My favorites –

Lady Killer vol. 2 (cover art by Joelle Jones)

Black and white and read all over.  With a shock of green in those gorgeous eyes.  Joelle Jones is fast becoming my favorite artist working in comics.  Bloody sexy.

Mr. Miracle #5 (cover art by Nick Derington)

I’m a sucker for these atypical moments that nevertheless convey so much about the characters, in this case Mr. Miracle and Big Barda enjoying a quiet interlude.  The beach, the pier, the setting sun – beautiful.

Mr. Miracle #5 variant (cover art by Mitch Gerads)

A completely different cover, more overt in its conveyance, but still delivering a wonderful moment.  Amidst a backdrop of hearts, our two lovers smiling, gazing into each other’s eyes.  Get a room already!

Astro City: Ordinary Heroes (cover art by Alex Ross)

Kind of creepy.  Kind of funny.  Somehow appropriate given the title.  Alex Ross having fun.

Bug: The Adventures of Forager #6 (cover art by Mike Allred)

I’ve always enjoyed artist Mike Allred’s unique style and, while I have no idea what’s going on here, I appreciate the roll call of Fourth World players including, my favorite, Granny Goodness bottom right.

Detective Comics #970 (cover art by Rafael Albuquerque)

A dynamic instant captures our two heroes in motion, motorcycles streaking, capes trailing in the wind, the sun gold vibrancies of the street and background lending the whole an oil on canvas quality.

Flash #36 (cover art by Neil Googe)

Here it’s all about the composition – Flash foreground about to pull the sheet away to reveal the corpse’s identity; rogue’s gallery background conveying a range of emotions from shock to sadness.  I need to know who’s under there!!!

Suicide Squad #31 (Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki)

Well here’s an eerie little PSA about the dangers of space travel.  What were they doing in planetary orbit and where do those oxygen hoses lead?  The framing that suggests the answers may lie just out of our eye line.

I.T.: The Secret World of Banking #3 (cover art by Hubert Khan Michael?)

Slick!  The textures, details, and color palette sing.  This is one badass cover.

Falcon #3 (cover art by David Acuna)

Love the use of shadows and light, the framing of our hero laid low, cuffed and captive, the rainfall illuminated by the patrol cars’ flashers.


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My vote goes for Falcon cover


Wow you’re posting early today! Must have big plans for the rest of the day. Have fun!


My vote for most emotionally effective in this batch of covers:

1. Secret world of Banking
2. Mr. Miracle
3. Lady Killers

In that order.

Okay here’s your dose of giggles and warm hugs medicine for the day from moi.

This educational video is dedicated to our professional french fry taster in training, JT,
who, … upon getting high as a kite one night recently
and desperately trying and failing miserably to get his dog
to verbally reciprocate aloud to the words I Love You,
went on to incorrectly conclude dogs are incapable of expressing human speech.

Hope you and Akemi find a great condo on your little shopping adventure. xo

Margaret Clayton

These covers are stunning. I like the humor of the Ordinary Heroes piece.


I’m loving these comic covers!
I used to draw all the time when I was younger – colour pencils and inks mainly. I used to enjoy it so much but since starting work and growing up, I haven’t touched paper at all. Seeing these stunners makes me yearn to start all over again, if only I could find the time

My fave three today are, and in no particular order
Mr Miracle #5
Suicide Squad #31 – those colours are just weird!
Falcon #3

But the others are all a close fourth! 😁


My favourite from this selection
I.T.: The Secret World of Banking


I had the opportunity to visit Toronto for a week that ended yesterday. It was a very interesting experience, and yes, I refrained from stalking the Prodigy Pictures staff, hehehe.
I took the time to visit a comic book shop on Yonge Street, near the Yonge and Lawrence intersection where I was staying. I was looking for the Dark Matter series since I always prefer printed graphic novels to electronic forms, but I guess they are only in electronic form?
As usual, I take my dear time going into such a shop, and I got a wonderful Dark Horse Number Ones collection, and Lady Killer was one of the featured works. I liked that one very much, so it is a happy coincidence that you select this week’s cover of Lady Killer as a favorite.
Among your list, I am a Batman girl, so the Detective Comics cover is my No. 1.
Then Lady Killer and Astro City: Ordinary Heroes attract me visually because red is my favorite color. Finally, I think that Mr. Miracle No.5, the original cover is really well balanced and I like it a lot.


I continue to enjoy this weekly update. A visual feast of graphic inspiration. Such imagination! My vote goes to Batman & The Skeletons as my favs.