My favorites…

Batman #48 (cover art by Mikel Janin)

Black Bolt vol. 2 (cover art by Christian Ward)

Death Or Glory #2 (cover art by Bengal, Julia Totino Tedesco)

The Immortal Hulk #1 (cover art by Alex Ross)

The Beautiful Death vol. 1 (cover art by Mathieu Bablet)

Weapon X #19 (cover art by Rahzzah)

Shipwreck #6 (cover art by Phil Hester)

Jasmine: Crown of Kings #2 (cover art by Deivis Goetten)

Lady Mechanika vol. 4 (cover art by Joe Benitez)

Olympus Mons vol. 4 (cover art by Pierre Loyvet)

Which were your favorites?

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hmm…Shipwreck, Jasmine, & Olympus mons…
Loving the cover review. Coool.

Nicolas Bannister

Beautiful Death, great first book of a friend of mine. Wonderful artist. His last one, Shangri La, is amazing. The guy’s nuts for backgrounds, he’s putting MILLIONS of them in his books. grin It’s filled up to death.
Not his best cover, but the title design’s interesting.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

There are some talented artists! My favorite would probably be Olympus Mons vol. 4 (cover art by Pierre Loyvet).

I know you’re seeing a few movies these days. Have you watched an oldie but goodie called, “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. I thought it was very well done.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

We bought a new AC system and I’ve spent the morning in our uncooled attic. I have to make room for the workers to check all the duct work and install the new equipment. Whew, it is hot up there but I tolerate heat better than the boys, so I was elected.
On the bright side, I’ve finished clearing out the space and purged some much needed clutter. I found my hubby’s old D & D stuff but …I better check with him before I chuck that, right? Does anyone know if 1980’s D & D crap is of any interest to collectors?

How did the move go?

Margaret Clayton

I rather like Batman The Best Man. Nice.

@Tam Dixon … yes, old D&D stuff is very collectible if you can find a market.


Oow, nearly missed this!
Love the detail in ‘The Immortal Hulk’ , ‘The Beautiful Death’ and the very strange ‘Lady Mechanika’ but best of all for me, is ‘Olympus Mons’. Don’t know why but it made the back of my neck tingle.


Batman…of course. You had me at chess pieces.


Beautiful Death and Olympus Mons