These were my favorites …

Doctor Strange: Damnation #3 (of 4)

Cover art by Rod Reis

Monstress #15

Cover art by Sana Takeda, Yoshi Yoshitani

Spider-Men II

Cover art by Sara Pichelli

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #25

Cover art by Phil Noto

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1

Cover by Andy W Clift

The Mighty Thor #705

Cover art by Russell Dauterman

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to fully immerse myself back into the word of comic book reading.  I read the majority of last week’s new releases and will do the same for this week’s.  As in the past, I will drop titles that fail to hold my interest and continue reading the ones that do.  And, once I have a few issues under my belt, I’m going to start making recommendations.

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Quantum Mechanic®👽🌊 (@JamesEFinch)

Again we read the same comics. I should will you my digital archives of 100,000+ comics from 1938-2018. 4 terabytes of fun!


Monstress always has my heart.
Such stunning artwork.

Poe Dameron has a very calm feel about it… nice. Captain Cosmic looks very 1950s retro but ol’ Spidey is very glossy and dynamic so I think this is my favourite this week.

Thanks for sharing these covers. Look forward to your recommendations.

Unending One
Unending One

I take it no news on the Stargate front? Will we be doing another tweet storm?


It’s all went very quiet. Hmm I wonder!


Last year I read all 40 years, some 25 volumes of “Valerian and Laureline” by Christin and Mezieres and the 6 current english volumes of “Orbital” by Pelle and Runberg loved them.

Had quite an impact on my own approach…