“Oh!”said Akemi, throwing her hands up to cover her face as though trying to avoid some terrible sight, this just five minutes into my pitch.  “I don’t think I can watch your new show.”

In all fairness, it’s technically not my new show.  Yet.  But if I were a betting man, I’d put money on my next series being a horror entry.  No less than three of the projects currently on my docket are in the horror genre and two look precariously poised to get the go-ahead in the month of April.

Of course, that’s what I thought some three and a half years ago when I was preparing to get the green light on another project, a seeming sure thing, that quickly fizzled and faded just as another seemingly dead project, a sci-fi series called Dark Matter, go the surprise go.  There’s no predicting this business.  Still, if I were a betting man, chances are good I’ll be delving into the macabre in a few short months.

The timing is perfect as the lease on our apartment ends June 1st and it would be nice to know where I’ll be living for the rest of the year.  Could be Toronto or, depending on circumstances, could be further east.  Not quite the middle of the Atlantis, but pretty close.

Anyway, we’ve continued the hunt for a new place and have narrowed the possibilities down to two lovely condos.  The first is smaller, part of a bigger building, situated directly across from a dog park and three floors above my good friend Ivon (who we can now rely on for emergency grocery items and dog-sitting services).  Also, it has a narrow balcony that I will never step out onto.  The second place is almost twice the size, significantly more expensive, and is a second floor condo in a boutique building hosting eleven units in all.  No concierge and the maintenance fees are ridiculous but the wrap-around terrace is pretty sweet and with a professional cleaning and some painting, it would be killer.  Akemi leans towards the first, more modest, unit.  I, of course, prefer the second.  OR we just bite the bullet and renew our lease here for another year.  OR we put all our stuff in storage and move (further) east to work on this other project for the foreseeable future.  Who knows?

Tomorrow, it’s lunch with a young talented writer, then work on that SF pitch I’ve reworked what feels like a dozen times now.  I’m feeling good about this latest take.  About as good as I felt about the other eleven.  Then, Thursday, I’m off to pitch some original material.  According to my agent “They’re looking for a space show”.  I was extremely dubious: “There’s no way they’re looking for a space show.”  “Yes,”he insisted.  “A space show.”  So, I’m going to go in there and lead with a space show – and if they tell me they’re not looking for space shows, I’ll be having a long and involved discussion with my agent later that afternoon.  The BIG pitch (for that OTHER horror series) is Monday.  Wish me luck!

29 thoughts on “April 3, 2018: Things seem to be coming together. SEEM to be coming together.

  1. Luck.
    I favor you living near Ivan, but whatever works best.
    I support you, but horror isn’t my bag. However a guys gotta get work! I will have to sit on the sidelines with Akemi on that one though. We’ll talk cute pug outfits.

    I’ll be watching.

  2. This is my pitch. What about a show that sends teams out into the galaxy to explore and encounter new races, set in the present time using some kind of alien technology 😎

    1. I second the motion. This idea could be totally killer. No one knows. Area 51? Nope. A completely unknown never heard of organization like nato but for space? Hmmmm.

  3. Sounds busy! How much further east is further east? Montreal? Halifax? St. John’s, NF? 🙂

    I’m scared of the new series already! 🙂

  4. “Not quite the middle of the Atlantis, but pretty close.” That’s where you guys should have been living all along. Probably rent free. You could fly to work in a
    Puddlejumper. 😉

    I’m with Akemi. Not sure I can watch your new not-yet-your-new show, but I will try. Possibly from between my fingers.

  5. It all sounds very exciting. Of course we want to keep you in Toronto and filming here but we want your work even more. So where ever the wind blows you for the next job I’m sure it will be an exciting adventure.

  6. Crossing all cross-able body parts – including eyes – for you!
    And waiting patiently to hear about your adventure.
    Now, I am not a fan of horror, but IF YOU MADE IT…I will watch.

  7. “They’re looking for a space show” you say? Tell them you have a great one called “Not-light Not-energy”. It starts with a quick recap covering roughly three seasons worth of story and already has an insanely loyal fan base.

  8. I have a lot of difficulty watching horror stuff, so I’m with Akemi on this. I would have to wait until I see the gore and/or terror factor. If you are going to stay in Toronto and you like your current place, renew the lease there. If you want to move, then having Ivon as a neighbor always sounds like a great thing.

  9. Horror seems to be having a mini-moment – though I haven’t caught up with Ash vs Evil Dead yet, due to schedule. A great horror-comedy.

    Best of luck with all of it! 🙂

  10. Ivon and a dog park? That is an irresistible combo. Plus those savings mean more splurging on great meals and hotels. And you don’t have to drive home after visits with Ivon, go ahead and pour that third glass of wine cuz you ain’t driving. A space show. I can dig it. I’m taking a break from horror after seeing Veronica, still recovering from those scares.

  11. Very interesting post. Which condo did the dogs want? If they had a voice I bet it is the first one by the dog park. Akemi likes that one and Lulu can be close to her boyfriend. I think you are out numbered Joe.

    A horror series sounds awesome to me. I’d LOVE that one.

  12. Space shows are a good bet. Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse and The Orville all were renewed as they had very good ratings. Considering Fox seems to love killing shows after 1 season, The Orville getting a second season was a pleasant surprise. Agents of SHIELD were out in space for a good chunk of this season and had a lot of social media buzz as a result. The advent of Space X Falcon 9 and it’s amazing success, excitement over going to Mars and Asteroid mining in the near future, as well as many shows dealing with space science like How The Universe Works and The Planets (now in season 2) indicates to me that your agent may just have a handle on demand for space shows. Lost in Space reboot is projected to be very well received when it makes its debut this month. I’d love for Dark Matter to be rebooted, but for now, I bet if you pitched them a show about space exploration using reverse engineered alien technology or maybe something positive about humans and aliens working together to solve problems. Too many shows about BAD aliens. We need more aliens like Teal’C or Thor. Best of luck to you in this pursuit.

  13. Good luck. I know I will watch anything you put together because it’s always enjoyable and we’ll thought out. Incannon Stargate is my hope with more Dark Matter not far behind. The green lights are about to come so fast you are gonna need help to keep up so let me offer my services as an overall flunkee and minion.
    A true tabula rasa who wants to see more quality programming coming from the master!



    1. Love, love your characters! Can’t do horror, though 🙁 Are we sure the horror wave hasn’t already crested? I know I’m looking for (and not finding) characters and stories that are hopeful.

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