Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!

Today, I turn this blog over to one of screendom’s smartest and most well-articulated actors.  Don’t believe me?  Chat Steve Bacic up at your next con!

Joanne Verbeek: “Can we see you as guest/recurring roles in tv shows/films, anytime soon?”

Steve: Yes, I’m doing a series of movies for Hallmark Mystery Channel.  They will air 4 of them in August.  They are called Garage Sale Mysteries with Lori Loughlin.  And I recently did a guest on Taken the t.v series and a second episode on Arrow.

scifirules: “Will you have Joe as your surprise guest at Gatecon 2018?”

Steve: Hey that would be awesome.  I was lucky enough to be standing outside my hotel in Toronto when Joe happened to be walking by and I hadn’t seen him in years.  Way too long.  So put some pressure on him and get him out.  Haha.

Joan Dutton: “You are such a versatile actor. Do you prefer movies or serial tv. Which do you prefer playing good guys or bad guys.”

Steve: Thanks for the compliment.  I actually love the variety and challenge of all of it.  Bad guys do tend to be more fun, however, I never judge my characters as good or bad just in a situation that has to be dealt with.

Christina Testa: “Hi Steve, thanks so much for taking the time to do this! A couple of questions for You! First up what has been your favorite project/show/movie to work on and your most memorable moment from it?  The second question is a Stargate one! What was it like working on the show and can you again share some of your most memorable moments on or off screen?

Steve: Thanks for the Q, Christina.  I’d say Blackway was most memorable.  Working with Anthony Hopkins was amazing.  My role was very challenging and I think I pulled it off. Tony actually applauded after my close up:) Such a sweet person. I had a great time with the Stargate cast.   So many to choose from.  I particularly enjoyed Richard Dean’s humour.

“And if you could work with anyone who would it be and why?”

Steve: Man, there are so many.  I couldn’t even think of a worthy answer.

Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!

Arctic Goddess: “How and why did you get into acting?”

Steve:  Haha.  Got into by fluke or destiny:)  I’ve actually tried to quit it many times but can’t.  It’s part of me and I love it, but it just doesn’t make sense as a living.

Shinyhula: “Heck yeah I have questions for Mr. Bacic, how in the world did you guys keep a straight face with all the hijinks on Andromeda?  Who are your actor heroes past and present? What is your favorite healthy snack? Favorite (or worst!) part of X-Files creepy Pusher ep?  What current shows would you love be cast in next? Love your work!”

Steve: Thank you:)) There was a lot of cracking up.  We had to stay focused or else! It almost became a game to see who’d break first:) So many actors I love. Too many to mention.   Favourite healthy snack is fruit, especially watermelon!!! Pusher was intense, especially watching them do a full body burn on my double.  It lasted forever.  I was freaking out!! And it was funny when David ate some salami of my burnt face as a gag)) Lately I’ve been doing a bunch of different things but mostly working with Hallmark.  They’ve been very good to me.

Shinyhula: “What was your fave Andromeda ep? My personal fave is The Others.”

Steve: God, it’s been so long – but I’d say first episode of season 5 and the one where I meet my wife again played by Colby Smoulders.  She was and is amazing.

Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!Thogar: “Questions are always fun! Hi, Steve. I’m Tom and I’m nosy.  What would be your “dream role” to play?”

Steve: The more complicated the better, but the complexity is below the surface and isn’t evident til much later in the story.

“Do you prefer drama or comedy? Good guy or bad guy?”

Steve: All of the above with layers.

“What was your favorite project to be a part of?”

Steve:  Hard one.  It’s more pieces of different jobs for different reasons, but I loved working with Anthony Hopkins in the movie Blackway (suspense), and had a great time working with Jason Alexander in Hit the Road (comedy).

“You’ve been in a lot of scifi projects. Do you gravitate toward the genre or has that just been chance?”

Steve: Mostly by chance but I do love the genre.

“When and where can we see you next?”

Steve:  Hallmark Mystery Channel Garage Sale Mysteries with Lori Loughlin.

“Do you ever get tired of explaining how to pronounce your last name?”

Steve: Naw:)

“Is Joe going to hire you for his next project?”

Steve: He’d better:)))

“What witchcraft do you practice to keep from aging?”

Steve: It’s called stress:) I think it keeps me young.  Haha.  I try to have a sense of humour and keep moving.  A I’ve been blessed with good genes.

Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!

Suzan Harmon: “Who is his personal hero? Not professional.”

Steve: My brother Frank.

Delphi: “If you could have guested on any series in television history, what show would it have been?  What existing show would it be?”

SteveNew Girl.  Love that show and all the characters.  Soooo funny.  And Hawaii Five-0.  It’s in Hawaii duh.  Haha.

SG90: “Was there any role from your past you would love to reprise?  If so, what is it and why?”

Steve: I wish the Beast on X-Men would have worked out for all the obvious reasons.  Great franchise.

Sooner: “How do you as an actor with long hours manage to balance your work and family life?  You look as great now as you did all those years ago.  What’s your secret for staying in such good shape?”

Steve: Thanks you’re very kind.  Not gonna lie. It’s getting tougher and tougher. But as long as I can get to the gym and keep being grateful for all I have, I can manage:))

Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!

RedRedBlueGreen: “You seem to do a lot of scifi projects.  Is this intentional?  Is there something about the genre that draws you to it?”

Steve: I think it’s just how things have worked out. I do enjoy it very much.

StephenP: “A couple of questions: 1. What was your favorite role and why?  2. Who was your favorite co-star and why?  3. Tell us your funniest on set experience.”

Steve: Actually fave role was Miro on The Guard because he was such a cad – and hopeless yet still a hero. Fave co star – Anthony Hopkins is a gem.  Funniest set experience?   Too many to mention :))

Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!

4 thoughts on “Actor Steve Bacic Answers Your Questions!

  1. I’m sorry The Guard finished when it did. I really loved the chemistry among the actors on that show. The stories were well written and I thought it was just getting into a great rhythm when it ended. I’m also enjoying the Garage Sale Mysteries on Bravo. Very light and enjoyable entertainment. Steve plays the slightly bewildered spouse very well.
    Thanks Steve!

  2. Many virtual backflips of joy here, thanks for answering our many, many questions, tho I may have to skip lunch after picturing Duchovney eating that salami, yikes. I love a cozy mystery so I will be watching those Garage Sale mysteries.

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