It’s hard to believe that I’ve been updating this blog daily for over eleven years. Over that period, I’ve covered a lot of ground in a lot of entries and I thought it might be fun to randomly select some photos, one for each year this blog has been in existence, to see how far we’ve come…


My gal Jelly was a chunky monkey back in the day.  She was my longest relationship – 16 years and 4 months!


The late Don S. Davis, Stargate’s General Hammond, was always a class act. Occasionally, he would swing by my office to chat or – in this case – sample from my stash of dark chocolate.


Syfy cancelled Stargate: Atlantis – but we still had a whole sixth season of stories to tell!


Ming-Na and Louis Ferreira being the scenes on Stargate: Universe.  So much fun!


Executive Producer Carl Binder winding up to knock some sense into Script Coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.


My handsome boy Maximus.  Near the end, I was taking every half-Wednesday off so that we could drive the 90 minutes to Guelph, then another 90 minutes, and wait around for an hour while he received his chemo treatment at Guelph Animal Hospital.


Akemi would always send me off to work with a bento box snack – oatmeal, peanut butter and fruit arranged artful display.


Back on the homefront in Van – from left to right: Jelly, Lulu, and Bubba (the love of Akemi’s life).


Five years later – What have I gotten myself into?


During Dark Matter’s first season, we lived in the same building as actors Roger Cross and Jodelle Ferland.  They, and VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, would come over every Sunday night for The Walking Dead and bourbon milkshakes.


On our last trip to Tokyo, Akemi signed us up for a chocolate-making class.  Here, I’ve selected the manliest apron.


The ladies (Melissa O’Neil and Zoie Palmer) kicking back on The Raza bridge.


Keeping touch with that old gang of mine – Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok and Dark Matter’s FOUR/Ryo Ishida, Alex Mallari Jr.

Good times, good times.

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Your memory lane is awesome. Great people, great fuzzy friends and great times. Thanks for letting us share them with you.

Margaret Clayton

Thank you for everything.

Bill Waldman
Bill Waldman

Your blog is the first blog I’ve ever read and immediately related to all the. Content…if you keep posting…I’ll keep reading?


Congratulations on the first 11 years! May you have many more! smile


Awe yes. Good reading too.

Betty Monfette

You made me wanna blog… But I could never figure it out so I just read yours and live vicariously. (oh, and I’m still ticked off over the cancellation of SGA)


Great pics! A couple brought a tear to my eye…thanks, Joey!



Aaw, nice…


Good times, indeed. What a walk down memory lane. I think I remember most of those pictures! And I must say it has been an honour and a privilege to go on this grand adventure with you through this blog. Thank you so much again, Joe, for sharing these moments with us.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Well said!


Great memories! Thanks for sharing!


Moments forever captured in time.
Thank goodness for the invention of the camera – and blogging
Thanks for sharing so much Joe. I always look forward to waking up to your words 😊
(I still enjoy catching up on your past entries featured in the ‘related’ selection above too)


I don’t always comment,() but I love to read and catch up on your life and adventures! It is a joy, thanks for making it so! Good yummy food, fun and lots and lots of memories!! thanks for sharing…


A wonderful and sometimes heart-tugging walk down memory lane Joe. Many here have strolled with you, enjoying the laughs, behind the scenes, guest blogs, mystery foods, awesome insights into the making of a TV series. We walked with you through the tears and the tragic times of losing loved ones and furry and feathered family members. We consoled each other with our words, heartfelt, sincere, comforting.
We shouted with joy, again, with our words as each show gained renewal, another season of intrigue, fun, adventures! Huzzah!

And this shared journey has always been chock full of interesting times. We learned so much about each other, more than where we live, more than how we lean in things politic, the important things Joe, which you know so well. Like the shape of our hearts, the passions that move us, the extraordinary community that you have helped us all build — together. It truly is awesome!

Please continue this blog… it is important to so very many.

Thank you always Joe & Akemi,
love & hugs
=^-^= =^-^=

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Five years later – What have I gotten myself into? Good times, that’s what! smile

Great pictures, even though some of them made me sad.

Have fun shopping! wink

Bruno Buiret (@TitBlond)

I miss Stargate Atlantis =| I wish it had continued! Especially if you already had things planned!


My, how time flies when we’re having fun. Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and continue to do. Pet your fur babies from me. smile


So many wonderful memories…and so many more to make!! Thanks for the pics! Always nostalgic! Nice to see the fur babies and some familiar faces.

Quantum Mechanic®👽🌊 (@JamesEFinch)

Such awesome memories. BTW, I find that the Superman stance always augments an apron and you rocked it.


Stargate Atlantis season 6…. don’t post that anymore. To hard to read wink


I mean emotionally wink


Great memory lane, most of those memories breaking my heart too at the same time. I had been thinking of Maximus on April 1 (you know I have all the dates in my calendar–its the only way I can remember things these days). Thanks for sharing those pictures.


Of Brazil. I miss stargate atlantis. Saudades de Stargate Atlantis