January 25, 2018: Setting Up A Steve Bacic Q&a!

One of the great things about living in downtown Toronto is the likelihood of crossing paths with people I’ve worked with in the past.  Last year, for instance, I ran into actor Brian J. Smith (Stargate: Universe, Sense8, Broadway).  Last week, it was director Mairzee Almas (Dark Matter, The 100, iZombie).  The other day, it was Stargate’s very own goa’uld System Lord Camulus, Steve Bacic (Stargate: SG-1, Big Love, Chris Judge’s occasional poker nights).  We followed up, yesterday, with lunch that touched on film & television production, philosophy, neurochemistry, and a hot chocolate called a Siciliana comprised of dark chocolate, orange syrup and cayenne to which I added a shot of espresso.

January 25, 2018: Setting Up A Steve Bacic Q&a!

Anyway, it was the first time I really got a chance to sit down and talk to Steve and, I have to say, I’m now even more of a fan.  Smart, talented, and, above all, just a genuinely good, grounded individual.

January 25, 2018: Setting Up A Steve Bacic Q&a!

I told him about the the blog and pitched him a possible Steve Bacic fan Q&A, and he’s all in.  So – if you have a question for the former System Lord (who continues to be crazy busy shooting everything from t.v. guest spots to films), post it in this blog’s comments section.  I’ll gather up your queries and send them his way this weekend!

Fire away!

20 thoughts on “January 25, 2018: Setting up a Steve Bacic Q&A!

  1. Can we see you as guest/recurring roles in tv shows/films, anytime soon?

    1. Something happened to my sentences. Question for Steve: Will you have Joe as your surprise guest at Gatecon 2018?

  2. Wow, Steve hasn’t aged a day!

    Random story: A fellow I know from work (who is not a SG fan – go figure) once met Steve many years ago now at a bar in the Toronto airport waiting for a flight. Steve had mentioned to him that he played Camulus, a System Lord on Stargate:SG1. My friend was like, “is that a TV show?”


  3. You are such a versitile actor. Do you prefer movies or serial tv. Which do you prefer playing good guys or bad guys.

  4. Why did you have to say “hot chocolate”? Now I’ve got to have one! I’ll think of questions for Steve…

  5. Hi Steve m, thanks so much for taking the time to do this! A couple of questions for You! First up what has been your favorite project/show/movie to work on and your most memorable moment from it? Second question is a Stargate one! What was it like working on the show and can you again share some of your most memorable moments on or off screen?

    And if you could work with anyone who would it be and why?

    Thanks again!
    Cheers Christina xo

  6. Heck yeah I have questions for Mr. Bacic, how in the world did you guys keep a straight face with all the hijinks on Andromeda? Who are your actor heros past and present? What is your favorite healthy snack? Favorite (or worst!) part of X-files creepy Pusher ep? What current shows would you love be cast in next? Love your work! Thanks Joe for another awesome Q & A!

    1. One more question; what was your fave Andromeda ep? My personal fave is The Others.

  7. Questions are always fun! Hi, Steve. I’m Tom and I’m nosy.

    What would be your “dream role” to play?

    Do you prefer drama or comedy? Good guy or bad guy?

    What was your favorite project to be a part of?

    You’ve been in a lot of scifi projects. Do you gravitate toward the genre or has that just been chance?

    When and where can we see you next?

    Do you ever get tired of explaining how to pronounce your last name?

    Is Joe going to hire you for his next project?

    What witchcraft do you practice to keep from aging?

  8. How cool is that! I love when I’ve known people from my past but only later discovered how really cool they are (like some of the people I knew only face/name in high school but now all these years later have gotten to know them).

  9. Wanted to thank Steve for doing this. I can only imagine so many questions on personal level is hard. But you are very talented and being here in the states don’t really get to see you as much as many of would like. Thanks and God bless

  10. Does Steve Bacic plan on doing a sequel to All for Love. My family and I really enjoyed the movie.

  11. i just turned 71 today and i want Steve Bacic to know he is the best actor in the world and also is the sexiest and most handsome man in the whole world i loved hime best in the Guard and Andromader also please wish him a belated birthday for me
    Thank You
    Diana Jones

  12. Hi, I know thus is long past, but please ask him when someone is going to work on his sites again. I hate seeing them abandoned. Thank you.

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