for your love of chocolate, I was have not found Soma. Now seeing ads for the Rookie my Tuesday nights will be occupied. No going to Keagan’s for a quiz and cheap beer.

  11. Hi I’m shane I’m here everyday even though I rarely comment I’m a 46 year old disabled truck driver from Glendale Az who loves anything genre especially the space based sci-fi epic like dark matter, star trek, the expanse, and everything in between I too am a dog lover of the crazy smart loyal super energetic Jack Russell variety I discovered Joe’s blog just as SG-U was canceled to maybe get inside info on the show and I’ve been coming every day since.

  12. I’m Ogre, but people sometimes call me Kevin.

    I am a gamer (board mostly), a science geek, a humanist, and a would be writer.

    I have been a science teacher, college counselor and assistant registrar, and now I work in educational publishing doing science content work.

    At the beginning of this year, I decided (through the encouragement of Steven Brust and Skyler White) to finish a novel, which I did about a month ago. it’s dreadful, but I learned a lot and am working on (a much better) second novel.

    I also build and paint model Gundams. A hobby enjoyed by the whole family.

    We have 4 cats. Welcome Cookie, our new kitten. My son volunteered at the local no-kill shelter all summer learning about cat behavior and caring for them. He worked other jobs and saved up the adoption fee and fell in love with Cookie, who picked him out of a few dozens would be kitteh staff.

  13. My fake name on this blog is Ponytail. My fake name on Twitter is gailspeed. If I participated in any other social media sites, which I don’t, my name would be fake too. I’m currently going thru the most stessful time in my life ….caring for 2 elderly parents. I don’t feel appreciated and sometimes want to drive off a cliff. Maybe I will contact Dr Phil. My advice to kids – MOVE AWAY! Far, far, away! Now I’m off to research memory care facilities instead.

  14. My name is Tom Gardiner & you can find me online as Thogar, a bold-sounding name with a not-so-bold origin story: I got it from a pay stub (THOmas GARdiner). I’ve been a scifi & science nut since before I can remember.

    I only have one item on my bucket list: Go to space. I’ll eat any food at least once. Probably multiple times. With my wife of 36 years I’ve raised 2 STEM daughters who, gods willing, will both graduate inside of a year, one with her 3rd degree.

    I’m an engineer who’s worked in IT since the 80s, currently a project coordinator for fiber optic networking at LSU in Baton Rouge. I’ve lived in the city since 1979 & was born in a small Cajun farming town less than 100 miles away. While I’ve traveled plenty, I’ve never lived outside this small area. And although I’ve not moved far and have done the same work for most of my life, I’ve never felt like this was what I was supposed to be doing. (I’m thinking frozen drinks on a beach are what I should be doing, but the pay sucks)

    While I’ve always been a scifi geek, I didn’t get into conventions & blogging until I was in my 50s when I won a visit to the set of TNT’s Falling Skies in 2012. There, I met a group of bloggers with whom I’ve remained friends to this day. It has opened up a world of geeky opportunities for me and I likely wouldn’t be here writing this were it not for that contest. Nor would I have likely ever felt the crushing force of a full-on Roger Cross hug (I survived … twice!).

    My interests include scifi, gardening, making gadgets from random stuff around the house, cooking, science, and anything covered in melted cheese.

  15. My name is Susannah, and I go by StellaByStargate here and on Twitter, and AstraPerAspera over on Gateworld (and I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 8 years old, but it took me until the latter half of my 50s to achieve the goal of being an honest-to-goodness published author. In the meantime, I’ve had a career in health care planning and policy, was a full-time mom, and was blessed to be able to spend time with my mother in the final years of her life. A couple of years ago, the good people who publish the Stargate novels accepted my manuscript which was a dream come true, not only because it was my very first published work, but also because it was tied to a show I loved (some family members would say obsessed with…) and which had become a huge part of my life. (*waves at Gateworld friends* *pokes LJ*) While I love writing Stargate novels and short stories, I have a small stack of WIPs that I’m itching to get to once my current project is done. I’ve been known to pick up a camera from time to time, and when I want to de-stress, I’ll sit down at the piano or harp. I love animals, especially dogs. I would probably be an animal hoarder if it weren’t for my husband. Lily the beagle is our current pup in residence, although at 12 she’s more of a senior citizen. Joe’s is the first (and only…) blog I ever followed. I came for the Stargate *cough*S/JShip*cough*— and he’s been ever so patient with my questions over the years—but I stayed for the dogs and the weird food purchases and the writerly insights, and of course Dark Matter and whatever exciting production comes next!

  16. Hey Joe

    My name is Christina, my Twitter Handle is NinaMoo07. I used to be known in some online circles as Nina & Moo is my dogs nickname. I am an Aussie girl born and bred. I live in Brisbane, Qld but grew up in a beautiful country area called the Grantie Belt. Was mostly orchards now it’s wineries and tourism especially during winter. I’m a Credit Card debt collector by means of profession, but when I was young I wanted to be a pop star sadly didn’t have the looks nor the talent lol I also love food, the outdoors and am fitish as in I like idea of being fit, but I like food more hahaha

    I have only ever travelled outside Australia once and that was to NZ, where I lived and worked for a year. Word of advice don’t ever call us Aussies a Kiwi (New Zealander) lol I would LOVE to travel to the UK, Italy, Ancient Egypt especially & Canada… Maybe New York too The history is what attracts me the most!

    I lead a simple life where family is number one. I am a proud singe dog mum to two mini foxterriers (similar to Jackrussels) and they are my world. I have had our share of challenges and heart break. I helped my dad care for my mum where possible, she had mobility issues and the onset of dementia, an unknown illness cuased her body to shut down before she passed suddenly a year ago. I have 3 elder brothers and a sister. My younget big bro has an intellectual disability, my sister is blind & deaf & an austic nephew. Spend a lot of time keeping them in check and make sure their needs are being met. I just found out my eldest brother has cancer and 6mths to live. I think we must have killed the goodluck fairy or something in a past life.

    To escape all the bullshit I turn to the wonderful world of Television. I will watch anything that has a great plot, well scripted and acted. I love a great drama like Greys Anatomy, the odd police drama like Blindspot but my absolute love is for Sci-fi. Favorite SciFi is hands down Stargate Atlantis! Was plesently surprised to find out Joe, Ivon and Martin were all involved in someway with my fave show, so it was a no brainer that I bloody LOVED Dark Matter. I set a notification in my phone to prompt me when the series was starting after watching the trailer /pilot ep (can’t recall if that was pre released). The Save Dark Matter campaign and the friends made through that helped me through my darkest time (losing mum) so DM will always be special because of that. Also for introducing me to an arrary of wonderful actors who’s careers I shall follow forevermore!

    Sorry this turned out to be longer than intended! Keep up the awesome work that you do Joe! Looking forward to your next project! Speaking of which… any news on that Mallozzi SciFi special? 😁

    Much love,
    Christina xo

  17. My name is Nancy. I have an excessively boring job, so I’ve decided to start my own business. I make jewellery for men and women out of bone and wood. It’s my passion! My girlfriend and I have been together for eleven years and we have two dogs, one black male, one white female who light up my life. That’s about it!

  18. Wow! So many interesting people and stories!

    G’day! My real name is Shane but I’ve been using “Line Noise” as an online handle since around 1989 when I started my own dial-up Bulletin Board System called “The Halls Of Asgard”. I was doing the whole viking god thing before it was cool! If you were on the Internet during the early ’90s you may have come across an Internet BBS called ISCABBS run by the University of Iowa Student Computer Association. I was an administrator on there.

    I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I touched my first computer when I was 10 years old and was hooked! I’ve worked in IT ever since as a systems administrator. Linux is my operating system of choice.

    I’ve lived all over the world including New Zealand, Tasmania and the United Kingdom but have been back in my home town of Melbourne for the last couple of years.

    In New Zealand I worked for Weta Digital, Peter Jackson’s digital visual effects company, on the first two The Lord Of The Rings films. I also worked for Aardman Animations on their stop-motion animated feature film <a href=""The Pirates!. I was supporting the IT infrastructure for their in-house VFX department. I’d love to get back into VFX at some stage but there’s not a lot of opportunity in Australia. Currently I work for Australia’s largest real estate advertising company

    I’m an avid baker and, when I’m not on a computer, I can usually be found in the kitchen baking bread, cakes, and cookies. I also make my own ice cream and regularly make chocolate confectionery. Yesterday I baked Cramiques, a Belgian brioche style bread that I fell in love with when visiting Brussels.

    I’ve been into sci-fi since I was a kid, obsessed with Star Trek: TNG and Babylon 5 in my teens. I was slow getting into Stargate. Sci-fi on TV in Australia was hard to come by back then!

  19. Great to hear about you, Joe, especially that you moved to my favorite city. I’m from Buffalo, NY which is just an hour by plane from Toronto. I made my first movie in 1980 at CTV with Johnny Esaw and Cameron Rourke, both of whom have passed on, but were my first mentors in film and video. Most of my work has been in industrial films and videos since, but I produced a project in 2002 called Behind the Badge. We got a script and crew together, but financing fell through, so this gem never got released. I mentioned before that this was in Las Vegas, where I nearly died when the universe decided I needed to abandon my pursuit of major film making. Undaunted, 5 years later pursued it again, despite Karma warning me to stay away. The financial collapse of 2007/2008 and my loss of $10K of savings was the final nail in the coffin of movie pursuit except as a viewer. My adopted uncle Roy Thinnes and I did get together to work on The Invaders TV DVD series set in NY in 2008, which was a success, even if I had just a small part as associate producer. Haven’t done much since except pretend to be a comedian and be a genuine superfan of science fiction. My weird talent (aside from film) is voices. I can do hundreds of accurate voice impressions, including Morgan Freeman. I’ve confused a few people over the phone but other than that, it hasn’t been fruitful. Now, having retired as a professional video and audio editor, I just enjoy the various great TV and film efforts other people have created, including Stargate and Dark Matter. My goals now are to finish a Children’s book and graphic novel before I die from cancer, so that my son and grandson can have something creative from me besides a film and music archive, a hobby of mine. That’s my story and I’m stuck to and with it.

  20. Hi Joe, I worked as a lab technician for 31 years until the company closed down 4 years ago, after some retraining I now work at a large church in northern Tasmania as a chaplain for the church and local community. It’s my dream job!!
    I’m on Instagram as jo_the_chaplain and Twitter as Jo Kemp@Jo_the_chaplain.
    Been married for 37 years, and have pet goats and 2 dogs – 1 jack russell who is almost 19 years old and 1 kelpie.
    Love Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and Dark Matter.

  21. Howdy, my name is Hadel and I am Jordanian-American. Family is from Madaba, Jordan. Baptized in a historical Church in Madaba (Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Church) now a tourist site. I have traveled and lived in many places such as Jordan, Holland, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, UAE and of course United States. I am currently self-employed offering various services in Business Development, Marketing, Social Media, Management, Business training and content writer. I reside in Illinois and plus live in Madaba, Jordan so you can catch me on flight or in town. 😉

  22. Hi, my name is Peggy and I live in the Antelope Valley of Southern California. I was a professional pet groomer for 30 years but am now retired due to severe arthritis. I’m an avid photographer with an interest in HO scale little people and real animals. My Chihuahua, Buddy, is frequently my model. (he’ll do anything for food).

    I collect HSO’s, (Horse Shaped Objects), mostly Breyer plastic models and have nearly 1,000 of them. I love Science fiction. My favorite TV shows being anything Stargate, Star Trek TNG and Dark Matter. (curse you SyFy) My favorite authors are Asimov, Clarke, Herbert and Vinge.

    I’m also a real science geek and my favorites there are Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Richard Dawkins.

    I’m also an artist and crafter currently creating mini cactus and potted plants for a small adobe house I hope to use in my miniature photography. I’m also working on items for a fairy garden but that is slow going as everything I buy for it seems to need repainting. Those dang companies need better quality control!!

    I’m into computers since buying my first one in 1998 and have become the go to girl for my family and friends when research is needed and computers repaired. I have gotten a reputation for having a knack of being able to get into protected and locked out computers and accounts when people forget their passwords. I only use my powers for good, so please don’t ask. 😉

    What can I say, when arthritis pain doesn’t allow me a lot of sleep, I find ways to keep from being board.

    I discovered Joe’s blog after seeing it mentioned on Gateworld one time and have been here ever since. Didn’t start posting here until a few years ago after finding out how nice people here are and love that Joe keeps us updated on his projects and actually enjoys interacting with his fans.

    I think I’ve rattled on long enough.. It’s time for my meds and a happy pill and then back to painting.

    Looking forward to learning and reading about others here. Thanks Joe for the invite.

  23. Hi. I’m Sarah, @islandsarah on Instagram. I live in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland on a little island with 1,000 people, 3 pubs, one cafe, and one store. I’m a high school teacher (school has a total of 60 pupils) and I love my job. My island only got broadband last year so I didn’t have netflix or anything like that so my Stargate DVDs got me though the extremely wild winters. Before being a teacher I was an academic in the field of Island Studies. One of the main scientific journals in this field, Shima, was having a special issue on the myth of Atlantis. I wrote a paper about Stargate Atlantis and it was the first thing I ever got published. For that reason Stargate went from just something that I enjoy watching to having a special place in my life for kick-starting my career.

    I like to travel and so far I’ve been to: Japan, S. Korea, China, India, Nepal, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Canada, and USA. Bizarrely, the only place I’ve been to in Japan is Okinawa so I’m hoping to visit Tokyo and Kyoto soon.

  24. I got in! I should buy a lotto ticket.

    My Name is Tammy and I was born in Chicago, IL. My family is from Tennessee and we moved back when I was a kid. As an adult I moved/lived in Memphis for 30 years but we moved over the state line into MS (5 miles) for the last few years. I married my kung fu sparring partner back in 93 and we have one son (23 year old college grad). I was a Vet Tech for many years and retired from that occupation. I enjoy retirement! I swim, take karate and yoga classes. I love Sci-fi, murder mysteries, critters, good food, the beach and the people from this blog!.

    I found a new author I like. Has anyone read Jay Allan?

  25. My name is Margaret, sometimes Maggie, but usually Anti M. I was born in the Oakland Naval Hospital, and raised Navy on both coasts and in Hawaii. When Dad retired, he took mom and I through Europe and Japan via military Space A, a year without a day of school. I turned 14 in Paris, I saw the Berlin Wall, I got my fascination for miniatures after seeing Queen Mary’s dollhouse. Next, he moved us to Utah, then took a job which located us in Shiraz, Iran for just over a year. Persian culture is amazing, and visiting Persepolis a highlight of my teenage years.

    After a couple years mucking about in college with a Bad Boyfriend, I joined the Navy and became an electronics technician. Got stationed mostly in Japan, but spent a year on Diego Garcia and met my husband there. We married in Vegas on leave because we didn’t know when we’d see each other again. Then it was back to Japan for nine more years. I separated from the service and was a substitute teacher on base and a part time ESL teacher. His last duty station was San Diego, after, we retired to Utah where he eventually became a truck driver. We traveled as often as we could, but a lot of our energy, time and money went into Burning Man. 17 years in a row, sometimes as fuel masters for the Utah fire tribe/conclave, and I have an art project where I gift art to participants. I paint hundreds of paintings a year to be given away; my quirky primitive art now hangs in thousands of homes.

    My interests are cats, art, history, anthropology and archaeology, genealogy, and world religions. And food. And travel. And scifi, although I have lost the ability for sustained reading since menopause. I paint, sew, craft, and make miniatures.

    Last week, on Monday, I became a widow after 31 glorious years with MyLarry. The plan had been he’d work ten more years, close out all debt, and we’d travel. Now? I do not know who Widow III is, nor what she wants to do. I am the third widow in the family, two of my brothers passed around the same age, 57~58, three cancer related deaths. Not sure what my goals are now, in the immediate moment it is all the tasks with tying up the loose ends of a once charmed life. No one tells you what happens after the love story. Except maybe Up, but I kinda hate balloons.

  26. Hello all, I am Curt an Alaskan automotive painter that has very recently packed up, picked up and moved to New York. I have shed my automotive skin in place of becoming a fine art painter and fiction writer. I now have one art show under my belt and a stack of short stories that can’t seem to exist past my laptop. Moving away from AK is my attempt to morph and change this. I feel I was raised on ‘TREK’, and everything ‘GATE’ related and hope one day I can tap into my heroes Arthur C Clarke and Dr Sagan in ways that will inspire others the way they have lit a fire in me. It gives me great pleasure to see I am not alone in being inspired and motivated by Mr Mallozzi’s web tirades and rants. Thank you Sir, you’ve given our web world a voice and a much needed glimmer of hope.

  27. Hi, I’m Joan. My twitter name is Chem_Is_Try. I live in Alabama — but wait, not regular Alabama, Huntsville. Lots of highly educated people here, so it’s not as bad as elsewhere in Al (except for the tornadoes). I was born in the same hospital as Bruce Springfield in New Jersey, and I spent my formative year in South Florida. I’ve lived in AL for 25 years.

    I’ve been a high school teacher for the last 27 years, most of those in Title I (high poverty) schools, teaching chemistry and lately engineering and being a mentor for the FIRST Robotics Team (6107 CyberJagzz). You get attached to your babies (students) in that type of school, since so much crap happens to them outside of school, and sometimes you are the only one who cares. One of my students from last school year was shot and killed, along with her best friend (didn’t have her in class, but knew her) and her mama, by the mama’s ex boyfriend about 2 weeks after school was out for the summer. He came into the house in the middle of the night and killed them where they slept. So yeah, kids going through things like that.

    Anyway, I just RETIRED as of August 1, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with the kids. I’ll be at school every week for Robotics Club, as I’m going to continue volunteering with the Robotics Team. Every time I’m at the school I get hugs from all my babies. Well, except for one or two who still give me the stinkeye. Haha.

    Ever since 9/8/66 I have loved Science Fiction, reading every book I could get my hands on in high school and whatever TV shows were on in those days. I HATE SyFy because how they have treated the fans of the best shows out there. Now that I’m retired and not working 60-80 hours a week I can go back to reading every book I can get my hands on. I always said that when I retire I would go back through my DVD collection and watch the director commentary track of each show. Well, I’m up to SG-1 Season 7 now, but I have TONS of other shows to watch, too. Between the DVDs, books, and robotics, I manage to keep busy and out of trouble (mostly).

    I always read Joe’s blog, although I don’t post much, as other people usually express my thoughts before I get the chance to.

  28. I think you probably know most of my story already (:) ) but I’ll share it anyway.

    Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and still live just outside the city. What can I say, I love the Maritimes!

    I had a pretty unremarkable childhood, I suppose, where I was the “good student” that never caused any trouble and for which most of my teachers were probably eternally grateful. Or, so I’d like to think. Anyway, from childhood, I was always interested in space, technology, and music – and I still am! So, I suppose it was inevitable that I would get into a tech related field like computer science.

    So, after the requisite Bach degree in CS, I went on to a 32 year career with the federal civil service in the IT field, through which I made some lifelong friendships. In 2005, I even went on vacation with two co-worker/friends on a three week trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp, which will be one of my most memorable trips ever. Oh, I also love to travel, you know. 😉

    Now retired, I’m hoping to spend a little more time just doing stuff I want to do. Though now that I think of it, that’s pretty much how I handled pre-retirement, haha!

    Likes: Hiking, mountains, long walks on the beach, all animals and even some humans, cookies.
    Dislikes: Rude people (there’s so many!), bad coffee, and ice storms.

    Life Motto: “Do I really *need* to do that today?”

    Fun Fact: I once flew the space shuttle as a mission commander! OK, it was a simulated mission at the “Astronaut Training Experience” at the Kennedy Space Center, but still! It was fun! And I didn’t kill anybody on the landing!

  29. Hi Joe
    I’m Rich from Bristol in the UK. Been into sci-fi and fantasy for as long as long as I can remember in my 52 years. Work in IT and in my spare time play bass guitar and enjoy films and tv.
    Loved Stargate and Atlantis, not such a fan of Universe, Dark Matter was terrific and I was really disappointed when “they” didn’t renew it.
    Have been reading your blog for a very long time now. After I discovered it I think I had to go back and read about a year or so’s worth that I hadn’t caught before. Was mainly food and travels at that point, has morphed into something more now 🙂
    Don’t quite post as much since I did one which attempted humour about a food post which wasn’t obvious enough and just sounded like snark really (sorry about that – though it did garner a suitable response at the time lol)
    Like todays blog format, keep up the good work, its really appreciated that we have this access to you

  30. Seriously 😛 My Name is Christian near Montreal ,I’m the Hamster avatar guy on Twitter .
    Work 8 to 5 ..Have a Solo standard life often some Mc Donald weight 150 pounds ..Have no car and never had one ..Owned 2 motorcycles a Sport one and a Dual motocross like ,,Likes Funny things ..Tend to say when Dislike something ..what ever the consequences.Visual more than reader ..Wants to be friend with everybody.. when possible ,Not a Traveler more a local guy and Searching for real Friendship with cool people ..Not a Fan of Hollywood unreal Stars ..Likes More Normal Stars like Tom Holland seem to be ..K Bye

  31. Tracy Petry here. Born and raised in CT, now living in NC; writer and wife. Huge SG-1 fan! I write horror stories and murder mysteries and have a half dozen novels in print. The scariest stories I’ve written are based in my reality of managing 14 trailer parks. Currently working on a children’s book called The Adventures of Kenny the Cockroach. I married for the first time at 43 to someone I’d had a mad crush on in high school but didn’t actually speak to until 25 years after graduation. No kids, just dogs.

  32. I’m Tyler. I’ve lived in Ontario all my life, mostly in and around Toronto (which is where I am now). I work as a freelance writer, and I also write novels in the epic fantasy genre. Currently writing book four of a five part series that I consider my life’s work, having been developing the setting since I was seven (I’m twenty-eight now). I blog at Superior Realities, and if you ever encounter someone in an online game with the character name “Maigraith,” there’s a very high chance it’s me.

    I spend my spare time reading fantasy books and gaming, both video games and D&D. I love sampling the exotic food in the city, with Indian, Tibetan, and Ethiopian ranking as some of my favourite cuisines. If it’s spicy, I’m interested.

    Also a big fan of sci-fi TV, having been raised on a steady diet of Star Trek by my father. Stargate: Universe is one of my favourite shows of all time, as I feel it perfectly encapsulates the sense of the unknown that underpins speculative fiction. I was also a big fan of Dark Matter; I could write volumes on how fantastic Five was. Other favourites include the other Stargate shows, Continuum, Enterprise, Futurama, and more recently iZombie.

    I don’t often comment on this blog because I find the crowded nature of the comment section intimidating, but I lurk often.

  33. Who am I

    Mark Bunbury, born in Dublin, Ireland. I love reading (horror/syfy), music (from Bach to modern artists), cinema and television. Oh, also like my wife Marissa, just in case you are wondering! Best show I have ever seen was Dark Matter!  I await with patience your summation of the 4th & 5th season.?

    Like you, I have two dogs. First is a Jack Russell Terrier who we call Jack. How original I hear you say but Marissa got him from the flats in Dublin & the kids called him Jack so we decided to shorten it to Jack.  Our second dog was advertised as a Jack Russel but appears to be a mix. I named him  Angus, as we both love visiting Scotland & the name Angus has a lovely ring to it.

    I also work as an Immigration Officer and feel for both you & Akemi, as I had problems getting status for Marissa (from LA) But I know you will both work it out.

  34. I’m Caroline. I live in BC. I was born in England and moved to Ontario when I was 15. I then came out to BC when I was 26, got married, had a kid, moved to California for 2 years then back to BC. I love science fiction, minimal living, photographing landscapes, gardening, and travelling. I am a property manager by trade, but that’s just a paycheque and not who I am.

    Our favourite place is Japan and we have been twice now. I took a pic of me in my Dark Matter shirt outside Shinjuku Station this summer. It’s one of my favourite photos. Not to be a downer but I am quite average really and will be forgotten in 2 generations – but for now, I matter to the people around me and they matter to me, which is nice.

  35. Hi I’m Sandy a.k.a DuncanTheCosmicDonut. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Moved to London after uni. Love travelling. Favourite cities include Vancouver, Barcelona and Cape Town of course. Favourite countries include Cuba, Peru, Iceland, Norway and New Zealand. Next trip takes me to Costa Rica. Can’t wait.
    Thanks for all the insight. It made Dark Matter even more enjoyable and made us feel part of the family.

  36. I have used various forms of DebraDownSouth since compuserve through aol boards. It fit at the time as I lived mostly in southern US states (TN, NC, SC, TX, GA)…though I did live about 8 yrs “up north” in PA/NJ, a year in the USVirgin Islands. But now I am Up North as I moved to Israel with my 26 yr old daughter last December into the northern town of Haifa.

    I spent most of my working career doing psychology stuff (crisis center, behavior therapy with MHMR, running a school for MHMR clients, educational counseling etc). Got married, had my wonderful daughter, spent years being “just” a mom.

    Volunteering is big for me, working mostly with dog rescue/transport/rehabilitation. I bred Rottweilers for a while and am proud some of my great grand pups are still out on the show circuit, but rescue was my heart. I also did all the letter writing stuff for Amnesty Int’l, Green Peace, .. hell I’m so old I collected signatures with I was 14 for the Let Us Vote campaign (to give 18 yr olds in Viet Nam the right to vote since we thought them old enough to kill).

    I’ve traveled over much of the eastern side of the US and did grad school in Texas. Took my child to France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. I got a divorce 5 (6?) years ago.. amicable. He loves his daughter and dogs and supposedly me, but sometimes that isn’t enough.
    I’m a tree hugging liberal, and have no room in my life for racists, homophobics, Islamophobics or any type of hater. I’m proud of my Appalachian and Jewish heritage.

    I’ve been into science fiction since I was about 8 or 9 and while I’ve read all of Shakespeares works, and love Medieval, British and southern literature, much of my limited not-e-books carried here are science fiction.

    This is the only blog I read (unless you could The Bloggist posts on Facebook).

    (hugs and love to Margaret… Leora brought your Japanese tea service to Israel with us… and she brought very little else beyond books/music. You and yourLarry should have had at least another 20 years. Life is very unfair.)

  37. Helloooo I’m Jane and proud to be ginger and a sci-fi geek. I live in Dreary Dereham in the UK. Did a Fine Art Sculpture degree many years ago and now work for Club Lotus – a car club for Lotus car owners. I currently have 3 furry cat children and used to have 2 furry dog children who lived to be old ladies. I’m also a proud owner of Suji’s pin badge xxx

  38. I rarely share much about myself, so I guess this will be short…..
    ….I’ve been retired for one full year from teaching! I’m just loving this whole new chapter of my life lol

  39. My name is Frank and I am a partner at Whorf Systems Designs, an Audio Video installation business in Southern California.
    I am born and raised in Santa Barbara but I have spent time in Hawaii, and Guam. I was an avid Scuba Diver but haven’t done it in awhile.
    I worked in the Cable TV industry for quite a few years before moving into the Satellite industry when it first took off.
    These days I mostly hang TVs on walls and hide wires in walls. It makes my clients happy and that makes me happy. I enjoy photography, riding motorcycles, anything to do with Sci-Fi, watching Formula One Racing and motorcycle racing.

  40. Hi Joe. My name is Ray Byers, on twitter I’m @raysbyers. I’m a Texas native, in Dallas for the last 25 years. Live with my wife of 10 years and my 8, almost 9, year old son. I love to read, write, and am a certified TV junkie! Even though I’ve been a sci-fi and fantasy junkie all my life, I didn’t get into the cons, comics, or fandoms until recently, but have been a regular attendee of both FanExpo events in Dallas for the last 4 years (My first con autograph was Hayley Atwell, but my favorite was Gigi Edgely because that one included a dinner with her!). I’m an introvert by nature, but social media, especially Twitter, has helped me come out of my shell a little more. I’ve been kicking around a novel for the last 2 or 3 years and one day I’ll finish it.

  41. My name’s Catherine, friends call me Kat. I made a list once of the top 13 things that I think define me. This is a good exercise, try it.

    1. Hunted for my baby sister who was given away when I was 5 when I was 14 I had tracked her down to a small seaside town in New Zealand. Knocked on doors till someone could point me to the home she lived in.

    2. I served a church mission, but I got asked to quit church a lot because I wouldn’t proselyte. I made up street plays instead. I used the plays as vehicles to have kids off the streets and kids from good homes mix with each other, see into each other’s world and then get on stage and do something they didn’t think they could say, do or express. I wrote each part around the kid, so they could openly express their real selves without fear of criticism as they were protected by the ‘pretense’ of play acting. That’s what ‘faith’ is for me breaking through limitations and stepping into who we want to be.

    3. I had a very strong feeling to go to the home of an ex-teacher one weekend. He didn’t seem to be home at first. But I removed the front pins of his door so I could pull it out and enter. He was standing very quietly on a chair, with a rope around his neck, attached to the beam overhead. I asked for a cup of tea. (This is New Zealand, no one will let a visitor not have a warm beverage when they visit.) That got him off his chair so we could talk.

    4. Landed in Sydney Airport with 5 dollars in pocket and no home, as an exercise in faith, that I could land on my feet and survive entirely on my own. I did.

    5. Decided to contact the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand to discuss different ways of learning – and a few weeks later, was sitting and discussing those things in New Zealand’s capital city. (I’m nobody so this was weird for me.)

    6. Got called a cyber-terrorist by International newspapers, for a campaign to have Lego stop appropriating Maori culture for their lego toys. (All I did was argue with them. And they put the arguments into University papers and books.)

    7. Tracked my Maori genealogy back to 12th Century or so to the South Point of the Big Island of Hawaii.
    Then traveled to Hawaii and met up with distant family, they tested me, to see if I was family by making me stand on a hill, close my eyes point in the direction of events that happened in my ancestors time as they described them. I passed.

    8. Wrote a few songs to see if so-called ‘inherent’ talents could be learned, by anyone. Here’s the first one:

    9. Painted a few pictures to see if so-called ‘inherent’ talents could be learned, by anyone. Here’s the first one I painted, Rembrandt’s mistress:

    10. Lived with a large orange-sized tumor for 18 months, refused “lifesaving” surgery of being cut from breastbone to pelvis, and followed my own personal health plan. Today not on the ‘gonna die soon list”.

    11. Designed a program to train marginalized kids, with no degrees, t0 take the jobs that usually go to University IT Graduates after no more than 3 months of training, not 3 years. I’ve succeeded:


  42. Born & raised in New Jersey, USA. Developed ear for language early, in part due to difference between parents’ Southern accents and the neighbors’. BA and fluent in Spanish, capable of some German and American Sign. Jill of some trades, mistress of none; now retired and busy wasting my time.

  43. @Tuptiang: *salute* to you and your dad from a former Eastern Air Lines dependent!

  44. Sorry I’m late!

    Hi, I’m Jayenkai (boring real-world name = James Gamble)

    I write Freeware games, then pop them onto my website. Occasionally people play them! I’ve got nearly 400 of the things collected on my site, now, and that’s kept me busy over the past couple of decades.
    Back in 2012 I had a brain tumour, and although it was thankfully a simple removal, it’s left me with many a balance/motion issue. As a result, I’m not very mobile anymore, but am thankful that my game programming mind is still intact. I’d be lost without it.

  45. Not something I’d ordinarily do, but sure, why not.

    I’m Gil, from Melbourne, Australia and work in the information security industry. I love sci-fi, comic books and anime, and am not so into hacker/computer dramas as I can spot the real from the fake a mile away! I’ve been reading this blog daily (although I missed a few months here and there) since I think around 2007 or 2008, although it’s hard to remember exactly when I started. I’ve posted maybe 3 times though, as it’s not really my thing to post publicly on the internet.

    Outside of work hours, I love to cook, have been learning Japanese for coming up on one and a half years (こんにちは、ジョセフさん!), have two cats, and do everything I can do to relax with my wife on the weekends! Whisky is also my spirit of choice, and I do enjoy picking up weird and wonderful bottles from when I travel. On balance though, I’d say my tastes are different from Joe’s as I favour a whisky with more of a sherry/wine cask finish (if you haven’t yet, try to get your hands on a bottle of Starward Wine cask).

    @Joe: I’ve been thinking for a few months now that I’d like to be more involved in this community, but I find it really difficult to post and engage in a public comment thread. I think it’d be really cool if you setup a Slack or Discord team/channel for people to chat on. It’s easy, free and means that real conversations could be held.. anyway, that’s just my two cents for how I’d become more engaged).

  46. My name is Arlene. Twitter handle is @26mengel I am an elementary school librarian, besides reading, I enjoy driving my 65 Mustang, gardening, and photography. I’m married and have 2 grandchildren.

  47. Hey, Joe, my name is Chad B. I’m a 38 year old father of 3 and live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. I found your blog several years ago due to my love of Stargate and I’ve been reading it daily ever since, though I rarely participate in the comments. My claim to fame is correctly matching 10 dog pics to their corresponding dark matter episodes and winning a signed script 🙂 I travel a lot for work as an environmental consultant (glorified commercial real estate inspector) and I’m gradually visiting all the major league ballparks. My Arizona Diamondbacks are visiting Toronto next year in June and I plan to go as I’ve never been to Rogers Centre. A buddy of mine that goes on ballpark trips with me wants to see some light and music show at a cathedral in Montreal, so I think we’ll be going there, too! Let me know if you want to join us!

  48. My name is Maryanne & I’m from Melbourne, Australia. On Twitter I go by @imwebgurl (‘cos webgurl was already taken). Over here I go by chevron7, chev or bambamfans (if I am logged in via my James Bamford fan site.

    I’m a longtime visitor to the blog, over 10 years and love SG1, SGA, SGU, Dark Matter, The X-Files, Arrow etc…. all filmed in Canada hmmm.

    I became a fan of BamBam & Ivon through their work on Stargate & through their Gateworld blogs. Their sense of humour shone through. They are truly some of the funniest people I follow.

    I love this blog – keeping up with Joe’s projects, the dogs, the food, his travels, the lottery, fantasy football, weird food purchase of the day. Sometimes I just read. Joe is so friendly & generous. It was so much fun to meet him.

    I’m a Librarian and I’m currently doing casual library work after being made redundant 2 years ago. I may have to get another job as there’s not enough hours.

    I love animals, although I have no pets at the moment. We’ve had mostly cats.

    I enjoy the NFL & fantasy football,… go 49ers. The very first game I saw was the Championship game with The Catch.

    I’m not really a great cook, even though my Pop was a chef & Nana, Mum & sister were/are great cooks.

    Currently traveling Vancouver… gotta go

    Cheers, Chev

  49. Call me Mike. If you click over to my (largely abandoned) WordPress blog, it’s about pen&paper RPGs, but my group fell apart some years ago. I wrote some things, I worked as a video game reviewer and content moderator at a community-driven video game website that ultimately went bust, now I just drink, know things, take photos, pose for photos and do some prop work for a photography hobby group.

    Which is why I admired the prop work on Dark Matter, particularly the S2 blaster rifles (fantastic greeble case built on top of a P90 replica), and had a chuckle at some things in the series as well (the WE airsoft pistol case in S1, not to mention Bubba).

  50. Hi Joe, my name is Kathryn and this is my first comment despite the fact that I have been reading your blog from the start which is a lot of years now. I am from Sheffield, England and am now retired from a career in insurance. I have attended many conventions, especially for Stargate , where I have had the pleasure to meet many cast members. A lot of my time, and money, is taken up by my 10yr old Shih Zu, Milo. Odd how the little dogs turn out to be so bossy

  51. I’ve been reading your blog since the last season of Stargate SG1(?) – maybe. I can’t remember but I showed up here to read up on Stargate and I stayed because you eat at the most interesting places. Actually I stayed because it was refreshing to have fandom so well appreciated. I was a Trek fan growing up and it always felt like TPTB were full of themselves. The lazy writing as the shows went on frustrated me. I valued the interaction you provided for a show I enjoyed as well as the consistent quality that showed up on screen. Suffice to say Stargate surpassed Trek for me. (Yeah I’m being a total fan girl, no shame).

    As for me personally, I was a military brat living overseas as a kid and all over the US. Long story short, my husband and I moved to Minnesota after we got married, had two kids, and then as of last week, moved to Spain where we plan on living for the foreseeable future. I’ve also been introducing my oldest to Stargate 🙂

  52. Hi Joe, my name is Sam,
    had a really bad childhood, Stargate was one of the few silver linings.
    Decided to go into science, failed at everything in life so far, things didn’t really improve, so I left everyone I once knew and started all over again.
    Ended up in IT – still doing it (UNIX and db-admin) – it pays the bills, but I miss the innocence of the earlier internet times (pre2000).
    Still name all my computers and servers after spaceships (the raza is my personal tablet running debian).
    Most of my time is spent at work, if not there I watch some good scifi to escape my sad existence, while waiting for the world to burn down!
    Thanks fr reading

  53. I am retired from Justice department. During my 33 years there, I wrote more than 200 bylaws and 12 laws for provincial government as a lawyer and counsellor. I am also the agent of one of the best bronze sculptor in Canada . I practice hunting, fishing, trecking, camping. Acoustics of small room (for my home cinema) is my favorite hobby with, photography and listening music. Of course, I am a big fan of sci-fi and movies.

  54. My name is Jenn. On Twitter I go by JennUMCofWapp and on Instagram I go by angelamidala. I work in higher education in the United States and will be celebrating my 20th year of full time employment there soon. I started reading this blog shortly after I became a fan of SGA, which was a few years into the show’s run. I don’t post much, but I pretty much read every day thanks to the RSS feed. I love sci fi (of course), movies, reading, knitting, and I’ve newly taken up crocheting. I’m not very good yet, but it is relaxing. I also got to meet Zoie Palmer at an autograph session at New York Comic Con and also saw the Dark Matter panel the same year. Everyone was so lovely, fun, and gracious…which for me was another reason why the cancellation was so heartbreaking. Thank you for asking about us – this was fun!

  55. My name is Irena and I just added “SG” for my Twitter name (because I joined this social media platform to share my love for Stargate). I’m a legal assistant with 21 years of experience at a mid-sized German law firm, most of it in the firm’s Commercial and Corporate Law department. Over the course of my career, I have worked on litigation/arbitration disputes and claims, reviewed trade register entries and prepared applications to the Commercial Register, maintained correspondence and communication with the respective courts, calculated deadlines and fees, handled taxation of costs proceedings, etc. I was born in Berlin, moved near Heidelberg to work in the head office of our law firm. I like to travel, to meet new people and to learn and practice foreign languages. I love science fiction (and I think I don’t have to mention that I am a huge Stargate and Dark Matter fan). I have been married for 28 years now and we have two grown sons.

    This is me in a nutshell – more or less.

  56. Jarryd Hartwig
    Aspiring Director/Filmmaker.
    Drone enthusiast.
    From Morphett Vale in South Australia, Australia. Lived here my whole life and love it.
    Looking to start my own videography business and become a drone pilot.
    Currently working a crappy factory job that is slowly killing me (or so it feels).
    I am a bassist in a band (Grey Hearts Red), and play drums and guitar regularly at the church I attend.
    Recently married (April of this year) and loving it.
    Long time Stargate fanatic and love pretty much all things Sci-Fi.
    Been reading this blog about 5 months now and thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to your next series.

  57. Author, painter, sketch artist, knitter, fishing guru, and gardener.
    Rare disease advocate.
    Born and raised in Missouri, I love this state with its wild places, lakes, prairies, and rivers. Forced to retire almost 8 years ago now because of my genetic defect, it was actually liberating. I picked up things I had put down to dedicate my time to raising children. I rediscovered my love of native plants, birding, gardening, drawing, writing, and I finally had time to read some of those books I had piled up. We have three grandsons now, enjoying them when we can.
    Recently signed a contract for a 5 book series, almost done with book one. It’s science fiction. Crossing fingers because it’s not easy to break into the ski-fi genre.
    Love Stargate, Doctor Who, Dark Matter, Star Trek, Supernatural, and The Expanse.

  58. Hello, I’m Jesse Slicer, a.k.a. @jslicer on Twitter and this is Take II of my story.

    I’m an average, middle-aged guy with a couple of high school kids in the Midwest. I was born in western Massachusetts, but after a series of moves with my parents, I’ve been calling Kansas City my home for over thirty years.

    A computer scientist by schooling, I currently do software development team management at a locally-headquartered firm. I got turned on to computers when I was in the fifth grade: a classmate executed a “break” key sequence on an educational program and rewrote two lines of BASIC code to make it so we always won. That sort of power over the machine is the knowledge I wanted to harness, and have done so ever since, both in my professional life and my home life.

    As a segue, it was 1989 when I met my now-wife on what was known as Bulletin Board Systems, or BBSs – the precursor to the internet. I was a System Operator (SysOp) of a part-time board for a number of years. Some of us from then have found each other on Facebook or wherever and reminisce about the “good old days”. Feels funny talking about technology in those terms, but I guess that’s life these days.

    I also work the local Renaissance Festival in a show called the Human Combat Chess Match. It’s pretty much what you might envision. This takes up a couple of months of weekends a year and it’s my little niche of entertainment expressiveness I have.

    Now for the connective tissue. Probably starting in late 2016 and going throughout 2017, I was introduced by my girlfriend (and then binge-watched all) the Stargate series. I’m a science fiction aficionado and just fell in love with the mythos that tapestry has given us. It’s unfortunately a bit of a desert at the end of this decade, but any bits and bobs I can find I watch or read with abandon. Wound up meeting three SG actors at cons before I even knew of Stargate: Robert Picardo, Mitch Pileggi, and Ming-Na Wen. Wish I know then what I know now – would ask so many questions at panels!

    Anyhow, that’s me and my story so far. Thanks for the forum and the interactivity on the social networks.

  59. Hey Joe!

    I’m Niki (@truly_NTR), born in Sacramento, CA grew up in a small town named Winters. We’re a little bit east of Napa, aside from a few years in AK, TX, KY, AZ and Germany (watching The Wall come down, crazy!!). My pops is a criminal, so I have stories ranging from him kidnapping us, to breaking out of jail, to blowing up our car. Fun times. But I’ve been on my own since I was 16. Decided to chase the Broadway dream, I spent many years studying singing and acting (I’m a hopeless dancer). I moved to NYC, made a bunch of talented friends and was accepted into an amazing theatre program, only to struggle to pay tuition. Once 9/11 happened…I sorta ran. Gave up on Broadway, met a woman, fell in love, moved to Ohio for a bit. Came home to NorCal and married her, becoming one of the 18,000 couples that California allowed to be legally married in 2008. We had the most amazing daughter in all the universes, Rowan, she’s 11, smart and loves anime. But then came cheating, divorce, derailment of my family by my ex and she chose to bail.

    Motherhood aside, what has shaped my life was the murder of my cousin, she was my sister, my best friend, my ride or die, my PERSON. Her ex boyfriend, shot her as she sat in her car at work, Monday morning after school drop off. There aren’t words to describe the magnitude of it all. Not just the devastating loss, but endless gutwrenching pains: telling our 6 yos, police interviews, family tension, crime scenes, terror, funeral arrangements, gossip, nosy reporters, driving by the spot every day, incorrect “truths,” autopsy, jurors, subpoenas, racists, trajectory rods, accomplices…It actually never ends.

    So that’s me. I’m here because of Dark Matter. I’ve always loved SciFi and came over with the casting of Zoie Palmer. Lost Girl helped me cope with trauma, find myself, trust in others, reconnect with myself. Naturally, Dark Matter was a lot of the same, misfits that form a family, trust issues… I think found family is beautiful, especially for those of us that don’t fit into the norms. Getting an insider look through you, Joe, was the coolest shit ever. So here I am and here I stay for whatever adventure you have next for us!

  60. My name is Richard R. Lee. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I’m a producer, editor and one of the hosts of “Sidewalks Entertainment,” a celebrity and music TV show. As an independent project I started, our show has been growing around the USA (on local and regional cable stations) and we have been very fortunate to interview major celebrities, including many in the sci-fi world. My team and I are hoping we can break out to larger commercial TV stations and networks someday. I have been a semi-regular reader of Joe’s blog, and I like his insights on his productions, especially behind-the-scenes. Seriously, I would love to spotlight Joe and his shows on our series.

    I am a fan of the “Stargate” and “Dark Matter” series. Funny thing is I didn’t get into “SG-1” until after the series ended (I didn’t have Showtime, so I never watched the show from the start, nor did I followed it on Sci-Fi Channel). My “Sidewalks” series had a chance to interview Michael, Christoper and Ben for “Ark of Truth” and I was given a DVD copy for review. I enjoyed it. Then, I started watching “Stargate: Atlantis” on TV around season 4 I believe, and I really got into that spinoff show. I got the DVD sets of “Atlantis.” Then, I decided to follow “SG-1” on Hulu (my first binge watch) and soon I got all the DVDs. I really enjoyed “Dark Matter” as well. I, too, was disappointed about the cancellation and I followed the fans in the hopes it would get picked up somewhere. I tried to help using my series to promote “Dark Matter,” even though we never interviewed anyone from that series.

  61. Hey Joe! I know I’m now… 13 days late replying but since I’ve been reading your blog for ten years now I figured I should comment. I am a frequent reader of your blog; not so frequent on commenting as sometimes I get very busy for days on end and have to binge read a week or two of your posts to catch up (like I’m doing now).

    The name’s Kaleb, but I’ve gone by K2323 for years on the internet. I came for the Stargate and stayed because we have some of the same passions and I enjoy your take on them. Passions like food, science fiction, Japan, and writing of course! (One of my first comments on your blog can be found from this mailbag on October 20, 2010: — I asked you for advice for aspiring screenwriters. I have continued to dabble with screenplays but chose a different career path.)

    I’m a 24 year old web developer from Auburn, Alabama (WAR EAGLE!). I spend my days writing code, and my nights writing my novel manuscript and planning my next travels. I’m enjoying life a lot lately and have big dreams. Among those dreams are ideas of leaving the coding world behind and joining the US Foreign Service, or maybe finally getting into the world of television. For now I’m taking things slow and planting the seeds/building the skills needed to make something like this happen. I love what I do already anyway.

    In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, researching history, drinking and tasting whiskey, travelling, and listening to Johnny Cash.

    Well, I’ve rambled enough. Now that I’ve met my yearly post quota on your blog I think I’ll return to the lurking corner.



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