Answer these questions…

1 – Do you like the project?

2 – Do you like the people involved in the project?

3 – Do the project’s theme and tone resonate with you?

4 – Is there an opportunity for humor?

5 – What is the budget?

6- What is the timeline?

7 – What are the obvious challenges unique to this project?

8 – How much creative leeway will you have through prep, production, and post?

9 – How much management authority will you have through prep, production, and post?

10 – How much of your A-Team will join you on this project?

11 – What are the chances that the project ends up on syfy?

…then carefully consider your responses before making the call.

24 thoughts on “July 1, 2018: Decision time!

  1. I wish you the best. You’re wise to consider these questions before making a monumental commitment that will affect you professionally and personally. Just because an opportunity exists does not make it the RIGHT opportunity for you. Good luck.

  2. Most definitely – try to discover if #11 has any, even small chance, of becoming so. Crossing fingers and other crossable body parts.

  3. That 11th question is a doozy.

    Best of variables to you, friend. Most important, a feeling of fulfillment of purpose again

  4. Maybe the folks at Syfy will begin to realize that much of the real talent has learned to avoid them like the plague. So sad how far they have fallen.

  5. Shouldn’t that last one be first? Because then you could just skip all the other questions if the answer to it is too high.

  6. watched “Private Eyes” tonight. I thought Anthony Lemke did an admiral job as the developer/villain for trying to evict all those Toronto residents. Nice that he is able to get a pay check if not shacking at the Craft bar all the time. I am waiting to see Melissa’s new show. I was a Starbucks in the back ground and a shop’s address was 17xx Queens street so I know I have been in that area.

  7. As to number 11, I can definitely say no. I’m sorry Joe, but I won’t be back to SyFy for any reason.

    After Atlantis, Universe and Dark Matter being tossed out, this fan is done with that channel!!!

    My satellite system lets me remove channels that I don’t watch from my menu…that channel is no longer listed and will never be listed again for me.

    And I hope the ‘powers that be’ are watching because they never even responded to my email, so f**k them.

  8. I’m hoping someone picks up Timeless. It’s a nice genre show with some great actors. Hope to see you write for these actors someday.

  9. My friend, you have wayyyyyyyyyyyy too many socks. But at least they’re really cool. And your cuff-links? They’re AWESOME! I particularly love the P-38, Enterprise, Stormtrooper, Starfleet, Captain America, Facehugger, SHIELD and Hydra.

    Question #11 is sadly, the most important. And that’s a damn shame.

  10. I’m thinking the bridge has been burned, and blown up on #11. Hope the meetings go well!

  11. Sorry Joe nothing to do with today’s blog… are you, Akemi and the girls watching the footie at the mo – Japan v Belgium? xxx Or aren’t you fussed? I’m not normally interested in footie at all but England are doing better (until tomorrow) than everyone thought!

  12. Fully support #11. Pretty much the only thing that will get me to watch a live run show on SyFy again would be to support one of your shows. The cancelling of Dark Matter was the final nail in their coffin for me. Good luck and god speed on deciding on a new adventure.

  13. Poser les questions c’est y répondre! If you ask I think it is because you have already answered it!?

  14. I don’t see how relevant the question 11 is. There’s other network than Syfy…

  15. I think another channel may provide better security, like Showtime or even Amazon

  16. If #11 happens to be the last network on earth and your show ends up there, just expect you could be cancelled at any time, at any moment, during any part of the series, for any reason or no reason at all, no matter what the fans think.

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