That’s it!  This Montreal trip is a wrap!  I head back to Toronto tonight for an emotional reunion with Suji and Lulu.  I’m sure Akemi will be happy to see me as well.

Montreal Wrap-up!

The jumbo smoked meat sandwich (medium-fat of course) at Smoke Meat Pete.

Montreal Wrap-up!

Grocery shopping with mom.  She bought 14 eggplants and various other produce, then complained the price per pound was 10 cents higher than advertised.  At one point, she motioned me over to the fish counter and pointed to some sea bass.  “See?” she whispered, loudly enough for the fishmonger to hear.  “Not fresh!”

Montreal Wrap-up!

The surf and turf platter at Yiasou.  All great, but the chicken was the surprise star of the night!

Montreal Wrap-up!

Lunch at Les Enfants Terrible.  Not pictured: sis’s grilled calamari.

That’s that!  Tomorrow, I have a 9:30 a.m. call regarding that gothic horror series, then head into the room to discuss character arcs re: that “very different” sci-fi project.  Next week, talks begin on the “Untitled Awesome Project”, a final discussion on that small-town horror series, and I start development on that comic book adaptation!

Also next week, I start experimenting with some new blog themes.  And, as always, YOU get to vote!

18 thoughts on “Montreal Wrap-up!

  1. I am at Carabou Coffee looking at the pictures and still feeling hungry

  2. After my father passed away, my mom reverted to her farmgirl life with various vegetables(including fried eggplant and okra) and also ate brains and kidneys from slaughtered animals.

  3. Funny, your Italian mom is just like my Italian mom . ” Not fresh”! Gotta love them. Also being Italian heritage, I get how life revolves around food !!
    Keep up the great work Joe, and I look forward to your new projects.

  4. Those eats all look great!

    Are you sure you want to update your blog theme? I’m getting old and change makes me nervous! 😉

    1. Alas, I have no choice. The recent update makes it impossible for me to control the size of the photos I upload

      1. Hmmm.. Recent update? I haven’t posted a blog since….last Christmas I think. This might be a downer for my Christmas letter.

  5. Dinnertime here and I have nothing in the house which is half as appealing as any of that. I do have some fresh yogurt in the oven. That’s where I leave it for the 10 hour set up period. I warp the jar in a kitchen towel, then cover it with mom’s old Chinese silk tea cozy, and set it on the pizza stone. I strongly prefer my own yogurt lately. Yum. I even have cheesecloth for when I want it super-thick.

  6. Must be nice to live so close now you can pop over for a little visit whenever you want. I’m sure your sis appreciated it. What is your mom making with all those veggies? When you get home, sweep the girls up and give them all a big hug.

  7. I behalf food loving loud mouth greeks everywhere
    (which is pretty much the whole lot of us)
    Efkharisto for your patronage. xo

    OPA! Doxologo!

    kala tychi in writers room tomorrow

    1. Hey! #!!$$%%!!##!!!! Spellcheck!!
      That was supposed to read “On behalf of”.
      Not “I behalf”!
      Why the hell would ya think I’d want only ‘half’ of that sandwich and surf & turf platter??!! I want the whole damn thing, fool!!!
      So get that saved in your dictionary and be sure to inform all your little A.I assistant pals, for the next time, too!

      Uh oh.
      Sees what mess ya started with that rant tweet Joe!?

  8. Wow, it looks like you had a blast! Everyone looked glad to see you and the food porn was …amazing! Those quick visits are sometimes the best.

  9. Great to hear (read!) about all your plans and projects as always. But I have a question: how do you not weigh 300 poundswith all the things you eat?!!

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