We’re only going to have one shot at this, Stargate fans, so let’s make it count. This Friday night (in North America) and Saturday night (in the rest of the world), we’ll be sending a message to MGM and the more people that participate in the tweet-storm, the louder the call.

Do you want a fourth Stargate series?  One set in the existing t.v. universe, created by the same team that brought you over 340 hours of Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal’c, John, Rodney, Elizabeth, Teyla, Ronon, Rush, Young, Eli, T.J., Scott and many more?

The stakes have never been higher.  Succeed, and we could soon be watching a new Stargate series, one as accessible to new viewers as it is rewarding for longtime fans.  Fail, and it’s the dreaded reboot.  All those characters you grew to know and love, those stories you enjoyed, could be wiped away like not so much as a ninth dream season of Dallas.

Beware The Living Eraser’s programming decisions!  Remember Professor Ebhardt, the renowned atomic genius from SG-1‘s third season? Of course not because he was wiped from existence!

Note: The only known visual evidence of the professor’s existence.

Do you recall the lovable Bill from Stargate: Atlantis‘s first season, the notoriously shy but kindly cafeteria worker who once saved John Sheppard’s life? No?  Here’s why!

No need to sign petitions or write letters or demonstrate.  All you have to do is show up on twitter this Friday night (6 pm PST/9 pm EST) and tweet your support using the secret hashtag of the night (follow @StargateNow or me, @BaronDestructo for all the details leading up to tweet-storm).  Just an hour of your time could be the difference between an amazing new series that leaves the door open to checking in with old favorites, or this –

Don’t let this happen to your favorite franchise.  Show up and support the tweet-storm!  Let’s Save Stargate!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include my weekly breakdown of my favorite comic book covers of the week:

The Amazing Spiderman #797 (cover art by Alex Ross)

The 2002 Spiderman movie ranks as in my Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time. It misses out on a spot in the Top 5 simply because of the Green Goblin costume design that abandoned the grim and creepy look of the classic comic book version pictured here.  Alex Ross captures Spiderman’s arch-nemesis in all his ghoulish green glory.

Batman: White Knight #6 (cover art by Matt Hollingsworth, Sean Murphy)

Behind every villain is a backstory steeped in tragedy and Victor Fries’s backstory, hinted at in this beautiful cover, is also a bittersweet love story.

Captain America #699 (cover art by Chris Samnee)

Oh, Cap, what are you thinking?  Love the throwback look of the characters.

Hawkeye #16 (cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco)

I’ve always been a big fan of catching glimpses of our heroes during their downtime – and ice cream cones on the pier, well, you can’t get much more laid back than that.

She-Hulk #163 (cover art by Rahzzah)

Much respect for artists who eschew traditional cover art for outside-the-box concepts.

Oblivion Song #1 (cover art by Lorenzo De Felici)

I’m a sucker for these post-apocalyptic, sandstorm-swept settings.

Rise of the Black Panther #3 (cover art by Brian Stelfreeze)

The color palette of these covers by Brian Stelfreeze has been an utter delight.

Superman #42 (cover art by Patrick Gleason, John Kalisz)

If there was any cover that would prompt me to pick up a book this week, this is it. Love the Rockwell-esque Bizarro family pose – in spite of all, still possessed of a certain warmth.  And, yes, I picked up the book.

The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #1 (cover art by Damien Worm)

Nothing quite sets the tone like Damien Worm’s exceptionally dark and, occasionally, darkly humorous character designs.

The Shadow/Batman #6 (cover art by Giovanni Timpano)

This one has a stained-glass feel I’m really feeling.


The countdown begins…


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I’m ready!! Had a snow day today, so I wrote some tweets. Now to start re-watching some episodes to get more ready.

Margaret Clayton

I tried to think of clever replies, but ended up erasing them all.


Count me in Joe


Hate to be that guy, but you got the Spider-Man issue number wrong in your caption.

And yes. An hour of my time will be sacrificed this weekend for the future of Stargate!


Is it like in Back To The Future when Marty McFly and his siblings started to disappear in that photograph? Oh no!


Ready to tweet my fingers off! Looking at how-to videos for TweetDeck, so I can pre-load some tweets. Will the veterans of Twitter Jail tell us how they do it?


Yes…Let’s do this!


Stargate is awesome.


I’m coming back from vacation Friday night: my flight lands at 7:25 EST. If the flight gods are in my favor, I’ll be home in time to join the tweetstorm!

To help support the effort, many of the authors of the Fandamonium Stargate novels will be joining in the fun, so if you have questions for any of us, follow @StargateNovels on Twitter and post your question to the pinned tweet and we’ll do our best to answer them during the Stargate TweetStorm on Friday!

We’re ready to go, Joe! Say NO to erasers!!!!!!


I’d go with the Cap’ Am’ and Hawkeye one.
The She Hulk’s pretty cool too.

Also, not ready yet for saturday, but will be soon.


Hey Joe, many of us are still not sure who we’re tweeting to. Is it MGM? I’ve asked this question before, and if you’ve answered. Sorry I missed it. Thanks, and YES, we at “Save Future Stargate Travel” are ready to help out. smile J.S.

Gary Peters
Gary Peters

Let’s erase the European audience contribution to helping by making this out of their time zone, 9pm EST is in the middle of the night in Europe, such a waste, should of planned the best time for the majority of the world to have an impact.


A very interesting collection this week. My favs: She-Hulk, Oblivion Song (I too am a sucker for anything post apocalyptic) & The Shadow/Batman.

Compiling my pics & gifs for Friday night. Also trying to come up with themes. Sunglasses will definitely come in to play.