Holy smokes, this dog is in demand!  Our rescue pug, Suji, is 13 and busier than ever.  First up, she’ll be judging her alma mater’s (The Pacific Pug Rescue’s) upcoming calendar contest, selecting winners and dispensing tips to aspiring pug models.

Sujiko Incorporated! Sujiko Incorporated!

Info here: https://www.givinggrid.com/pacificpugs

Sujiko Incorporated!

Suji will also be profiled in an upcoming magazine article in Japan.

Sujiko Incorporated!

Finally, she will also be featured in an upcoming senior dog rescue pop-up at a major Japanese department store.

Her popularity continues to grow (but slowly, so go give her instagram account a boost)!  My plans is to do one more series, retire early, and then live off Suji’s lucrative modeling and spokes pug deals!

Sujiko Incorporated!

15 thoughts on “Sujiko Incorporated!

  1. The love and devotion you and Akemi have given her is so heartwarming. It touches hearts around the globe. I know you were frustrated by rescues not letting you have one of their dogs. It was a good thing it turns out because Suji needed you both. How’s Lulu? I need to catch up. Now that Patrick is a graduate and I’m getting better from the car accident I’ll be able to catch up and hopefully STAY caught up.

  2. Suji is a natural, no doubt about it. Have to give a lot of credit to her current parents. What did she do when you came home from Montreal?

  3. Fantastic photos, and she’s such a natural! Well, at least you have one member of the family keeping her paw in the entertainment biz 🙂 Maybe you’ll be show running “Suji”. Any thoughts down the road of adding to your senior family?

  4. Who’d of thought you’d have such a celebrity in your midst when you and Akemi first saw her?!

  5. You realize that if Suji becomes the, uh…,”breadwinner” that there will be no more:

    Turkish ice cream, dessert medleys, Salted butter ice cream, chocolate-coffee ice cream sandwich and roasted pineapple sundae, etc

    And that you will be reduced to:

    Smoked meat sandwiches, Rib-eye steak and lobster tagliatelle, Crab Cake, etc?

    You do understand the seriousness of the situation, I hope!!

  6. Although I wish Suji every success in her new career I’m afraid you cannot rest on her laurels.

    No retiring until you’ve concluded Dark Matter. 🙂

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