Here are the highlights from last night’s Dark Matter/Stargate (#DarkGate) Q&A!  Thanks to Tom Gardiner for the banner!

On my plans for ONE/Derrick Moss…

On my plans to bring some more Stargate alums in as guest stars:

On my big arc plan for Dark Matter season 4:

My plans for exploring the THREE/Android dynamic:

On the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Derrick Moss’s wife:

On that dark timeline glimpsed at the end of “All the Time in the World”:

On my plans for FIVE’s sister:

On the mysterious Kryden:

On my plans for SIX:

On my plans for Sarah:

On my immediate plans for an alien-possessed TWO:

More answers to come in next week’s #DarkGate Q&A for international fans (to be announced)!

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Thanks so much for last night! It was so much fun reading the answers to everyone’s questions. I had a few questions of my own, but others beat me to posting them and you answered them all!


AArrrrgghhhh…. More fuel to want to pumel SYFY with the pain stick.
wow….all of this is epic.


I don’t have a handle of this Twitter thing. Never saw the above posts.


Reading these, as fascinating as they are, makes me all the more sad about the cancellation. sad it would have been an amazing couple of seasons.

A question for the mailbag: if the flash forward indicated the downbeat ending that you had *originally* planned, do you mean the plan had changed for the crew from your original vision and you were intending for something more upbeat, or do you it just changed because of the cancellation?

Jason Canipe
Jason Canipe

I attempted to comment last night but after reading all the great things that would have been in store for S4 & S5, I became too depressed to do so. Still absolutely cannot wrap my head around the cancellation. Your dedication to the fans continues to floor me; you have earned a fan and admirer in me for the rest of your career. Cheers

Margaret Clayton

Mmmm, that would have been a terrific ride. Thank you for sharing.

SYFY needs to go sit in a corner, be ignored, and lose all audiences, save for fans of the Lost in Space movie on repeat.


Still wish DM had got that season 4 and 5. sad


Wow, fascinating to read. Thanks actually, it’s good to have the closure of at least reading how the story would have progressed, and eventually end.

Tyler F.M. Edwards

Thanks for the answers, and for posting them here where they’re easy to find. I don’t use Twitter, so this is a lot more convenient for me.

It’s a shame we never got to see this play out, but it’s fun to picture. Glad to hear that Six survived. He was always a favourite.


Thanks for the great Q &A, Joe! But from your answers it sounded like everything was getting very dark and sad. Doesn’t anyone get a happily ever after?

Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan

Thanks for sharing and also for your dedication to your fans, I still hope for two more seasons but am also really looking forward to whatever you have planned next.


Thanks for sharing, Joe. It would have been fantastic!


Great questions and answers.
Looking forward to the international Q&A.

Nice banner @thogar
Do we reverse it to #StarMatter for next week’s Q&A? 😉

Corelactic Exec Darius de Hoeven – One murder – Three set up…..


Loved reading the plans for season 4. Android and Three hookup would have been delightful.

Larry Spinak

Here’s my question: On the other side of the gateway, in the alien reality, do they have seasons 4 and 5? because if they do, I volunteer to go there.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Thanks for posting!!!!

Are you going to be involved in the Scalzi’s Netflix project?


Good question.


Thanks for sharing last night’s tweeting.
Great questions and fulfilling answers!
So happy to read you were trying to write ONE back in 😁 ( I had a feeling you hadn’t given up on the character 😉).


Thanks for giving those answers. Looking forward to more after the international Q&A! wink


Wow! Thanks for posting! Looks like I missed a humdinger of a Q & A session! These answers are blowing my mind, especially Sarah becoming the big bad of season 5. Despite knowing some of the answers, I still wish we could have the opportunity to see it unfold on the small screen. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t cuss SyFy….dumbasses!!

Looking forward to the next round of questions.

What What
What What

For the mailbag: If you were able to end the show on your terms, exactly as you would want, how/what would you envision as the very last scene/visual to close the series?

Thanks for the answers! Looking forward to Project A!


I second gforce’s question for the mailbag: Did you change how the show was originally going to end? Was the new ending more hopeful? If so, what made you change it?

Thanks for everything! Really hoping that somewhere along the line we’ll get a complete conclusion to this wonderful series! Btw, is there any chance that we could get some more DM scripts? It’s such a treat to read through our favorite episodes! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

John Colston

Only recently found DM only to find out it was over before I had started.

Delighted to see roughly how things were going to go, gutted it never made it to the screen sad