Akemi has been dying to check out the Interior Design Show here in Toronto so, this morning, we decided to take a walk down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to check out.  Understand, I have no interest in interior home design.  I mean, I can’t even tell London Gray Caesarstone from Carrara Pental Quartz if you can believe it.  But Akemi has been my patient companion through many a Comic Con, so I figured I could feign interest for a few hours (or, barring that, an hour after which I could just spend the rest of the time reading off my iBooks app).

Upon entering, we were handed two forms and directed to wait in line for tickets.  Unfortunately, neither of us had any writing instruments handy (and we weren’t provided any), so we patiently waited as the line inched along, the people at the front using the complimentary pencils at the ticket kiosk to fill out their respective forms.  Some twenty minutes later, we finally made our way to the front of the line where were waved forward.

“I’d like to buy to tickets,”I informed the woman, setting the forms down and reaching scanning the counter for a free pencil.

“You have to fill these forms out BEFORE you get into line,”she coldly informed me.


“There are dedicated tables with pens,”she informed me.

I stepped out of the lineup to locate those dedicated tables with pens.


There weren’t any dedicated tables with pens!

I walked over to the woman who had given us the initial instructions and told us she should do a better job of informing people coming in that they have to fill out the forms (with their invisible pens) BEFORE getting into line.

“You must have just slipped past me,”she said.

“Then how did we get the forms?”I asked.

But she had already moved on to dispense forms and dubious advice to other potential attendees.

And thus wrapped up our visit to the Toronto Interior Design Show.

I spent the rest of the day watching a Korean drama (for work.  Honest!).  It was infinitely more enjoyable.

18 thoughts on “January 19, 2018: Our Day at the Interior Design Show!

  1. Sorry to hear about your experience. It’s like applying for welfare in the US…lines, lines, lines.

  2. I’ve had more fun watching late-night Italian talk shows (where I understood hardly a word, but the gestures are fun to watch) then at most of the trade shows I’ve attended over my life.

    As for interior decorating, I don’t really have an interest…most of it seems oriented torwards making a “magazine picture perfect” room theme, and I’d rather just be comfortable in my own space (without it looking too ugly).

    If your looking at interior decorating, does that mean you’re close to settling on a more permanent dwelling? I’m getting the idea that you like being a Vagabond, though. 😉

  3. Ugh that stinks. But you got a good story out of it! Dare I wonder, will it show up at one point in a scene somewhere…

  4. Oh so sorry you and Akemi didn’t get to see the design show! Twenty minutes for nothing. I’m getting older now and bitch a little more about injustices. Plus I ain’t waiting in line another 20 minutes. I would have parked myself and asked for a pen and told them to make announcements to the unsuspecting people in line.

  5. Your response would have been like mine, “screw you” and leave! I don’t enjoy home shows that much. What kind of form did you have to fill out? Most shows I go to take your money, stamp your hand or use a wrist band and let you in. Then you go around to all the booths and “register” for info, goodies, etc…

    I’d rather go to a farmer’s market or craft show. Or better yet a Con of some sort. Which Korean movie did you watch? Perhaps Train To Busan, again? Hope your Saturday goes better! Give the pups a scratch on the head and Akemi a hug!

  6. Poor Akemi! She never got to see her design show then?
    I really hate that kind of disorganisation and would have walked out too.
    I must confess I always care at least two pens (in the past I have lent one out and never got it back) and also a book of matches (I don’t smoke!). You’ll be surprised how often I have need of them!

        1. Never been a smoker! 😊
          Surrounded by them, up until fairly recently – isn’t as popular as it used to be, thank goodness. I use them occasionally at work but I
          guess carrying matches is more of a habit now 😶

          And reading this here, it does seem a bit odd …

  7. Oh well. So much for the warm sof-ist-i-kay-shun of Toronto.

    Hope the rest of the day was much more pleasant for Akemi, as well.

    Warmest hugs n much love to all. xo

  8. Which K drama? Hmmm! I’m hoping it’s Iris, the most epic of spy capers. Or Bad Guy, corporate revenge! Tho Personal Taste and Cofee Prince are awesome dramedys. I’m guessing you can’t say which one it is.

  9. What a bummer. Maybe there will be another opportunity soon to do something else Akemi would like to do (that you don’t).

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