January 12, 2018: Get Your Suji Limited Edition Pin!

When Akemi designed the above-pictured Suji pin, she figured she would place an order for about a hundred, sell sixty, and keep the rest as gifts for friends and family.  24 hours after putting the pins on etsy, she has less than thirty left!Clearly, Suji’s fanbase is hardcore.

January 12, 2018: Get Your Suji Limited Edition Pin!

If you’re thinking of picking one up, act now.  Supplies are limited!  Order here

January 12, 2018: Get Your Suji Limited Edition Pin!

And remember… Suji loves you!

Addressing the negative effects of competition, soccer in Olympia is now being played without the ball.

I personally can’t wait for a time when there will no longer be winners and losers – just ambivalent participants.


I remember going shopping with my former writer partner way back in the day, and having a salesperson attempt to foist a garish suit upon him.  “No thanks,”he told her.  “I’m not a fan of pink.”  “It’s not pink,”she assured him.  “It’s salmon.”  Brilliant.  Paired with a coconut shirt, parmesan tie, marmalade socks, and merlot shoes, I’m sure he would have looked downright delicious.

If you work retail in a clothing store and are looking for that lexical leg up (or, to a lesser extent, a writer with a loss for chromatic words), check out this Color Thesaurus.  Yo, Parakeet Eyes!  What’s up?!

Let’s take a trip through the Orion Nebula courtesy of the gang at NASA.


13 thoughts on “January 12, 2018: Get your Suji limited edition pin!

  1. Coconut and Parmesan don’t sound like they go together that well to me.

    The Suji pin is sure cute!

    That video is so, so beautiful. I did a little looking up and in the 24 light year diameter of that nebula, there are about 700 new stars in various stages of formation, and about 150 protoplanetary disks. It’s a busy, bright, beautiful spot! A stellar nursery!

  2. I had problems with Etsy when ordering from Virginia Hey. I’d love to order a Suji pin, but…..

    1. At first I got an error with my address (NJ) but I clicked on edit, then clicked on save and it worked. I’m assuming it will work as it let me place my order.

    2. I’ve ordered it from the UK without any problems. You won’t have any problems from ordering from Akemi I’m sure

  3. Space: So much unimaginable mysteries around us: Earth is a wonder in all That Space We need to take care of this Jewel

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