My credits include:

  • 400+ hours of produced television
  • 100+ hours as a writer
  • 100+ hours as a showrunner

But two of my greatest accomplishments remain:

My contribution, “Downfall”

For the Lou Anders-edited superhero-themed anthology Masked

Making The Comic Book Move!

And the four issue Dark Matter comic book

for Dark Horse Comics

Making The Comic Book Move!

As much as I love television, I love comic books even more for the freedom they allow a creator to tell a complete story, uncompromised by budgetary constraints or executive interference.

For some time now, I’ve been sitting on a few original ideas.  Three years ago, I would have gone out and pitched them to broadcasters and production companies, looked to secure a development deal, been paid handsomely to write a bible and accompanying overview, pitched, and hoped it I would get the opportunity to produce a television show based on those original concepts.

Today, I’m less inclined to do so because, to be honest, the lure of actually being able to tell a full story, from beginning to end, outweighs the attraction of development work and the gamble on a prospective pick-up.

Sure, in the case of Dark Matter, it was the best of both worlds – a comic book AND an ensuing t.v. series.  But for me, right now, the endgame is an awesome comic book series (or two, or three, depending on which get the green light) that will, in at least a couple of instances, fill that Dark Matter-sized hole in your hearts.

First things first though.  I need an artist, preferably one with experience, who’d be interested in collaborating on a sci-fi comic book series.

Let’s discuss.

I’m still going to continue my t.v. work, follow through on the various projects in play — the sci-fi series, that horror novel adaptation (deal pending), that small town horror series (overview delivered, pilot script up next), that sci-fi series (doing a polish on the pilot next week), and the drama pilot (just optioned) — but I just really want to tell some amazing stories.  And I can think of no better, and no more satisfying, medium than comic books.

Stay tuned!

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to the memory of The Amazing Steve Ditko.

Making The Comic Book Move!

20 thoughts on “Making the comic book move!

  1. Please get the stuff on TV when you can. I know that’s a big ask, especially when you know up front that your baby will likely never get to fully mature. TV does create new fans for the story though, which can be continued in comic-book form afterwards. I had not picked up a comic since the 70’s until I found out that the Walking Dead was also a graphic novel. I have read all of those, and now am going to find a local comic store and check out other stuff. Dark Matter will be high up on the list. Thanks for all you do for the Sci-fi community.

  2. Man… I would love to work on a comic book with you but you’ll need someone who has professional experience. I’ve only dabbled with comics over the years.

    If you get it made, I will definitely check it out.

    I posted the first 12 pages of my “Quantum Foam” comic on my website though if you’d care to check it out. I’ve been in a bit of an artistic slump lately maybe I should consider working on it again. 🙂

    1. Dont sell yourself so short Jon. I’m a big fan of your art and much of it would fit quite well in modern comics. And I just read your Quantum Foam. A definite Thumbs Up. Very worthy the continuation of your efforts to improve upon it.

    2. Jon, I haven’t gone through all your comic, but you could probably do it. I appreciate your working in one field, but now, freelancing in what you would like to do.. done the same..

  3. This is great news! No higher calling than complete and compelling story-telling from beginning to end. Well done on previous endeavors and high anticipation for future efforts!

  4. This would be amazing, I think! I’d love to either see a continuation of Dark Matter or some new vision you have told in the way you want it to be told without fear of cancellation. Good luck. We’re all counting on you!

  5. Comics are a really interesting, in between, medium. The storytelling is hyper visual and a really good extension from television…do it!

  6. Whaaaaa?!?!? Take my money!! Omnibus or single issue this is a series I will devote to. LOVE Dark Horse too!!’ Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Bought the 4 single issues and the combined all in one book of the graphic novel named Dark Matter. This was great.

    I look forward to ANYTHING you create – bring it on!

  8. Very cool that you’re following your passion! Yes, the Dark Matter comic book was very good.

    1. Oh, that’s why you’ve been posting comic book covers. I’m slow. All those covers you posted were excellent, so really it will be a matter of picking an artist that meshes with you (and etc).

  9. As a hobbyiest writer, it is great to hear that comics are so much more doable and allow for so much more creative freedom. Seeing the TV industry from the user perspective it just seems like too often stories are cut short or forcibly modified by cost or network concerns. Even streaming services like Netflix will cut shot shows before they are done (Sense 8). How would you distribute the comic? Would it be digital like Panel Syndicate or would you go the traditional print route?

  10. Still got a fairly run-down little town up here at the End of the Road, if your location scouts are interested for “that small town horror series” you keep teasing us about. 😀

    Enjoy your summer, and don’t work too hard!

  11. Joe,
    I am excited for you. I have a small collection from my childhood. I used to read them for the stories and super heroes, but now, I have been starting to pay closer attention to the details in the art as well. Because of your interest in them, and the Dark Matter comic book and show, I started adding to my pile. I’m all in and ready to read your work.

  12. Reading this post really makes me wish that Dark Matter could be continued in graphic novel form as it began, even if it would involve a lot of volumes to finish the story.

    I don’t suppose one of the comic book ideas you mentioned here led to the one you discussed in your post of Tuesday?

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