19 thoughts on “January 21, 2018: On the home front!

  1. Oh, it took me a moment to run that first picture through my head. You said “Suji coming atcha”. I had to think on how you knew the name of one of my peace corps language instructors? Well, in reality you didn’t. Atcha is the name of one of my language teachers, (Sirilakana another) who ended up marrying a fellow volunteer at the time, and they live in North Carolina with their kids.

  2. I agree with KathyC. Suji is walking really well and on such difficult surfaces! Well done you two (or should I say, three!) for all the work you’ve put into improving Suji’s life. Suji is an inspiration for anyone wanting to adopt an older furball.

    Your mum is looking good, with her boy!
    Always great to see her 😊

  3. Suji’s depth perception off, maybe?

    Great pictures! I love the one where your mom tries to stop you from flashing “gang” signs. 😉 Seriously, your mom looks wonderful!

    All good @Drea and thanks for caring! Hope Florida treats you right and you get to go home soon.

  4. Those are some cute puppies, for sure.

    Why does Akemi look so glum I. Her snazzy hat? I would love a hat like that!

    Those pics with your mom kind of look like someone was into the fancy booze! LOL And I don’t mean your mom. Reading your mom’s face: “I do love my son, really, but I sure wish he’d find a real job.” 🙂

  5. Suji LOVES the camera, apparently.
    Akemi looks positively thrilled.
    Mom is cute as a button!
    And I’m only opening my bananas like that from now on.

  6. Your mom is lovely! I’m glad you guys are in Toronto close enough for more Montreal visits and delicious home cooking.

    I know you said Suji loves snow but wow, she is the Shaun White of pups. I love Akemi’s hat and her hair, stay warm guys.

    I blew through Nora Robert’s Year One this weekend, I thought I wouldn’t like it but it was like Revolution, Walking Dead and Jericho, don’t know why I love a good apocalypse. It was a little padded in places, I’m betting the planned trilogy could have been a dualogy but still a zippy read.

  7. I think the camera woman or man has something to do with Suji’s propensity to loving the camera. Look at that girl go! She walks better in snow than most of us!

    I like Akemi’s hat. Simple, stylish & warm!

    Momma Mallozzi is looking good! Time with mom is always precious!

  8. Oh, I finished “Dark”. Wonderful! If anyone likes mystery-serial killer-who-dun-it’s “La Mante” is excellent! Lots of twists and turns in that one. I don’t speak French but you can turn on the English caption.

    1. @Tam – wasn’t sure about La Mante but I’ll check it out, haven’t found a good thriller series that I’ve loved since Hotel Beau Sejour.

      1. Right back at you shinyhula! I saw Hotel Beau Sejour and wasn’t sure if that was a good one. I’ll try it next. Thanks!

  9. You may want to be careful holding up your fingers with your fingerprints out. I’m serious. People are stealing fingerprints.


    You guys all look great. Your mother never ages. I like your scruffy look.

    Suji and the camera: I wonder if she has such momentum while she is trying to walk that she doesn’t have the ability to slow down or stop as quickly as she needs to. Just a thought.

    They both have such adorable clothing. Seeing Lulu and Suji sleeping is too adorable, especially under the blanket. I’ve put the blanket over Boomer when we got down to a chilly 17 degrees F when the ice/snow came on 1/16 and 1/17 but he is so hairy he found it too hot I think. Great Pyrenees/golden mix Very hairy. My big snowball. Can’t believe this dog was on death row 5 years ago.

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