Let’s celebrate with photos of pie’s sexier more delicious cousin, cake!

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day! January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day! January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

These creative cosmic confections were crafted by Vancouverite Ksenia Penkina using a mirror glaze technique.  The results are downright mesmerizing…

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

Sadly, having moved to Toronto, I am no longer able to sample these fabulous creations.  I’ll just have to settle for following her on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ksenia.penkina/

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day! January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

On the other hand…

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

Wow, this is pretty amazing.  People are still signing that Dark Matter petition.   Over 63k signatures and counting.

Recent new Dark Matter fans I have encountered: a best-selling SF author, a phenomenal screenwriter, a successful film & television producer, and a slew of others on twitter, reddit, and here on this blog.  And that was just this past week. Meanwhile, on the rare occasions when I visit a con, I’ll invariably run into a Stargate fan…

January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

Atlantis expedition member Anthony and yours truly at last fall’s Toronto fan expo.

Keep ’em coming!

11 thoughts on “January 23, 2018: Happy National Pie Day!

  1. Those cakes are gorgeous, but I hate them. They’re too pretty to cut and eat. It’s a confectionary conundrum I tells ya!

  2. Ha ha, love the Cosplay, looks really good. Now I want to go watch Atlantis.

    I’ve re-watched all of Stargate like a couple of months ago, but now its 2018 should probably do it again, then there’s time for another full watch of all 3 series later this year!

  3. I like cake. Those cosmoscakes are certainly incredible, but I’m wondering what kind of actual cake is inside them.

    Dark Matter fans are everywhere!

  4. Those cakes are a piece of art! I couldn’t eat one….well, maybe I could make myself eat one or two!

    Looks like Daniel Jackson to me.

  5. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the cartoon Dave the Barbarian: “But everybody loves pie!”

  6. Those cakes are too gorgeous to taste. I was shocked one year when a client had this cake sent to my house for Christmas.


    It was like sticking a needle of sugar into my blood stream. Fortunately I could freeze it and eat it a little bit at a time. The cake was TO DIE for. The best cake I’ve had ever.(so far)

    I don’t usually eat a lot of cake. I’m more of an ice cream person. But this year I might break tradition and get a cake for my birthday. This would be an excellent one I think:


    BUT as I was looking for these links, they have special cakes for Valentine’s Day — chocolate with raspberry coulis. My two most favorite flavors together in cakes or chocolates. I might get this early. It can be frozen until my birthday.


    That’s fantastic about the numbers on the petition. I still hope to hear you say, hey, we need to ramp up the enthusiasm because something might be on the horizon that you can’t say, etc. And it’s after getting my taxes done. LOL.

  7. Those cakes are amazing! The glaze technique adds such a “wow” factor.

    The continuing petition signatures are just further proof that “the network who shall remain nameless” shit the bed.

  8. Amazing cakes! How do they taste?

    I’m sure there are thousands more that haven’t signed.

    Oh my PBmom. Those cakes are making me hungry.

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