These were my favorites…

Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide vol. 8 (cover art by Alex Ross)
The Amazing Spider-Man #801 (cover art by Marcos Martin)
Captain America #704 (cover art by Michael Cho)
Gideon Falls #4 (cover art by Dustin Nguyen and Andrea Sorrentino)
God Complex #6 (cover art by Hendry Prasetya)
Infidel #4 (cover art by Aaron Campbell, Yuko Shimizu)
Infinity Countdown: Black Widow #1 (cover art by Yasmine Putri)
Sisters of Sorrow (cover art by Jae Lee)
Skyward #3 (cover art by Lee Garbett)
Star Wars: Poe Dameron #28 (cover art by Phil Not)
Taarna (cover art by Luis Royo)
The Wild Storm #14 (cover art by Jon Davis-Hunt)
Tony Stark, Iron Man #1
Weapon X: Vol. 3 Modern Warfare (cover art by Rahzzah)
X-Men Gold #30 (cover art by Phil Noto)

So which were your favorites?

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I like the very top Spider-Man one, probably because it looks so much like what I think of when I think of the original animated show. The rest of the Marvel ones – eh. Maybe I’m just starting to get burnt out on the whole Marvel thing?

I love the Gideon Falls and the Wild Storm ones. Great imagery.


I am a huge Spider-man fan, but something about that Skyward cover just caught my eye this time around.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

All of them are excellent but I’d have to go with Skyward as a favorite.

Today we are in Freeport, Bahamas. We spent the day on a Segway tour. I didn’t fall on my arse, so that’s a plus!

Freeport is gorgeous, even with the damage from past hurricanes.

Good luck on finding that house sitter but Suji is a one family gal. I wonder what her full history is? Akemi’s family might be interested in visiting Toronto…


Oh, Tam Dixon, that sounds like a ton of fun! We need pics!

Margaret Clayton

I like the broody feel of God Complex.

Nathan Dionne
Nathan Dionne

Man, I have seen plenty of “armorkinis” before, but the lady on that Taarna cover is a whole new level.


I want to date the guy on the cover of God Complex.

Sisters of Sorrow reminds me of Priest…which reminds me of the movie ( which I liked ).

I’m intrigued by the Weapon X cover but…

My winner is Infinity Countdown Black Widow. Love all that is packed in that cover. An Infinity Stone. Black Widow. A gun. The city of London. The Union Jack. And I briefly thought I saw the Tardis but sadly it was only a tower. I’d buy this comic in a heartbeat.


ooh, nuns with guns is cool. But that x men wedding cover calls back good 90’s memories of Saturday morning cartoons.