December 21, 2017: Montreal-bound!

Ta-da!  Just in time for Christmas.  The perfect stocking stuffer!  Who could resister their very own Bathing Suji t-shirt?  The first in what I suspect will be a long line of Suji-related merchandise – including the pins and lapels Akemi has designed and special-ordered for an early January delivery.  Yep, as I’ve said before, if all goes as planned, I’ll start production on a new series later in 2018, run the show for five seasons, and then retire and live off Suji’s various modeling gigs and paid spokespug appearances.

December 21, 2017: Montreal-bound! December 21, 2017: Montreal-bound!

Well just in time for Christmas – a new refrigerator for mom.  I believe the last one came with the house (purchased, if I remember correctly, in 1974) so it was high time to say goodbye to ole unreliable.  Despite my insistence on wrapping it placing it under the tree for as a Christmas morning surprise, my sister overruled and had them simply deliver it straight into the kitchen.

Yes, Akemi, Lulu, Suji and I will be spending the next couple of weeks in my hometown of Montreal where we’ll be eating, spending time with family (and their innumerable dogs), and drawing ever closer to buying a condo.  There’s a place we have our eye on that we’ll be paying a return visit to next week.  Akemi likes it because it’s an open new construction with plenty of natural light located in a nice neighborhood not too far from downtown.  I like it because it’s two blocks away from this little french bakery that serves up a brioche slathered with nutella topped with whole hazelnuts.  That’s a win win!

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Coming in at #5…

December 21, 2017: Montreal-bound!

I don’t know what it says about 2017 that this Best Characters list includes not one but twoidiosyncratic artificial intelligences in our top 5, except that maybe we are, collectively, beginning to truly accept the fact that humanity could just…be better. In any case, SyFy’s space mercenary comedy Dark Matter gave us one last gift before its abrupt cancellation: Zoie Palmer’s loving and beloved Android, who brought to the crew of the Raza a much needed sense of lightness and a reminder of the kind of uncomplicated joy the discovery of the good parts of the world can bring—when she wasn’t kicking every kind of ass, that is…

17 thoughts on “December 21, 2017: Montreal-bound!

    1. Well, there’s not Suji merch actually available yet. I think Akemi wants to do a giveaway on instagram.

  1. So totally awesome your already going to be working on a new show can’t wait to watch (_________) when it premier’s which by the way when will an official announcement be made also to you and yours please have a very merry Christmas.

  2. No surprise on the Zobot here. Zoie made the character come to life. I still am awed by that scene with the accents.

    I hope your mom likes the fridge better than the tv you gave her. Her smile says it all. I think it’s a hit!

    Good luck on the condo! 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  3. Nice Christmas present for Mama Mallozzi! Wishing Joe, Akemi, Suji, Lulu, Mama Mallozzi, and Sis a very Merry Christmas!

  4. The refrigerator looks great!

    Say hi to all the fam (and their for dogs) for us!

    Is this condo you’re looking at also close to dog parks?

  5. Hmmm, the only show I watched on that list was Dark Matter. Still bummed about the inane cancellation.

  6. ok…waiting patiently for MORE!

    Nice decision on the fridge…it looks super nice. Bet it does everything except cook.

    Best (imho) design/engineering decision – put freezer on bottom!
    And, make it a drawer!

  7. Suji merch is going to usurp bitcoin in value, it’s the future!

    Nice fridge, but that stainless steel finish can be frustrating. Mine looks smudged 10 minutes after I’ve cleaned it. And my cool fridge magnets have to go on the sides. But that bottom drawer freezer? Excellent. Love it.

    The Zobot is one of the best characters ever, indeed.

  8. Great tee shirt!
    Hi and Happy Christmas to you, Akemi & Mrs Mum Mallozzi & Sis.
    So looking forward to hearing more details (actors, characters, crew) of your new TV series.
    How’s your Dark Matter Co writer & buddy, Paul doing?

  9. That’s one fine fridge, what a lovely gift! More lovely will be the delicious Christmas meals it will hold. I liked gone baby gone, I should be reading during my 3 hour airport delay but I’m spending this unwanted layover eating and hunting for more know news on Pentagon ufos. I wouldn’t mind delays if I didn’t have to lug my bags around the airport. Merry holidays to all!

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