I happened across the photobucket website earlier today and recalled “Hey, I think I actually had a bunch of videos uploaded there at one point.”  After several failed attempts, I finally succeeded in haphazardly inputting the correct password and – voila!  I was greeted with a slew of poor quality videos dating back from days on the Stargate.  Here are a few for posterity’s sake (or, if you prefer, as one of my ex-girlfriend’s used to say “For prosperity’s sake”):

SGA “The Last Man”.  The sand in the sandstorm was actually powdered oatmeal.

Real sand would have hurt more.  And been harder to clean up.

Wraith loose on the lot!

SGA “The Last Man”.  The Keller-McKay walk and talk was shot right outside The Bridge Studios lot.

Good times.  Good times.

8 thoughts on “July 9, 2018: Photobucket Finds – Stargate: Atlantis Edition!

  1. I am always torn about behind the scenes stuff. On the one hand they are cool and interesting. On the other hand they totally ruin the magic of television. You mean, Sheppard wasn’t actually walking across a desert in a real sandstorm? (Obviously I knew that, but actually seeing it from behind the camera dampens that willing suspension of disbelief.)

  2. A few months back, I started making my way through my own blog, page by page, fixing all the old links and images and whatnot.
    600 pages in, and it’s been a shockingly lengthy process, but I’ve similarly been stumbling upon old forgotten photos, from long unused photo sharing accounts.

    It’s hard to manage all these things, but reuploading them direct to your own blog’s server is certainly one of the best ways.

    Good luck tracking down everything you’ve posted over the years 🙂

  3. I remember walking by out side Bridges and seeing the hotel across the street were many show were filmed. Then grabbing the subway back into town many years ago.

  4. Alas SGA, we knew you well. Thanks for the BTS!! Wraith on break. Joe in full actor mode!! I image anything would hurt if hurled at you at 100 mph. Oatmeal? Not just a breakfast cereal or cookie anymore!

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