Betty White Credits Her Long Life to Vodka and Hot Dogs

Honestly, who’re you going to believe?  A bunch of scientists with a life expectancy of about 77 years or a woman who just celebrated her 96th birthday?  For what it’s worth, my grandmother lived to 112 through, mostly I suspect, sheer force of will.  But SHE credited her life long span to the consumption of leafy greens and a daily glass of red vino.  She also warned us to steer clear of black pepper.

January 20, 2018: News Of Note!

Sorry Jaguars and Eagles fans.  Hope you didn’t have your hearts set on your teams winning this weekend.  The NFL has apparently already decided on this season’s Super Bowl participants and, according to their official facebook page (in a post that has since been deleted), it’ll be the New England Patriots vs. the Minnesota Vikings.  So you can just go ahead and skip tomorrow’s games, maybe put the time to better use.

January 20, 2018: News Of Note!

First it was chocolate-dipped potato chips.  Now, Japan Has Potato Chip-Covered Chocolate!

Between this and wasabi-flavored Kit Kats, what more reason do you need to move to Japan?

Most Frustrating Cliffhangers in Canceled TV Shows

Oh, I could add at least two more to that list.

Guys!  Guys!  You’ve been peeling your bananas all wrong!

Okay, back to watching that Korean drama.

10 thoughts on “January 20, 2018: News of note!

  1. Awesome! There’s hasn’t been a NoN entry for ages.

    I’m not sure Betty White will ever pass – she seems like just a force of nature.

    Perhaps the NFL has some kind of time travel device/blink drive and they’re already been to the future. I’d get betting on those games, if I were you!

    I’m not sure if I’m sold on the chip-covered chocolate thing. I guess the salty-sweet combo would be good, but I’d have to try them first. It may require a trip to Japan, but oh well.

    I’ve been peeling my bananas the same way for many a year and it’s been plenty good enough, thank you very much!

  2. Wow, what a tweet! If those two teams win tomorrow…I wanna make an appointment with their psychic.

  3. It’s always fun to listen while centenarians explain their long life. I would think genetics and environment would be the key factors. While bacon, eggs and beer seem to factor into their tale.

    On bananas: I have a friend, Michael, that’s a scientist and he has an interesting theory about bananas. We all eat cloned bananas. Years ago, when we were kids, it was a different clone (the previous clone had diseases). So what if the bananas we ate as kids, tasted a little different than the ones now? Which might explain why banana candy doesn’t really taste like the banana. Maybe they taste like the old version of bananas? Here’s a link talking about the clones: BTW, Michael is also a “Dark Matter” fan.

    I had a killer migraine yesterday. It’s always a shame to lose a day. I must have slept for 8 hours or so. Hubby kept the cat fed, which is the most important duty but everything else…I have to catch up today. On the plus side, while I was awake, I listened/watched “Dark”. Pretty good! Has anyone seen “Altered Carbon” yet? Michael said he read the books and loved them.

    1. Haven’t seen Altered Carbon yet. Will have to check it out. Hope you are feeling better today. XO

    2. Sorry to hear about your migraine. There is this nasty virus going around (Patrick & I got it) that includes this horrible awful headache. Poor kid was in tears this morning. It’s been hanging on since the 7th although his bad fever is gone. Just congestion & the headache linger.

  4. Happy Sunday Gang. Yay. It finally warmed up here in the so called sunshine state.
    Albeit, I still miss home. Including the weather.

    Random thought of the day:

    You know you are getting old when

    For no particular reason,
    You watch an episode of Grace and Frankie.
    Catch yourself laughing out loud
    at the shows aching back jokes and
    discover you are seriously jealous
    how amazing Jane Fonda looks for her age.
    Then … Next thing you realize,
    (once you’ve finally consumed enough caffeine
    to get your motor going for the day),
    Hours have passed and you’ve binge watched the shows entire season
    because you just couldnt wait to find out if Robert needs a pace maker.
    If Sol elects to retire or If Frankie manages to remember where she put her keys last.

    Well, that’s my random 2 cents worth.
    I best go get busy in the kitchen now
    throwing away all my black pepper shakers so I can live long enough to watch the G & F show’s next season about getting old and dying.

  5. I also am a black pepper fanatic, yikes my days are numbered! This weekend I discovered the joy of a 2 to 1 mix of Skinny Pop Jalapeno and Boom Chika Pop Buttery Caramel, with a dash of pepper.

  6. This is how I peel my bananas and I get a lot of flack for it. My defence is that when you see a comedy prat fall banana slip the handle is at the top of the peel not hanging off one of the flaps.

  7. 112?????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My grandmother lived until her mid 80’s (on my mom’s side). I think my grandfather on my dad’s side lived into his 90’s. So I have some hope. My mother died I think at age 54 from lung cancer and my father I think around the same age from complications of alcoholism. Since I’ve never smoked and I’m allergic to alcohol I’m hoping I have more of my grandparents’ genes. I have to outlive Patrick you know. That in itself is cause enough to fight.

    The potato-chip covered chocolate might be good; I had tasted chocolate-covered potato chips but I didn’t like them.

    The NY Giants are not in the running so Jeff has lost interest. But, you know, he never had the trifecta out (our giant Giant, the Build-A-Bear Giant, and the obnoxious Giant fan that dances around that my sister bought me thinking it would annoy me, but it backfired because I love it). When you turn it on it turns around and around and its butt wiggles. I have a YouTube video of it I think.

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