14 thoughts on “April 17, 2018: Sampling Japanese Snacks!

  1. I have to say, it doesn’t sound like chocolate and saki would necessarily go together. I am actually intrigued by the lemon sour things, though. I love sour stuff!

    Looking forward to the Kit Kat instalment!

  2. There’s a big Asian market which opened in our area, so I can look for treats. The selection and origins is extremely varied. The “3 kind” instant Vietnamese coffee packs are pretty delicious. Their Japanese selection is limited, but there’s the Koala chocolate crackers which I adore.

    I don’t care for white chocolate, so the sake bar was not appealing.

    I loved 7-11 sushi. Nothing fancy, but great little quick snacks. Yum. They carried good milk too.

  3. White chocolate… meh. Your love for hot is entertaining, but no thanks. I am sure you saw the recent articles on the guy being hospitalized.

    >>A previously healthy man was hospitalized with thunderclap headaches after eating Carolina Reaper chili peppers, according to a journal report.<<


    I sign on daily hoping for BIG NEWS that you have your next series. It's time.

  4. Loved the look on your face as you tried the second packet of unprounoucable treats.

  5. yeah, my 92 year old mom keeps a pair of scissors on the dinning table too, to help her open those stubborn bags of food.

    Do I hear the dogs lying close by hoping a crumb drops? Ah Suji! Your official finger licker.

  6. Yay. bring on the kit kats! Had a hunch it’d only be a matter of time before you’d give in and try the new flavors.

    T-minus less 6 days to Armageddon.
    In case I get too busy later fulfilling my bucket list,
    Happy Birthday @Akemi
    Thank You for always lending your warmth and smile. xo


    Ditto what Sparrow Hawk said – Now I have to look for Wasabee/wasabi chips. I’ll pass on the lemon thingeys.
    Looking forward to the Kitkat episode!

  8. ~~Happy Birthday Akemi!! Celebrate for a week or three!!
    ~Joe, looking forward to next installment. yummy food!.

  9. I have missed WFPOTD videos. Hysterical. :LOL: This is proof that you value Akemi more than your own palate. We know that you hate Lemon. Hey, is that why McKay was allergic to them in SGA? 🙂 Glad to see Suji!! More videos, please.

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