Holy smokes!  What a terrific week for comic book covers!

Here are my favorites…

Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle (cover art by Yukito Kishiro)

The contrast of innocence and incendiary is pretty powerful here.  The two young girls react to the destruction: bewilderment, sorrow, acceptance.

The Amazing Spiderman #794 (cover art by Alex Ross)

I’m a big fan of Alex Ross’s painted covers.

Batgirl #19 (cover art by Dan Mora)

Best of friends make the worst of enemies, while the worst of enemies can make for the unlikeliest of allies.  I love the dynamic and this cover intrigues me.

Dishonored: Peeress and the Price vol. 1 (cover art by Andrea Olimpieri)

I’m a big fan of writer Michael Moreci, and the cover to his latest comic book venture has more than captured my interest.  What lies beneath the mask?

Ermek the Batyr #1 (cover art by Madibek Musabekov)

Melding fantasy and science fiction, Musabekov’s art hints at a unique narrative folklore-based narrative.

Gasolina #5 (cover art by Mat Lopes)

Love among the ruins.  A tentative kiss backlit by a fireball of destruction.  Sweet.

Provider #1 (cover art by Corey Davis)

Great concept and colors.

Kid Lobotomy #4 (cover art by Tess Fowler)

Probably my favorite cover of the week.  Pure fun.  And the foodie in me really appreciates it.

Luke Cage #169 (cover art by Rahzzah)

On the other hand, here’s this week’s most disturbing cover.  It’s mishaps like these that make me nervous to visit the dentist.

Maestros #4 (cover art by Steve Skroce, Dave Stewart)

Awkward Family Photos have never looked so gorgeous.

Marvel Two-In-One #2 (cover art by Jim Cheung)

A dazzling tribute to one of comicdom’s most iconic classic covers.

Monstress #13 (cover art by Sana Takeda)

Hugo Award-winning Monstress boasts the brilliant writing of author Marjorie Liu and the equally brilliant art of Sana Takeda.  Gorgeous work.

Nightmare World vol. 2: Leave the Light On (cover art by Kristen Perry)

The stuff of nightmares indeed.

Nightwing: The New Order #6 (cover art by Trevor McCarthy)

A magnificent cover reminiscent of spirited stained glass design.

Pheonix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #4 (cover art by Lenil Francis Yu)

As a young reader who was deeply affected by the seminal X-Men #137, Phoenix Must Die, this cover really resonates.

The Flash #39 (cover art by Carmine Di Giandomenico)

Everything old is new (and scarier) again.  Love the contemporary takes on those classic, occasionally corny, villains.

Punisher vol. 3: King of the New York Streets (cover art by Declan Shalvey)

An atmospheric masterpiece.

The Wildstorm #11 (cover art by Jon Davis-Hunt)

And, every so often, there’s will be those covers that just leave you saying: “Cool!”.

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LOL – just the food alone for Kid Lobotomy.
Definitely, horrorsville for Luke Cage. While that is a mistake I would not worry about – meaning missing the teeth but hitting the lobotomy, it is a shudder worthy picture. Euuuuwww.


I like the Flash one, but for nostalgia I like the Batgirl one since she recently passed away.

Margaret Clayton

Monstress is lovely.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I like all of them but my favorite is Ermek the Batyr. These covers make me want to read comics again.


The Dishonored series is among my favorite video games and I’ve heard a lot about The Peeress and the Price. I’ll have to give it a go. Since I’m already biased to the art of DIshonored, I have to admit that it’s probably my favorite in this list smile


Apologies for late response but been getting to grips with my new android (!) phone. Had a Windows before and loved it but hardly an apps work on it so I’ve had to begrudgingly change…

What a selection, this week!
I have a few Monstress issues as a result of a past recommendation of yours. Beautiful illustrations to be sure. So for today’s top three choices I shall put Monstress to one side.

‘Dishonoured’ is a definite for #1 place – simple & stylishly stunning. I maybe wrong but there’s a silent connection between the two characters pictured too.

‘Nightmare World’ and ‘The Punisher’ are joint second. They have predatory silence about them. Hold your breath and don’t blink …

You’ve got a couple of freaky, creepy, scary ones there too. Very disconcerting