If I were to ask you to name Toronto, Canada’s greatest living celebrity, who would you say?

Drake?  Keanu Reeves?  Ryan Gosling?  Jim Carrey?


Toronto, Canada’s greatest living celebrity is none other than talk show host, podcaster, pundit, perennial political candidate, and noted philanthropist Ed the Sock!

Ed the Sock is Making a Comeback!

Ed is a Canadian treasure.  He has been an inspiration to millions – especially the creator of Triumph the Insult Dog who ripped off Ed’s bit (or, coincidentally, came up with his own cigar-munching acerbic hand-rider well after Ed’s debut). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Triumph creator, Robert Smigel, has been laying it on thick for over 20 years now.

Ed the Sock, meanwhile, has continued to do his own thing (for slighter longer) and just kicked off an Indeigogo campaign in support of his new online channel, FUN – The FU_Network.

Ed is also a big fan of Dark Matter and was kind enough to have Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, and I on his podcast last year – (click to listen) –

Ed the Sock Podcast – Dark Matter

Which is why I thought it would be nice to give him a boost just like he gave us a boost in our time of need.  So, if you’d like to support Ed on his road to media dominance, head on over to his Indiegogo page = Ed the Sock’s Indiegogo Page

Back his bid and be rewarded with not only the satisfaction of a deed well done, but everything from gratitude to party invitations to your very own hand-crafted Ed the Sock clone.  And more!  I, personally, have my eye on those limited edition Ed the Sock socks!

Don’t delay!

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I love Ed the Sock and that podcast was so funny. I’ll check out the Indiegogo page.


I must admit, I rather like Liana K. She had great chemistry with Ed (and his alter ego). I really hope they make a go of it. Someone as acerbic is needed now.

Susie Gaskins

Reblogged this on Suzie's Blog.

Caroline Armstrong
Caroline Armstrong

Andrew Lemke? ; )


So let me see if I got this straight, eh?.
What you’re saying is
An old sock on someones hand,
holding a slightly chewed half smoked cigar,
while someone stands in the backgroud
slinging about foul mouthed zingers,
so as to serve as the voice of Ed,
is your biggest all time celebrity??

Geez! You Canadians really are waaay too easily amused.
(Hey, uh, just outta sheer left field curiosity
Are the rumors I’ve heard true?
-> Do the industrial smoke stacks continuously pump out
and abundantly fill the air over GTA with fresh nitrous O? (N2O).

And on that note
The next time you speak with Ed you might suggest
he stay up on his toes so as to not allow
his counterpart south of the border
to all too quickly and easily be on his heel.

oh wait…..

We dont have a famed U.S acerbic sock counterpart.

Daamn it old man! Now I just feel gipped!

Thanks alot!!

I’m gonna go drown me sorrows in a batch
of freshly baked special blonde brownies
teleported by me lovely neighbors
back home in Colorado
via the not yet existing
You Got Meal food replicator service
they’re beta testing.