So we were twenty minutes away from the end of last night’s Dateline mystery, just as the authorities were closing in on the real killer – we lost power.  My initial instinctive writerly thought was: “He knows we’re on to him!”.

The windstorm that had assailed Toronto earlier, blowing in store windows and tossing patio furniture around the downtown core, finally hit Montreal – and, specifically, our street.  As I looked out the window, I noticed that houses on the surrounding streets still had power.

Oh here’s your problem.  A downed power line.

This morning, I transferred all the meat and seafood over to my sister’s freezer.

And, since mom couldn’t cook, we went out for lunch!


Smoke Meat Pete, Part II!

Today, my big job will be to finish the leftover ice cream before it all melts.

Wish me luck!

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Oh the difficulties of life. It was a mazing you made it to the bed room door.


So where is dinner tonight? Cool…giving your mom a bit of a break from cooking. A mini vacation.
{{waves to Mama Mallozzi}}}

Margaret Clayton

Ice cream beware!


If you need any help … my spoons and I are prepared to render assistance!


Sounds like life is tough. I suppose you just have to go out for dinner, too!

The wind arrived here in NB this morning, and though I’m not affected personally, the flood areas are in even worse shape because of the damage that waves are causing. It’s turning into quite the mess.


Seems to me, you’ve got everything covered.
Nice one.


How’d ya do on that ice cream?


oooh. Looks a lot like the sandwich I decided to have for supper the other night. Gee. thanks. Now I’m getting cravings again.
Oh well. So much for my balanced diet.

Glad to hear you, Mama Mallozzi, Akemi and all the fur kids weathered the latest storm okay and are safe and sound. xo

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

It’s a good thing you were there!

I’m way down South and we had a hail/wind storm yesterday. I was sure it would break the windows but so far, so good.

I’m up at 3:30 a.m. this morning taking hubby to the airport. sad


Hope everyone is okay – safe. Wish you all the best of luck with your ice cream 😊

Jayenkai [JNK] (@Jayenkai)

Just when you thought having no internet was bad!
Hopefully it isn’t too long getting things back to normal.
Weekend, though. Eeek.
Good luck.


Thank goodness you save the meat, I hate power outages! I buy a lot fresh and its ruinous to have my veggies go limp in the fridge. I now keep a big bag of ice in the freezer for the frequent outages we’ve been getting.


Yikes! Glad you were there to help. When Hurricane Ike hit us in 2008 we had no power for 7 days. With a child with autism. Fortunately we have a gas stove/oven. We lost everything in our refrigerator. Once we were able to travel, my neighbor found a grocery store that was open and she was able to grab some milk for my child who refused to drink anything but. And another neighbor who had to travel to find gas for their generator was kind enough to get ice for us so we could at least keep the milk for Patrick. I think we had sustained winds of 110 mph as the eye went straight up I-45 and we were in the tiny cone that still had 110 mph winds after it traveled all that way up from Galveston. We would have had our master bedroom window blown in, but Jeff spent two days boarding up all our windows (what a massive job). It lifted up the board from our window and the fence that was in the line of the wind burst had to be replaced.