Well, isn’t this nice?  The Dark Matter swag deliveries continue…

February 6, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!


February 6, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!


February 6, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

Varied treasures!

The latter assortment found its way to Tom Gardiner who tirelessly covers genre film & television for SciFiSingularity and ThreeIfBySpace, but is particularly noted for having been blacklisted by Syfy shortly after he had the audacity to criticize their cancellation of Dark Matter.

Hey, if you want a screener of Jeepers Creepers 3, you’re gonna have to play ball, baby!

February 6, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

Whoa!  Hang on!  Sorry.  I just received this official letter from the Galactic Authority.  If you’ve received any Raza-related merchandise, please redirect to the above address.  I thank you for your understanding.

Congratulations to Rebekah!  You’re the winner of the one-of-a-kind (for now) Suji t-shirt.  Please be sure to wear it to all special events, public ceremonies, and court appearances to help spread the word about the difficulties of bathing senior pugs.

27 thoughts on “February 6, 2018: More Dark Matter Swag!

  1. I’ll give the GA my Ishida treasures when they pry my cold, dead, chocolate-stained fingers from around them. Suck vacuum, you Galactic Authority goons!

  2. Yay!!!!!! Thank you so so much! I’ve never won anything before 🙂 I am so thrilled to be able to do my part for the aged pugs of the world 😀

  3. Yay!

    So, there’s a universe where people aren’t forced to watch Jeepers Creepers 3? Wow. Is this the same universe we get to skip ALL the Leprechaun movies? Whoot!

  4. I didn’t send in an email (didn’t want swag), but…

    What “Dark Matter” meant to me was an opportunity to follow the creation of a TV series from very early in the creative process to the final broadcast. Thank you, Joe, for using your blog to educate and update your fan base these many years.

  5. I can’t remember if I included my return address on the postcard I sent. If I did, I wonder which address I put on it as I’ve moved house recently! Oh well, if I did get sent something I’m sure whoever receives it will enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Dear Joe, I owe you and the kind folks at Prodigy Pictures more thanks than I can fit in a comment box. My box arrived, unexpectedly, just before my 50th birthday, giving me something real to celebrate! 🙂 http://mathed.uta.edu/RazaSwag.jpg Now if I can only pass myself off as Roger Cross, I can infiltrate any Ishida cruiser, spring the Raza crew from the cargo hold, and fix them some coffee.

    1. That mug is nice. Have fun storming that cruiser, while you’re there steal one of those awesome robes.

  7. WordPress keeps eating my posts but I’m happy Rebekah won! Congrats to everyone that got swag too!

    My son gave me some ideas to try out on WordPress. I’ll see if this post gets through. I’m not inserting links either Mr. M. but my son switched my browser to chrome. It can’t be the total problem because I tried posting with Safari with no luck either.

    I’m still laughing about Guerillas Das.

    English is odd! I learned to read using phonics and one word that still trips my brain up is Colonel.

    A bit a good news on the home front, my son graduates college in May and has accepted a job! Feels weird having a son that will be adulting….

    1. @Tam
      Congrats on your sons graduation. XO

      To everyone who won some awesome Dark Matter loot:
      Enjoy! 😀

      Team Mallozzi Forever!! <3

    2. Fantastic news Tammy. You and your husband did a wonderful job getting him to this point. Will the job be near you guys?

  8. Any plans to quote some of these awesome letters you got on this blog? Just a line or two, or a paragraph. You would not have to use any names. I’d like to hear some of what these Dark Matter winners wrote.

    1. That might be cool if it is okay with the person who wrote the letter. Doing some of the DarkMatter FTL Twitter feed I got to hear some very personal stories because I did a lot of DM-ing. I forwarded one in particular to Joe. Then a lot of people were going through the hurricanes.

    2. Maybe you could ask the readers of this blog to post the letters they wrote. That way Joe wouldn’t get into trouble for publicly sharing something he shouldn’t.

  9. Each posting of someone having been bestowed with a piece of Dark Matter legacy is like a dagger to the heart. Congrats to all the lucky winners. Still keeping my fingers crossed…

    Joe, I think that letter is a devious attempt to con you out of precious DM contraband. Don’t fall for it!!

  10. I got a wonderful surprise today all the way from Canada.
    (Canada, do you know how very far away that is? Really really far, so far that they live in the past, and can never catch up! That’s far!)

    Thank you, Mr. Mallozzi, and thank you all your crew and cast, it was a wonderful sweet surprise.
    In one of the letters I sent you I had part of a song, I had written for unseen friends. And it was a particular friend in mind who I wrote for.
    I had to make a sudden trip from Sydney, Australia to Alameda California to pay the first and last visit to that friend as she lay in the hospital. They kept her on life support till I arrived, I said my goodbyes and stroked her hair until she passed away. It’s been a week now and I’m passed that raw stage of grief, but my chest still hurts.

    I shared with you and your guys, part of that song:

    “Sometimes, I admit I wonder at the words upon the screen
    How just mere words can bind us, with faces still unseen
    But few we trust to share with, those words we will not say
    So quiet in the night we write and give our hearts away.”

    I love you, writers, I love the community you make around your work. It was a show that, that friendship first formed around. And somehow – just at this time, this gift seems to reaffirm all the good memories. Silly as that sounds, it really lifted my spirits. I was so very very delighted.

    Love to you all.

  11. Dark Matter, what can I say, the show left me speachless!! So speachless that I have to write a comment😉 First of all I want to say that people should just start boycotting the the Syfy channel or any other channel for that matter. It is bullshit because the entertainment industry should care about what the fans want more than just making a few more bucks. They canceled and amazing show because they couldnt reap in more benefits….left fans hanging…and think we will just forget or move on. Well noooooo!!! I won’t move on until I see that they actually give a shit about their viewers. I will never watch another series on Syfy ever again unless they vow to remember that finishing a project is very important….not only to the fans but the creators who worked tirelessly to give us a story that felt real even in an alternate world. So screw you syfy and any other network that does not pick up this show or any show that leaves people wondering. I know there was a vision and a plan for this series, but all you greedy assholes cared about was youre fucking paycheck. We need movies and tv to escape the reality of our world sometimes. The least you could do is finish the project.
    Nicole Drake

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