As my various development projects, I’ve decided to catch up on my movie matinees.

First up was Solo: A Star Wars Story.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I got off the Star Wars train partway through Return of the Jedi, right about the second the ewoks danced across the big screen, blindsiding my love for the franchise.  Decades later, I’m reading all sorts of wildly conflicting reviews for the latest installment, Solo.  Some absolutely love it.  Others absolutely hate it.  So, of course, I had to find out for myself.  Akemi passed on accompanying on the grounds that: “Impossible to beat Deadpool.”  True enough.

So, what did I think of Solo?  Well…

June 7, 2018: Reviews!  Solo: A Star Wars Story!  Avengers: Infinity War!  That Bean Recipe!

June 7, 2018: Reviews!  Solo: A Star Wars Story!  Avengers: Infinity War!  That Bean Recipe!

Next up is Avengers: Infinity Wars, a movie I heard very good things about…but wasn’t convinced.  There was a time when I saw every superhero movie ever made – and then, I sat through Avengers: Age of Ultron, a movie that – like Return of the Jedi destroyed my love for Star Wars – it killed my love for comic book movies.  Akemi, who fell asleep during Age of Ultron (Oh, how I envied her), also passed on this screening.

So, what did I think of Infinity War?  Well…

June 7, 2018: Reviews!  Solo: A Star Wars Story!  Avengers: Infinity War!  That Bean Recipe!

Finally, thanks to everyone who took the time to upload their advice, condolences, and best wishes on that bean recipe.  After considering all of your great suggestions, we ended up…

Soaking the beans for almost 40 hours, changing the water and giving them a rinse, then boiling on high for 30 minutes.  After that, we added tomatoes, a vidalia onion, two green onions, half a clove of garlic, two bay leaves, thyme, chiles, and a seared smoked pork chop, brought the whole to boil, then let simmer for two hours.  We seasoned with salt and pepper (and, in my base, a sprinkling of powdered ghost pepper/carolina reaper) before serving.  The results?   Deeeeeeeelicious!

June 7, 2018: Reviews!  Solo: A Star Wars Story!  Avengers: Infinity War!  That Bean Recipe!

Thanks to all who weighed in.

So, what’re we making/seeing next?

26 thoughts on “June 7, 2018: Reviews! Solo: A Star Wars Story! Avengers: Infinity War! That bean recipe!

  1. Make the black bean cake. Trust me…
    Also, which hot sauce gets a sample first?

  2. Whew! So glad that that bean recipe turned out. It would have been very awkward if all our advice had not worked. We’d have some ‘splainin’ to do! It does *look* delicious!

    I pretty much concur with everything you said about Infinity War, both yay and nay. Especially Starlord’s colossal blunder. I was thinking WTF when that happened. Even for a character that has relatively poor self-control, that seemed way out of character. Another example of the “person does extremely unlikely thing in order to move plot in that direction” thing.

    Haven’t seen Solo yet, but I think I’ll check out a matinee tomorrow!

    1. After our Cookie Monster reviews a while back, I do ponder whether there are actually 10 good superhero movies in total. Hmm.

  3. What are we seeing next? Medical professionals! (Had a second AFib episode last week. Off caffeine, on new cardiac meds. 😩)

  4. Heads up, Ronny Cox (SG1’s Sen. Kinsey) fans! He’s in the last few eps of “Nashville” (CMT in USA, I think), starting tonight.

  5. I’m going to make that soup someday and call it the Infinity War Bean Soup, and although it looks awful (like the movie adverts) it will taste shockingly amazing (like the film).

  6. I did like Solo and it filled so wholes in the story line like Chubaka, etc. I thought Infinity wars a waste of a movie ticket and lacked my understanding of the characters. I had to refresh my memory more so with 2049 which i thought was a waste of time and I remember looking at my watch (a true sign of boredom). That was the reason I bought Black Panther (a film I could do with out as I found it too base and tribalistic).

  7. Joe, glad you liked Avengers!
    Was re-watching the Atlantis episode Missing today, and I have a technical question. When Teyla and Keller are captured by the Bola Kai and brought before their leader(always love Danny Trejo cameos) he is holding what looks like an Ancient device of some kind, that seems to be activated. Presumably, it came from Keller’s bag. I am guessing he doesn’t have the gene, and I don’t believe it was ever mentioned that Keller had it either. Was the device activated by someone with the gene, and then anyone would be able to use it, or was it Earth tech? Just something I hadn’t noticed all the other times I have seen the episode. Thanks.

  8. Oh those beans look heavenly!

    Please publish a detailed recipe. I really want to try those. My Dutch oven has been lonely lately anyway. 🙂

    Thank you in advance.
    Andy B.

  9. Those beans look good! When I was growing up, beans were our main source of protein. My dad would make a big pot of beans, with a ham bone for flavor. Since none of us liked spicy foods but my dad (we were all kiids), my dad would have hot peppers on the side. I think he would have made a meal out of your beans. With cornbread and buttermilk, of course. 😉

    Thanks @Maggiemayday on the D&D info. Hibby’s finally agreed to get rid of them. I’ve asked him every purge, since the early 90’s. I might just donate the lot. No time to hunt for buyers.

  10. The beans sound very good! But I must ask: “half a clove of garlic”? Half a clove of garlic is only enough if you’re trying to make “half a clove of garlic”. I expect you to increase that by at least 6 cloves the next round.

  11. Rogue One. I absolutely loved it. Watch it next.

    Then I’d say watch Black Panther and Thor 3. Both were very good as well.

  12. I’m in a similar boat with both movies, though I think that I liked Solo a little more. The reasons are similar; there was just a lightness to most of the material that made it click. The least successful parts were ones that seemed to check the box of Solo’s back story. I didn’t really care to know that info but still enjoyed the ride.

    Infinity War is a great achievement, and I think that I’ll appreciate it more on a repeat viewing. What I didn’t enjoy as much was the sense of inevitability with the quest from Thanos. We know there’s another Avengers movie next year, so the suspense on if they’ll stop him is lost. Even so, those final scenes really worked well.

  13. No disagreement on your movie reviews…you don’t, by chance, remember the Star Wars Christmas special that prominently featured Ewoks and Wookies do you? ((Shudders)) If episode 6’s use of Ewoks didn’t put you off of Star Wars for a decade, that Christmas special would’ve done it!

    On the culinary front, I am smoking a pork shoulder, a beef brisket, and pork belly strips for a church picnic tomorrow. I’ve had the shoulder in the smoker for about nine hours so far (I’m shooting for about twenty nine hours total), and I’ll put the brisket in for around six hours, and the pork belly strips for two to three.

    For the fourth of July I’m trying to get a piglet to put in the smoker (hmmm…crispy smoked pigs ears.) I’ll post pictures if I do.

  14. And that soup looks absolutely delicious! Makes me want to break out some black eyed peas to use with some of the leftover smoked pork (if there is any)…

  15. I want to see Infinity War, too, even though the only other ones I watched were the first two Ironman movies and the two Guardians of the Galaxy videos.

    THAT looks DEELICIOUS!!!

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