14 thoughts on “April 20, 2018: A Visit to Japan via Kit Kats!

  1. Well, it’s kind of disappointing that so many of those are kinda meh, or worse. I’ve always wanted to try them. I agree that artificial strawberry flavouring is almost always too strong and too fake.

    Was that Lulu snoring at the start? LOL

  2. hmmm, just based on your sampling, think I might like the green tea.
    the others not so much. Like gforce said – artificial strawberry is almost too strong and fake.

    now to clear my taste buds with some cookies.

  3. Hey Joe, I love reading your blog and every time I check it out I get a constant reminder of Dark matter, it was my all time most enjoyed show ever. I am very upset and sad over the cancellation, is there any closure you can give me? Thank you

  4. I think Suji wanted to try that last one – “She’s-A-Worker”. Is that how you say it? And God bless Nestle for at least trying to keep every nation happy with the unique custom flavors.

  5. Fake strawberry is awful! But not as bad as fake banana which is the worst. I quite like fake apple, though.

    Now I’m wondering if I could make my own luxury Kit Kats. Get some wafer biscuits and enrobe them in good quality chocolate. I have a cupboard full of Callebaut and Cacao Barry of various types. I don’t have a mould, though. I’d have to do them freehand.

  6. You ate your way through Tokyo? 😉 Was that Lulu snoring in the background? Love the videos and your accent!

  7. We bought a bunch of flavors before our flight out of Tokyo, but definitely not as many as your variety packs. Those look very fun if not all perfectly tasty.

  8. Well that video was fun! I thought I heard Lulu or Suji snoring along at the start of the video too, as Tam Dixon said …? Ha! Akemi is quite the good videographer, even directing you! Yay!
    Since I drink green tea daily, I probably would like that flavor too. Most unfortunate that so many of the other flavors weren’t up to snuff.

    Thanks for the enlightenment!
    =^-^= =^-^=

  9. The Butter flavor Kit Kats were some of the best I’ve ever tried. I also like the Tokyo Banana ones(Tokyo Banana in general is a great brand). The regular Banana Kit Kats that are more mainstream were horrid. There have been a few Strawberry branded Kit Kats over the years, the Strawberry Maple ones were nice, as were Tochiotome Strawberry.

    For anyone wondering, this is Tokyo Banana.

  10. I bought the Shinshu Apple ones when we were in Japan recently! It smelled like apple soap and tasted terrible. I now have them in a cute little bowl in my kitchen to trick other people into eating them for me….

  11. Just realized I’m watching this with the intensity and concern that most people use to watch some political scandal unfold! I’m officially obsessed with food.

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