January 8, 2018: Light Balls?  Delayted?  Lulu’s Picks Tonight’s National Championship Winner!

I was going through Akemi’s shopping list this morning when, some five items down, came across: “Light balls?”

“Yes,”she confirmed.

“Light BALLS?”I repeated.

“Yes,”she said.  “To replace the ones upstairs.”

And then, realizing: “Light BULBS.”

She stared quizzically back at me.

“BULBS,”I said.  “Not BALLS.”

“What?!”she said, borderline outraged, as if I just informed her I was kicking her out.  Then: “What???!!!!”

“Yes,”I said.  “It’s light bulbs.  B-U-L-B-S.”

She found this altogether bizarre.  It reminded me of the time I informed her it wasn’t “Happy Delayted Birthday” but, in fact, “Happy Belated Birthday.”

“What?!  What???!!!  Not delayted???”

“No,”I said.  “Not delayted.”

“But delayted makes sense because it’s delayed.  Belated doesn’t mean anything!”

To quote another Akemi-ism: “Jesus Crisis!”

Best Japanese Commercials of 2017

I’m partial to Instant Curry Meshi (Curry Rice) from Nissin.

January 8, 2018: Light Balls?  Delayted?  Lulu’s Picks Tonight’s National Championship Winner!

Lulu’s pick in tonight’s National Championship game…

January 8, 2018: Light Balls?  Delayted?  Lulu’s Picks Tonight’s National Championship Winner!


Honestly, what did you expect?  Those bulldogs stick together!

20 thoughts on “January 8, 2018: Light Balls? Delayted? Lulu’s picks tonight’s National Championship winner!

  1. I have to agree with Akemi that delayers makes more sense. It also sounds like “delighted” which is an added bonus if it’s your (past) birthday!

    Those commercials are awesome. I especially like the one for the bottled sweat (I guess?) near the start with the dancing school kids. I love World Order videos too, so I guess that’s not surprising.

      1. @gforce Thanks for sharing story yesterday of someone refraining from emotional impulse reaction
        and electing to be the change they wished to see via showing understanding and compassion instead.
        It definitely shows humanity at its finest… and made my day. xo
        Tried here with the group yesterday. Unfortunately, for some odd? perhaps momentarily moody reason??, it kept disappearing when I hit post

  2. yes, like it when bull dogs stick together. Not like sticky rice but it has its uses.
    Don’t you get a kick out when foreigners to the language curse? It can make them so enduring. Like, Chip High
    I suppose it could spark a another conversation when you ask her, “So what are you planting in the garden?”

    @gforce, I understand your dilemma.

  3. Love Akemi-isms. Always great for a laugh and happy memories of my mom who did similar wordings. Once she was trying to explain to a telephone solicitor that we lived in town and didn’t have ducks so we didn’t need a “duck” (duct) cleaning service–they might want to try calling farms. Let us know about those Suji and Lulu pins!

  4. Akemi reminds me of my son’s mom, who’s still my best friend. She’s originally from the Philippines and when she arrived here for the first time, she had to learn how to properly curse…and I always got a big laugh when she swore putting the wrong curse words together. She should have gotten into standup as she is deliciously undiplomatic. She’s brutally honest and very funny about it.

    Cherish those Light Balls moments as they make life a lot more fun. Happy delayted b-day!


    James Finch from The Invaders

  5. As someone that lives in Japan, I’d just like to second how amazing cup ramen is. Nissin curry is definitely one of my favourites (who would have thought curry flavoured ramen was a thing?)

  6. Light balls makes perfect sense, your family has it’s own cool idioglossia, we just spent Christmas laughing over our made up sibling language. And now the kids in the family have fun using the weird old timey cuss words we inherited from our parents.

    I saw a clip of that Georgia game, it was like Remember the Titans, haven’t had chills watching football since Super Bowl XL.

  7. I Love that Japanese commercials always involve so much singing dancing and humor. Highly entertaining.

    And actually … Regarding the lights
    you are ‘both’ right and wrong.
    Akemi was probably trying to replace an ordinary burnt out lamp bulb.
    Albeit, “Light Balls” could technically be correct depending on which light is being replaced. There are ball shaped lights that are often used above a bedroom or bathroom mirror. Usually above a grooming/make up table.

    Also Ikea sells indoor “light balls” for modern decor looks.

  8. Akemi has a right to be annoyed. English is often a non-sensical language. If you have large-larger-largest, why do you have good-better-best? Shouldn’t it be bet-better-best?

    And despite Lulu’s endorsement, my dawgs lost. 🙁 (Make an Akemi sad bunny face here). At least baseball will start in a few months…

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