The results of our are in and the people have spoken (note: I assume the 211 votes were cast by actual people and not pets who took advantage of unattended computers and laptops)!

This Poll-happy Place!

  • Christian Bale came out on top with almost 43% of the vote.
  • Michael Keaton and Adam West tied for third in a strong showing.
  • Not much love for George Clooney, and hardly any at all for Val Kilmer.
  • Alas, Ben Affleck commanded less than 10% of the vote.  Maybe he’ll do better in our Daredevil poll.

And… A New Blog Theme To Judge

Our search for a new blog theme continues.  It would seem that this latest layout, “Rosalie”, is the clear winner so far – although some have complained about the mobile version and the rather sparse borders.  Today, we move on to our fourth contender: “Mina Olen”.  Thoughts?

Polls, Polls, Polls

Also, another poll!  With news out of the entertainment world that the song Hey There Delilah will (finally) be turned into a t.v. series, executives are falling all over themselves in search of the next song to t.v. deal.

Help them out.  Which of these songs should be turned into a t.v. series next?


Finally, wanted to bring a few things to your attention:

This Poll-happy Place!THIS truly awesome interview with the amazing Kathleen Turner from the e-zine Vulture: The actress on righting Elizabeth Taylor’s wrongs, Donald Trump’s “gross” handshake, and the co-star she slapped. 





This video profile of the best pizza I’ve ever had

The incredible artwork of Alex Andreev such as IT shown below.

This Poll-happy Place!













The Fantastic Four are finally returning to comics tomorrow!


Finally, please be on the look-out for this individual.  Thanks to Jenny Blood for the tip!

This Poll-happy Place!

25 thoughts on “This Poll-Happy Place!

  1. I’m thinking you really want Funkytown to win this poll?

    Not a fan of this layout. Missing all the stuff on the right.

  2. I don’t like this theme as well as yesterday’s.

    “Who let the dogs out” should be the TV version – starring Lulu and Suji!

  3. I liked Val Kilmer in Real Genius. He stole the entire movie. Also, he was fun in The Saint and a few others, but he got really strange after the late 90s and became a show business ghost.

    Maybe Suki is hiding Suji. They’re holed up with the Android Rebellion somewhere.

  4. Oh yeah, and today’s theme is not very good. Very bland. No blog title at the top of the page. And on my 27″ monitor there’s a TON of whitespace on the left and right.

    Although, to be fair, all the themes you’ve tried, including your old one, have the same problem. Even the WordPress site I manage for my day job ( doesn’t use the space very well.

  5. Mina and turning songs into tv shows

    Uh … No. Just NO.

    I checked, by the way.
    If you go into layout. Rosalie can be adjusted to fit all screens including mobile
    and you can embed a couple pics on the right hand side of the page
    even though it does not seem to have a 3rd right hand side drop/paste box included.
    So you can include stuff you worked on before or favorite books and/or music album cover art.
    to fill the white void and the only other complaint anyone had was font type and size in the comments section, which can be adjusted.

    Albeit, wasn’t the whole reason for changing the theme
    because you ‘didnt’ like that you couldn’t control photo size??
    Yet changing it seems to mean you’d get stuck with a giant banner atop.

    (When I suggested including all the babies in a new banner pic
    I was thinking along the lines of a nice reasonable size rectangle shape, slide show or film style, strip
    centered with your name and Taunts & Tie-rants Runts & Ruinations header, eh).

    Sorry, Dont mean to be so mean.
    Mina’s making me grumpy.
    Although I’m not really sure why “I” am the one apologizing
    when It’s all your fault for inviting the damn cheap ho here, in the first place!

    I’m going to the kitchen for a late night Tiramisu snack before getting back
    to climbing that 14k mountain of paperwork.

    Guess, youre just gonna have to choose, Joe.
    Its her or me?!

  6. My question on the tunes is: Why?

    As for the “Pugshot”, that’s one shady character, albeit missing the shades.

  7. I couldn’t tell the difference between this format and yesterday’s until someone mentioned the stuff on the sides wasn’t there. I guess right now I would say yesterday’s #1 and today’s #2.

  8. Love the sans serif font, thank you.
    Not sure about todays experiment on layout.
    And, as TimG said…stuff missing from sides.
    If we were limited to yesterday and today….then yesterday’s.

    LOL…kinda like going to eye doctor. “Is this better? 1 or 2?”

  9. OH….and just noticed, my comment seemed to be immediately available and not
    awaiting moderator.

  10. Grumbles about today’s theme.
    1. I hate numbers that jump up and down like that. I’m sure it’s easier for some folk to read, but for me, all numbers should align properly, not be all over the bloomin’ place.

    2. Links aren’t obvious as links. *underline*!!!! I had to reread a bit before I realised the links were links. (No idea if this was the case with yesterday’s theme, though)

    But otherwise it’s ok.

  11. Rosalie was the better of the past two days in my opinion. I miss the extraneous stuff along the side that will link me to other goodies like reading lists, restaurant recommendations, timetables for the trains in Tierra del Fuego, and the like. The font is very readable and pleasant to view. The color is also easy on the eyes. The banner at the top seems overly large and in your face so that would be my only criticism.

  12. I like this format. The font is clear and easy to read.

    No song should ever be made into a TV show or film. But if I had to choose, it’s “Who let the dogs out?”. Because well, dogs. Or Raining Blood by Slayer. Because well, Slayer. And that would make a fantastic horror film.

    Suji, you a baaad girl!

  13. That really is a great interview with Kathleen Turner. She’s always seemed to me like a lady who does not give a shit, and apparently I was right. Although, the Friends comments made me pause. The Wife and I watch Friends far more than I would like to admit, and every scene I can recall with KT playing Chandler’s “Dad”, there were chairs on the set: the cabaret scene, the rehearsal dinner scene, the wedding scene, the reception scene. She wore the aforementioned black sequined dress to the rehearsal dinner. Set in a restaurant. Plenty of chairs. But yeah, this proves I watch Friends much too often. =)

  14. the cw just reported they cast the lead for batwoman, and its ruby rose, I remember her when she was featured in a few episodes of Dark Matter as a female cyborg. Good Casting Right joe?

      1. Oh….. ok …… sure! now, after the fact, that we’ve said something, she’s made the photos visible!
        but what happens next time! Are we going to have to call her out on it everytime?!

        Vote NO on Mina!

        1. Better, thank you.
          At least we got the search icon back and your pics & list of favs posted on the right.
          I’m still voting for Rosalie though.
          She makes for better eye candy and offers more personality.

          Here’s a good pic of the always fun bully Brie.
          (Should you decide to go with an “All the fur babies” side by side still/slide show style banner?).
          Actually found this one close to the top of the search.
          she was indeed such an awful bully… but always entertaining
          and a member of the family for a while, none the less.

  15. Suji stole Three’s jacket!

    I’d have a heart attack if I met that spider on a dark, foggy night. Now I’m gonna have nightmares!

    Christian Bale would have been my number one pic followed by Micheal Keaton then Ben Affleck. I hated George as Bruce. Val … who? His performance was forgettable.

    Regarding the new Superman, Batman, WW, et al. I was slow to warm up to the new movies but with repeated watching I have a new found interest. I really liked Justice League. The musical score was great.

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