Kicking off today’s blog entry with a link to a terrific article that appeared on yesterday:

“How would you feel if a theater ushered you out of your seat with 30 minutes of the movie still left? Would you come back?”

Syfy Owes Fans A Bigger Commitment

“If a serialized show is on the bubble, give it one final (perhaps partial) season to finish the overarching story. If not, give it a three- to six-hour mini-series. And if you still can’t swing that, order a two-hour TV movie. Don’t wait until you reach the point of no return, when the plug is yanked out with no ceremony.”

Give it a read!

More Stargate concept art by James Robbins:

February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!


February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!

Tagrean dirigible.

February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!

Tagrean fighter.

February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!

Anubis mothership.

February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!

The Eye of Ra.

February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!

Alien diary (“Paradise Lost”).

But wait!  There’s more…

Eventually.  Just need to pick up a cable for this somewhat antiquated baby…

February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies! February 12, 2018: Food For Thought And Assorted Goodies!

15 thoughts on “February 12, 2018: Food for thought and assorted goodies!

  1. If you’ve got a USB printer, the USB connection on that RAID box uses the same USB 2.0 – Type B connector that most (all?) printers do. You can unplug the cable from the printer and stick it right into that baby. Since it’s USB 2.0 it may take a while, like almost forever, to copy the files. Firewire would be faster, but I’ve never used it nor do I know anyone who has.

  2. I will never get over the utter and complete lack of professionalism that that network has exhibited through this whole episode. It boggles the mind. ARGH!

    I was just wondering – who owns the rights to that concept art? I think taking some selected images and publishing them in the nice “coffee table” style book would be great. And I think would have a sizeable audience among SG fans.

  3. Aha! That RAID system looks in good shape. Firewire cables? Amazon or Fry’s. Avid, Adobe or Final Cut? We have a beat up old DPS Velocity over here. Only good for SD. Takes loooooong time to render a clip. Now just do stuff on the old laptop but find 4GB ram isn’t enough. I still remember doing linear editing (shudder). Anyhizzle, I hope you have great results with your new (vintage) RAID!

  4. More coolness!! I love all these pictures you’re sharing. I just may have to go back and rewatch the serieses (I don’t know how to make that word plural) once tax season is over & I get my life back.

  5. Is that a pack of Tim Tams in the background of the RAID box? Looks like Messina Choc Mint flavour.

  6. I was so grateful that Showcase gave Continuum the opportunity to wrap up the story when it was cancelled. Yeah, trying to finish everything in six episodes got a little rushed in places, but it’s far better than no ending at all. Really wish more networks had that kind of decency.

  7. You may already have a usb cable at home and a USB port on your Mac. A FireWire connection would be faster but getting a cable and connecting it to your computer might be more of a challenge.

  8. Ah, Joe. You’re breaking my heart with these trips down Stargate memory lane! How I miss those shows!

    You wouldn’t have a schematic for a standard mothership somewhere in those files, would you? Been trying to piece together a layout from various episodes, but I am perplexed at how to move between decks.

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. The Eye of Ra is nice enough to be an Most Excellent tattoo. A shame I can’t sit still for ink or I’d be all over that.

    I still maintain SyFy stand for Screw Your Fans Yearly.

    1. Geez I wish you hadn’t said that. I’ll never be able to see the name SyFy without thinking of it!!

  10. I have a box of cables for PCs I no longer own and long discarded laptops. I cannot bring myself to toss it. Every few years I poke around and find something I don’t recognize but could totally need one day. Damn you cables.

  11. Thogar’s idea about the printer cord is a good one. If you look around, they are everywhere (cell phones, mp3 players, book readers, etc.) Currently, my “tech” guys are salivating over something called a NAS. That’s the new toy they are working with. Some kind of new expandable hard drive storage system. On the bright side, my time is freed up for reading.

  12. Hi Joe
    Your RAID drive specifications are here:

    Accordimg to Wikipedia Fire Wire 800 is a fairly old connector:

    But cables are available here:—black/p/108047887

    If you have a fairly recent Windows PC, but no firewire connector (very likely not) you can buy a PCIe card at:

    I imagine Apple computers have built-in Firewire connectors, since they were pretty keen on them. If all else fails, you could buy:
    and connect the hard drive to your Mac.
    Good luck!!

  13. Love the pictures and the trip back.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Gateworld. The end of Dark Matter for me was like the end of Farscape when John and Aeryn were blown away to Dippin’ Dots.

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