16 thoughts on “January 7, 2018: Who Dat?

    1. (Just to explain … In our family ‘pins’ has always been used to mean legs that are long and straight – no shape to them 😆)

  1. Awwww. <3 xo

    Akemi did a wonderful job with the pin design and love that younger photo of Lulu. Such emotionally priceless endearing expression on her face.

  2. And I just heard that Old Man’s War is being developed as a film with Netflix. I’m VERY excited about that. And thank you for recommending it! OMW is one of my favorite books ever.

  3. Ok, so obvious question. Where can we get a pin? Congrats on the Saints win! My Titans had a dismal performance.

  4. Those are cute pins. Akemi did a great job designing them.

    As for the military fiction you suggested yesterday (Lost Fleet), my hubby & I both loved it. We read the whole series. You recommended it a few months ago and Thank you!

  5. Those big eyes are perfectly Suji! Maybe there is a New Orleans trip in Suji’s future, I’m craving good southern food myself. I tried to ripen a stubbornly green plaintain, then a week later remembered it and found it sufficiently ripe but hard to peel. I whitled the poor thing down to nothing and ended up with thin slices; fried ’em in with a little salt, pepper and butter…then forgot them on the stove. They kind of end up as sweet delicious cracklings. So now I’m musing on how to slice ’em even thinner, coat in melted butter and bake on parchment paper to keep them from sticking, to see if I can get an ultimate sweet plaintain cracklings.

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