9 thoughts on “January 26, 2018: Suji!

  1. I don’t know yoga well, but that sure looks like a downward dog. 🐶

  2. The girls are adorable as always.
    Albeit …
    Hmmmm? Have I been so busy
    that I missed something here? ????

    Did Suji become so famous overnight
    that she now has a “stand in” written into her acting contract
    for boring or difficult video scenes??

    Why does she look so much darker and larger in that second video?
    And I had no idea she could actually make her hind legs bend to sit like other dogs!? I always thought she sat with her legs straight under her was because she “couldn’t bend her knees to crouch?? ????

  3. Love the sound effects when the apple hits their mouths. They are just too adorable.

    She’s come such a long way. The fact that she can sit down like that at all is because of the love and care you and Akemi have given her to rehabilitate her hind legs.

    The fact that Suji is waiting at all for the cookies is impressive. Boomer would not have such restraint. He’s more cookie monster style.

  4. I love that they enjoy healthy snacks! I am eating an Asiago Parmesan bagel myself and kicking myself for not having a nice healthy apple

  5. Always love seeing the kids, so cute, they look comfy.. and well fed. thanks, makes me smile!

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