24 thoughts on “April 6, 2018: Hey, Stargate fans! Want to see something really cool?

  1. Oh Lordy! The visuals in both Stargate shows were outstanding! I especially loved the opening to Stargate Atlantis….seeing the city rising, then at night…just awesome.

    Apologies for not writing in often. I am dealing with some health issues, nut enjoy news of your, Akemi and the pups’ adventures. I know I’ve not been able to keep up with the journeys of the members here, but best wishes to all.

    1. Hoping your health issues become manageable soon and you’ll be back here soon. Will say prayers for you. We miss you, Joan.

  2. I’m sorry I am so stupid, but how did the Puddle Jumper get it’s name? “Puddle”???

    Great pics.

    Get well Joan001.

    1. I believe it had to do with the event horizon of the Stargate being called the ‘puddle’ didn’t it?

  3. Sheppard called it a Puddle Jumper first, in response to Ford and McKay, who wanted to call it a “Gateship,” because it was a “ship that goes through a gate” as McKay puts it. Sheppard thought that sounded too big for such little ships. Weir was impatient with their bickering, so McKay relented and called it a Puddle Jumper, and it stuck from then on. This was in a funny little scene during the second half of the pilot, The Rising Part 2.

    1. I just watched The Rising 1 & 2. You are correct! Ford and McKay came up with Gateship 1. McKay was a little disappointed when Sheppard overruled them. “A little puddle jumper like this?”

      You guys are too smart!

  4. Love the pictures! Old times…

    Got some question for you please: I’m preparing to make those Drunken Uncles and I noticed there is no salt in the recipe. Was that a typo or it doesn’t need salt? Also, my hubby is a big fan of chocolate. Do you think if I add a cup of semi-sweet chocolate it would be ok? Last question is what kind of bourbon did you use? I know you probably don’t have much time. I’ll figure it out if you can’t answer. I just thought you’d be taking Akemi to furniture/design stores these days. I wasn’t sure if you be one of those guys playing with his phone on a couch, while the lady is agonizing over decisions or not…. 😉

    1. No salt but that shouldn’t stop you if you like the sweet and salty combo.

      Have tried varied chocolate chip variations, but find the white chocolate works best.

      I used Maker’s Mark bourbon.

      1. Thank you, for your answers and for taking the time. I bought the bourbon and have the browned butter cooling in the fridge. Since, I had to brown butter, I threw in another cup and made “Brown Butter Blondes”. They are pretty awesome! (It’s cold and I’m in a baking mood.) 😉

        Oh, Jeff and Barb are driving up I55 Monday and hopefully, I’ll meet them for lunch. Exciting!

  5. Stunning pictures Samuel. I was trying to get some pictures for birthday wishes for the Stargate Now account for the actors, and I put in my Stargate Atlantis DVDs (regular DVD not even Blu-Ray) and the quality of this on our new 4K TV is remarkable. I’m getting the Atlnatis Blu-Rays for my Mother’s Day present I think. If not, I’m go buy them myself. LOL. Can’t wait to see the stunning quality of THAT on the screen. I wonder if they plan to upgrade the SG-1 shows to Blu-Ray or even better 4K. Jeff got me the Fifth Element in 4K (and remember that came out at a time when it was just regular DVDs) and it is WOW in picture quality.

  6. Very cool…but then again…I thought Gateship1 was a perfectly good name… Ha!

  7. “Cool” metal in the cold of space. Love the designs. I’ll always have a soft spot for Atlantis and the “gate ship” puddle jumper.

  8. Hmmm… In my opinion it would be true cool to see in the next series, in the SGC fleet, a vehicle homologous to the Al’kesh, and one explicitly designed to eliminate them.
    Let’s say a “Medium Bomber/Torpedo Boat” and a “Destroyer”..

  9. Enough with the prequels already! Just go back to the regular SG1 and or Atlantis.
    I could care less what happened in 1928.
    Like going over Superman Batman Spiderman origins etc… in practicly every movies. How many times do we have to see relive all this these origins???

    They’ve learned nothing from Solo!
    Hello! Im not going to spend close to $40 ticket and food drink on a prequel. Now they’re going for Fet?

    Just bring back the regular cast and show SG1
    Not anyones fault NBC bought SyFy and changed everything! Including canceling SG1 and Atlantis for what? Terrible other programing!
    I for one won’t see or care about long winded prequels about SG 1928. Sorry not going to get hooked reeled in.
    Lost, Battlestar Galactica, now Crossing and Solo?
    Not to mentioned list of failed prequels.
    Sounds long drawn out and boring already.
    Somebody wake me up when original SG1 and or ATLANTIS cast and shows come back new.

    1. I agree re: prequels. By virtue of the fact that they’re prequels, at their very best, they won’t surpass a 7/10.

      1. “Prequel” sounds like something they have yet to find a cure for.
        Some malfunction deep within a mind thats contagious if it rubs off on you.
        I think first diagnosed in the 90’s
        “Look out I think they have the prequel?”
        Its more prominent with producers, director’s and some writer’s.
        One symtom is they start to think it’s the answer to drag out a movie or TV series for a prolong time. And people will keep falling for it.
        When a mind cannot think of an original story or carry one out.
        Thats when the prequel hits a blocked mind.

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