These are my current Top Ten Furry Superheroes! Which are yours?

Number 10

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!


Number 9

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!


Number 8

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!


Number 7

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!

Ursa Major

Number 6

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!Krypto

Number 5

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!

Detective Chimp

Number 4

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!


Number 3

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!

Rocket Raccoon

Number 2

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!


Number 1

Top 10 Furry Superheroes!

The Beast

Honorable Mentions: Dogpool, Wolfsbane, Solovar, Gorilla Man, Hepzibah, Werewolf By Night.

Please, discuss!

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Furry Superheroes!

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I only recognize a couple of those. But the squirrel is cute, and I love the Super Dog one – he or she looks so noble.

    I like this blog theme!

  2. … where’s Super Grover?

    Current theme thoughts, there’s a gap on the left which is mostly wasted, but isn’t a similar gap on the right for the sidebar, which ends up giving the site a weird wonky feel. Add that to number-wonk, and we’re all kinds of topsyturvy!
    There’s also no bottom “comments” link, again, so you need to scroll back to the top of the page to click into the post, then scroll back down to the bottom to post your comment. I’m too old for all that scrolling!!

  3. I have to say, Rocket Racoon is at the top of my list; he’s so real in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Infinity War, I forget he’s just a CGI character (blame Bradley Cooper for that!), but even in the cartoons and the comics he’s larger than life. My second favorite is Krypto, especially since I grew up reading about him in Superboy and Superman comics. I think honorable mentions should include Comet (Supergirl’s horse pal) and Streaky (her cat). Yes, I’m admitting I am a huge Supergirl fan.

  4. I think I could have long philosophical discussions with Sasquatch. Potentially while brushing his fur.

    Memory lane: Long ago, after I stumbled across some truly wretched Stargate fanfic, I began a short piece called Teal’c and The Furry. I never finished it, but I think I disturbed a good many MarySues in the process. Hehe.

  5. Ok, I have to go with The Beast – since I’m currently, literally watching “Beauty & the Beast”, for no apparent reason. Good grief, are all of your projects coming together at once? Congrats on so much good news.

    I’m just getting caught up, again. But moving to L.A., maybe? You just moved! Are you nuts? Most people I know are trying to get out. We’re currently melting – up to 110 degrees or more in the western part of The Valley during the summer. We’re getting smoke from the fires south and north of us. And this isn’t even fire season yet. That starts in October with the Santa Ana winds. But if you do come south, think beach-ish property. Much cooler.

    I’m moving too, since I lost my job I can’t stay where I’m living. But a friend is offering me something I can’t refuse and it’s cheaper, so I’m a very lucky old person. Plus I get to stay around my home turf, which sadly, isn’t near the beach.

    1. Paloosa is correct. LA and vicinity is a HUGE area. Best for cooler. South Bay is a reference used. Palos Verdes southward.
      In “normal” times, the onshore wind will bring fog.
      In a past life, I lived in Gardena – which was the unincorporated area of LA.

      IF…I ever were to move to the LA area, I would definitely go to the South Bay.
      San Fernando Valley – “the valley” is terribly hot. In fact as you drive north on the 405, you will be able to tell the difference as you descend into the valley.

      LOL…taking your quiz…I was awarded the valley….shudddddder!

  6. Sadly I only know Krypto from the lame cartoon they did of him, but that is a nice image you found. Gives him a lot of nobility.
    Haven’t really heard of Sasquatch except in passing maybe, but he looks super awesome in that picture.
    Always love a Green Lantern, even the rodents.
    Beast as number one in totally fine by me. Maybe not my number one, but totally respectable.
    The rest I have no comment on, for good or ill.

    Next up, do a list of top 10 furry supervillians!

  7. Krypto looks very nice. Not really a Sasquatch fan, but the image is very eye catching.

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