39 thoughts on “January 1, 2018: Happy New Year!

  1. Hi Joe
    My only resolution is to take more photos. I took 3962 photos last year.


  2. Love to help you on the Revenge thing. Have you been to Thailand? I’m tired of the politics and prices here in California and planning to move to Thailand. Beachfront property is ridiculously inexpensive and the people are so welcoming and friendly.

  3. Your Number 10 is intriguing…. The best revenge is success. That’s one of my favorite sayings.

    I don’t usually do resolutions but here’s a few improvements I want to work on this year.

    1) Be more organized
    2) Less OCD about exercise but work out harder (that made more sense in my head. 😉 ) If I miss a day, it’s like a brain itch. I need to let it go.
    3) More reading and less FB (even less reading of the comment section)
    This might be the most difficult but the most important- 4) Talk less and listen more

    I stole this from a friend:
    A toast to 2018-
    Speak English, Dress Italian, Drive German, Kiss French and Smile Southern!

  4. I’m intrigued by the revenge part. Any one, or perhaps organization, in question?

    I’d love to see progress on some sort of Dark Matter conclusion, too!

  5. Still working on that resolution list…may roll out in March. I should probably add procrastinate less.

    Just a FYI out to all of Joe’s fans. The El Rey is showing some SG-1 love with a marathon of at least 5 episodes. Season 10. Then they are starting a Quantum Leap marathon at 8 starting with Ep. 1. It’s a great day for SciFi.

    Happy New Year to all!!

  6. 1. Improve my eating so I am no longer pre-diabetic and my cholesterol goes down. I did it during the surgeries, I can do it again.

    2. Be more active. More activity leads to better movement, which makes it all easier.

    3. Make more art, learn a new technique or two.

    4. Finish those sewing projects.

    5. All those beads, and all that yarn, needs to be something other than a craft hoard.

    6. Fine tune the finances, and keep the five year plan on the rails.

    1. Maggie, I’ve learned your #1 the hard way since September. Now eating relatively low carb as well as low fiber. My A1C and weight both dropped appreciably, and I was able to discontinue low-dose insulin, by early December. Best of luck to you!

  7. Would love to go somewhere warmer right now but unfortunately family commitments prevent us from doing so. I will try to get out and see friends and family more. Best wishes to you and Akemi, and everyone here for a happy, healthy and prosperous year. Wishing you, Joe, success on a new show.

  8. I do like your tenth commandment, er, I mean, resolution.

    My resolutions
    1 Eat n drink more healthily (starting tomorrow)
    2 Spend more time with family & friends
    3 Be more patient especially when driving
    4 Learn something new
    5 Be better organised
    6 Put 100% into anything I do
    7 Get at least one person to smile each day
    8 Read books (not only ref books)
    9 Find some time to sketch again
    10 Try not to hit my new laptop …

    PS If you need help with your tenth resolution … let us know 😉

  9. Hope my furry girls live a long lovely life with us and win the lottery in the UK and retire!

  10. Your list sounds doable. You forgot #11 Write a Dark Matter Movie Script or two so we can have an ending.

  11. Any help you need with the revenge, I am sure the Team Raza family will be ready to help. Good luck with the condo. I personally want to get the work life balance a better and spend more quality time with my daughter.
    Happy New Year🍸

  12. Read & write much more often.
    Finally watch Game of Thrones.
    Watch Dark Matter again.
    Take the dog for longer walks.
    Continue workouts.

  13. My hope for 2018:
    3 of yours…lol

    1 – Eat healthier
    x – Getting health issues under control
    x – Explore possibilities to move somewhere WARMER
    6 – Spend more time with friends at a couple conventions
    8 – Read
    10 – Revenge – well maybe not “real horrific revenge” but….
    something to settle my ire.

  14. Concur the world, you know, world domination, lol. But seriously..

    1. Try to support family members when their have a hard time, even when it is so hard to myself. 2. Live my own life and continuing do art. 3. Let others live their … 4. Read more books. 5. Maybe learn new professional. To a better year!

  15. 1. Complete the second training pilot that had 4 disadvantaged kids outperform uni graduates in IT and get 63K jobs. Hopefully running and successfully completing that again this year.

    2. Downsize/get rid of half of my stuff.

    3. Stop using plastic bags.

    4. Exercise every day.

    5. Read 32 books this year.

    6. Learn JavaScript

    7. Track down the birthplace of my Great Grandmother; Caterina Venia Senveleur Stomboli I think she might be Italian.

    8. Pass Grade 2 exams on Guitar.

  16. Happy New Year everyone!

    I’ve just got back home to Australia after a month in the UK. I spent most of it offline which was quite refreshing but now I have a backlog of hundreds of E-Mail messages that need dealing with (i.e. deleting).

    My only resolution is the same one I have every year which is to not have a resolution. I’ve very much a “play it by ear” sort of person. There’s no such thing as “too little planning” in my book.

  17. I’m hoping the ‘revenge’ will be exacted against SyFy for their arrogantly stupid decision to cancel Dark Matter

  18. 1. Call the home insurer to get overdue repairs started.
    2. Travel. We haven’t traveled much in 2016 /17. Toronto & Vancouver, as well as Philadelphia—NJ hometown —NYC are on my wish list.
    3. Start a volunteer gig that will get me out of the house and among people one day a week. This will recharge my extrovert batteries.
    4. Make a serious effort of decluttering.
    5. Get up—and stay up—before noon. (We’re retirees.)

  19. The only Resolution I want to have is to be able to go back in time and prevent the cancellation of Dark Matter.

  20. Hey Joe, I know you have said in the past that you are not involved in this area, but have you heard anything about a release for Season 3 on DVD?

  21. Looks like my first attempt went to “WordPress Heaven”, so…
    1. Call home insurer to start on covered, overdue repairs.
    2. Travel. We didn’t get out of town much in 2016-17.
    3. Continue the incessant decluttering.
    That’s enough for now.

  22. I want to see one or more of your shows on my screen. Best of luck with your projects – they make me happy. I can handle the making me fat part – this completes my life’s two goals. Unless you count revenge, but it’s a secret. Revenge is better that way.

  23. Happy new year Joe

    My new New Years resolution is, I will give Origins a fair crack of whip in the hopes that it’s successful enough that the fckwits at MGM and that shity little channel that used to have decent shows on it realise how badly they screwed up and call you and the team and beg you for forgiveness and get the real Stargate ball running again…..I live in hope!

  24. 1.Drink more water
    2.Work out more
    3.Read more
    4.Minimize the clutter in my house
    I do like your number 10-I’m all for it.

  25. My 2018 new years resolutions…

    1. Make no more new years resolutions


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