Curious?  Have a question burning a hole in your cerebellum?  Well, you’re in luck because I’m feeling answery.  I’m opening up the mailbag so if you have a query, need some clarification on a matter related to yours truly, or want my opinion on those new glasses you purchased the other day, then post away in the comments section of this blog.  I’ll have responses for you in tomorrow’s entry!

Meanwhile, on the dog front…

May 10, 2018: This And That!

Lulu is on the mend but must wear the cone of shame for three weeks.  As you can tell from the photo, she is thrilled.

May 10, 2018: This And That!

Is Piano Piano Restaurant’s Hornet Pizza (sausage, cheese, honey, chili, and black olives) the best pizza in Toronto?  I would say, yes.

May 10, 2018: This And That!

For dessert: Ovaltine soft serve, snickerdoodle, nutella tiramisu, and truffles.

I’ve had a hankering to do a Fried Chicken Friday for ages.  Thinking of meeting up with Toronto’s resident fried chicken expert (and former Exec Producer’s assistant) Elliot Sokolsky, to hit 2-3 places next week, including this new establishment Ivon just told me about:

Chica’s Nashville Fried Chicken

May 10, 2018: This And That!

Double-fried chicken = yay or nay?  Let’s hear from you, fried chicken aficionados!

May 10, 2018: This And That!

P.S. Suji goes through booties on a weekly basis.  She’s a walking machine!

Finally, congratulations to Martin Gero –

NBC Picks Up Drama ‘Manifest’ To Series, Renews ‘Blindspot’ For Season 4

And Melissa O’Neil –

‘The Rookie’ Starring Nathan Fillion Officially Picked Up To Series By ABC


38 thoughts on “May 10, 2018: This and That!

  1. Question: Have you heard any new info (that you can discuss) about any possible new Stargate series/movie/anything? All news from that seems to have fallen into a wormhole.

  2. Great to hear about Manifest, Blindspot and especially The Rookie. I’m glad 2 of our favorite actors from Dark Matter and Firefly are back in the game! Team Two, Team Melissa! Speaking of, two shows taken out by the networks far ahead of their time. Pun post-intended.

    FYI check out severed zombie head Nathan Fillion on the very funny Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix.

    Love to hear more about your ongoing writing and related projects when you get the chance. Gives me much needed encouragement and insight. Thanks

  3. I have a question for the mailbag about a shooting location I’ve seen in several episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. It is a long, dark, narrow hallway with a long pipe and several smaller ones running along the ceiling, and concrete block walls. For example, in SGA episode Sateda Ronon is being pursued by the Wraith, and he enters the hallway. He collects weapons and body armor from the corpses of his fellow Satedans.

    I’m guessing it’s in the Vancouver area somewhere, but where? I’ve scoured IMDb to see if it’s mentioned anywhere, but can’t find any reference to that location. It’s driving me nuts. Is it a basement hallway somewhere?


  4. Quick question about dark matter , two has a child, did the child inherit any of the “enhancements” that are caused by the nanites? Also have you tried Max of Manila for fried chicken? Have a great day

  5. Oh great! A mailbag! Yeah! I have a question, I’m sure. Um. Hmmm. Let me think. Well…gee…um…what was I thinking about asking a while back? Shoot! I can’t never think what is was when you ask us for questions. Give me some time….

  6. Double-fried chicken has some potential. You could do both plunges at high heat and the second wouldn’t kill the oil temp. Didn’t your chicken breast recipe have 2 or 3 cooking steps?

    I’m more about high pressure chicken cooking. Did you know that the KFC process doesn’t use the ideally high pressure to cook the chicken? There is a better process. However, regulations were put in place to reduce the highest cooking pressure allowed in the kitchens, thereby taking away the competitive advantage of the superior process through the threat of government-sponsored violence.

    I do, however, have access to refurbished/maintained pressure cookers that use the long-banned pressure. They are hard to find, in garages, RV’s, I’ve even seen one installed in a sort of rickshaw concept. I’ve said too much already.

  7. Double fried is good. The key to good fried chicken, in my experience, is the brine. My concoction is buttermilk, bourbon, hot sauce and sometimes, an egg. I’m mostly vegetarian but my hubby/son could live on fried chicken. So I’ve had a few years to experiment or go broke dining out.

    No questions right now. Thanks for the food porn!!!! Okay, one question: how are NOT overweight?

  8. OK Joe. Always meant to ask this…
    ‘Maku-Chan (aka Marc Bendavid)’ in your December 14th 2015 blog entry. Please explain?

  9. Hey Joe, Do you think that there is too many T.V. shows being produced theses days? I think there is about a dozen Marvel shows alone.

  10. That pizza looks mighty delicious! I must confess I’ve never seen anyone in my 60 something years use scissors to cut a ‘slice’ out of a pizza pie!

    Any news on the Stargate front???

  11. That Pizza sounds delicious and I bet it even tastes delicious, too! Double Fried Chicken? Yes, please. Ovaltine soft serve….I could eat two of those at one sitting, especially when the weather is dank. I don’t think I’ve ever had a snickerdoodle, but I’d like to try one. Food porn is the best.

    So, any news on the Stargate front? How about how your screenplay is coming along? Do you read digital comics or just hard copies? As I have gotten older, I need a large screen (32 inch) in order to see comics anymore and sometimes even then, use the magnifier app on my laptop HDMI’d to the big screen.

    Finally, how did you get Dark Matter from an idea to a comic book?

    Best wishes, peace & happiness always.

    DJ Quantum Mechanic

  12. Questions:
    -Do we (Canada) Have a potential($) to Host a tv series like Netflix do with their originals..Have you though to summit your scripts to one Canadian network?.
    -Do you have a marble in the top lead..wich one ?

  13. Here’s a daft question – what is your most perfect day, weather wise, and your favourite season? Please describe in glorious detail so we can experience it too 😊

  14. I dunno. I think the Smokey Bear or the Spicy Sicilian are more my style in pizzas. Minimal vegetables and NO olives! It does look like great pizza, though. I’ve added it to my wish list if I’m ever in Toronto.

    But what’s with the scissors? What’s wrong with a pizza cutting wheel or a mezzaluna? Even a knife and fork would be preferable (for cutting into slices, eating still needs to be done with your hands like nature intended).

    I’m afraid my only fried chicken experience is KFC. There are a lot of Korean Fried Chicken places here in Melbourne but I haven’t tried any yet.

    Mailbag: When are we likely to have a visit from Cookie Monster? I have all the superhero movies queued up ready to go!

  15. ‪I have a question (and please forgive me in advance if it’s already been asked a thousand times in the past).

    Question: In Dark Matter S3:E9 “Isn’t That a Paradox”, is that Lulu your dog in the scene by the Chocolate Shop?‬

  16. Hello Sir, I am an Alaskan automotive painter with dreams of becoming a writer. What do you remember being the hardest obstacle to conquer, when you began your writing career? And, what advice would you give to aspiring writers? Thank you for your time.
    CL Burnett

  17. Thank you for doing another mailbag!! My question is….would you ever consider doing some sort of drawing or something along those lines to read through and note a script? As an aspiring writer I would love to have someone I look up to read and note a script for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions!!

  18. @Joe:

    So does Chica’s Nashville Fried Chicken also have cornbread and sweet tea? Thoses would seem to go together in my opinion.

    With all this talk of fried chicken, you got my juices flowing for a fried chicken dinner…complete with mustard greens, corn-bread, and a jug of dark sweet tea! But it’ll have to wait till I get back from traveling.

    On a semi-related noted: Barb and I have been talking about having a chicken coop at the next house, but she made it clear that I’d be the one slaughtering, cleaning, and butchering the hens when they stop laying. Fortunately, I have a couple of bloodless methods for slaughtering…the catching is the harder part.

    @Tam Dixon:

    The key to good fried chicken, in my experience, is the brine. My concoction is buttermilk, bourbon, hot sauce and sometimes, an egg.

    You had me at ‘bourbon’! 🙂

    1. The more bourbon, the sweeter the chicken is. My mom is using an earlier version I was experimenting with. It’s the more traditional water/salt/sugar brine. The chicken pulls that salt in and makes it juicy too.

  19. If the Time Lords and the Daleks started a new Time War over Destiny (and the ninth chevron project as a whole), who would win ?

    PS: twin destinies + gibbs’ rule 39 = Time Lords interference using Hand of Omega

  20. What I wanna know is this:
    You’re moving again, how in the world can you afford that?

    Also – if I were to invite you to danish “smørrebrød”, would you accept?

    Another also – What do you think your legacy will be?

  21. You have mentioned on a couple of occasions about another show you thought for sure was green lit, whilst Dark Matter was dead. Just curious if you could tell us a little about it? For instance what kind of genre would have fallen into?
    PS: Give Suji & Lulu a cuddle for me!
    Cheers, Christina x

  22. The Expanse was canceled after three seasons, just like Dark Matter. Both shows did well(Compared to other shows on the same network) but alas, you’d think there was a lobotomized crazy people making these decisions.

  23. Melissa and Nathan? Yes. Hugs to Lulu and Suji, I try the lite version of FCF and go with buttermilk tenders from Micky D.

    I am the last to get into Black Lightening and I’m hooked, plus with Expanse and Legion I only need a super heroes in space show to achieve nirvana.

  24. Oh, yes, I have a very burning question – similar to the one asked by gforce: do you think there is still hope of hearing from MGM about a new Stargate series? Does it still make sense to keep tweeting about Stargate every day (as the team of @StargateNow_EU does while you yourself and @StargateNow have become pretty quiet about this)? We are still hoping. Are you?

    1. Irena: We’re kind of quiet because we had put things on hold in our lives when we started the intense campaign and right now we had to attend to matters that couldn’t stay on hold anymore. We are trying to do what we can when we get a free moment. If we get some news in any kind of direction or if we see that StargateCommand is alluding to some kind of decision about it, we’ll ramp up again.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Hilda. Of course, there are more important things in life than tweeting. (It is probably an advantage that more than one person runs the European Twitter account.) It was not an accusation either, but rather a doubt as to whether from your point of view it still makes sense to continue the campaign… and I finally understand, also considering Joe’s response to similar questions, that the answer is just “no”. Unfortunately.

  25. Double fried chicken? Double YES. The “fried” is the best part of fried chicken.

    Congrats to Martin and Melissa!

    Here’s a question: Did you ever watch Friday the 13th the Series? I loved it when it was on, and read up on it last night. Our friend Carl Binder wrote 5 episodes! And it being filmed in Toronto, guest starred many familiar faces.

  26. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. You may think this is an odd idea and be skeptical about it but after you read what it is, please keep reading. I was hoping to get a link from someone so I don’t have to write it all out but I couldn’t get a link so I’l just have to copy and paste it. .· I would gather a few scriptures that give me confidence for my situation.

    · I would take a check or seed, come into agreement with God’s word with what you are believing for.

    · Next I would lay my hand on that check and speak over it in knowing that we receive that according to Mark 11:24 and call it done.

    · Then you do your part. You DO NOT ASK AGAIN, that would mean you are not in faith, that you did not receive when you prayed. But when concern or even frustration nags at your mind, you would say, no, that was taken care of on such and such date. If God leads you to call someone or do something, then you do it. Theres this guy named Gary Keesee that does this and it works for pretty much anything. IDK if you believe like this or not but it works. I have even asked a guy at a church if I would be able to do this. He said no but after talking to him about something else I realized that You would be able to do it since dark matter belongs to you and you make money from it. If theres anyone else that has rights to dark matter like maybe Fay Firestone and Paul Mulle then you may have to get them to do it with you.I hope you understood all of that. I know you may have some doubts about this it works and I as you to please at least consider it?

  27. Hi had a quick question about something that been bothering me. You pry already answered this and I missed it, I’m sorry if that the case.

    On dark matter ryo mentions, in Androids flash back that they picked her up at a market or something to that effect. But in just a couple episodes we find out her true origin and purpose, shouldn’t Ryo have known that? Or was he just told that to hide her true origins?

    Thank you and love your work!

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