Join us tonight for a Dark Matter/Stargate tweetfest – 10/9c!

And while you rev up for the big event, check out my favorite comic book covers of the week…

Batman #36 (cover art by Jordie Bellaire)

What a great mid-action shot of two of the biggest badass BFF’s.  A celebration of friendship, sure, but look at the grim determination on their faces.  These guys mean business.

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #2 (cover art by Clayton Henry, Mark Morales, and Tomeu Morey)

Pandemonium reigns in this lightning flash snapshot suffused in cool blues and vibrant whites.  Dynamic.

Cyborg #19 (cover art by Guy Major, Ivan Nunes, and Cliff Richards)

Man down!  Love the composition of this shot, our fallen hero foreground, the ominous antagonist looming large against the background foliage.   Also loving the details on Cyborg’s shell, the tattoos, and the splintered scattered remnants.

DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1 (cover art by Brad Anderson and Andy Kubert)

Yeah, I’m a sucker for these seasonal one-offs, mainly because it offers us an atypical glimpse at these oft so serious characters.  I mean, I get it.  Saving the world is grim business.  But look at how much fun they’re having.  Hell, even Batman is smiling.

Superman #36 (cover art by Patrick Gleason and Dean V. White)

Speaking of atypical, Superman is a character that rarely receives the dark treatment and yet his backstory is one filled with tragedy – the death of his parents, his people, his planet.  And this is one of those rare instances where we do see a dark side, though whether its the Superman we know is debatable.  He sits, regal, atop a throne, a fiery-eyed calm amid the death and destruction.

Scales & Scoundrels #4 (cover art by Galaad)

Elegant in its simplicity, its off-center framing.

Black Bolt vol. 1 (cover art by Christian Ward)

Black Bolt’s costume is one with the darkness, the vertical bars foreground of his face suggesting he is a prisoner, perhaps of his very persona.

Black Bolt #8 (cover art by Christian Ward)

And one more Christian Ward Black Bolt cover, this one, in contrast, a kaleidoscope of colors, the pinks and purples of the distant horizon lending it an otherworldly feel.  Front and center, a grounded, sobering image of our hero kneeling, chained down as he awaits execution.  But the eye is drawn to the scintillating flash of the falling blade.  A king laid low.


Star Wars: Darth Vader #9 (cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Francesco Mattina)

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed a trend by now: another week, another favored Darth Vader cover.  Again, our character is doing what he does best – looking foreboding as hell.  The detailing on Vader’s costume, the judicious use of color, the play of light and shadows – excellent.

Dreadful Beauty: Art of Providence (cover art by Jacen Burrows)

A special art book showcasing the talents of artist Jacen Burrows.  Beautiful cover.


The Consultant #1 (cover art by Simon Fraser)

A superhero-themed take-off of The Usual Suspects.  This one looks like all sorts of fun.  The characters convey so much through posture.  I already know that guy in the pink, second from left, will be my favorite.

See you all tonight!

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Totally agree about the composition on that Cyborg cover. I especially like the on the ground perspective of it.

There’s one character on Santa’s sleigh on the left – The Flash, I think? He looks like he’s not having that much fun. smile

Should be at the Tweet event tonight, at least if I’m not feeling crappy again, which has been a lot this afternoon/evening. sad


Happy Wednesday!


Type faster, Joe… #DarkGate wink


Will you give some of the answers from Twitter here, please?

Gabriel Belly (@GabrielBelly)

Joe, im not sure if you ll read this but I wanted to personally thank you for DM
You know the truth is that in these moments in my country (Venezuela) we are in a shitstorm and someone like me does not have many opportunities but I will work hard
While I’m preparing to be an international Chef (my dream is to get to Canada!), The truth is that what makes me not sleep is that I love the stories I have in my head.
And I get frustrated because I try to write them but they do not work out
One of them is my own continuation of Dark Matter (I hope it does not bother you)
Would you give me any advice as a writer?

Once again thank you for reminding me what I really like and believe me here in Venezuela there is a great DM fandom here
PD: sorry if I did not address as I should what happens is that with the situation of my country this is the only way and thanks for answering my questions in the tweetfest smile

Carolina Lebron
Carolina Lebron

Hello! Thank you for doing the #DarkGate Q&A yesterday! Unfortunately i couldnt participate but i did want to know more about your plans for Dr Shaw ever meeting Android and reuniting with Two. Also about Ryos role during the wars.

Thank you for an amazing show! I still have hope that it will one day have its well deserved ending.


Nice selection…not as bleak as last week’s, yet still powerful…some even whimsical. The one I’m drawn to most is Dreadful Beauty…it intrigues me. Too bad it’s just an art book and not a story.


Christina Testa
Christina Testa

Hi Joe

Being an Aussie stuck at work I missed out on the #DarkGate tweetfest!

I hope I’m following your instructions correctly! Couple of questions for you. How would you have wrapped up Dark Matter, like what would you have conceived for the very last episode? Same with Stargate Universe… would the crew of the Destiny ever make it back to earth and would Eli have managed to fix his staus pod or life support, meaning he lived!?

Thanks for always being so generous with your time and answering our questions (even if we ask the same thing 50 million times – why did One have to die lol)
Lots of love and respect always!
Nina x


Sorry I missed #DarkGate tweetfest last night. I was tired and went to bed, and it’s been cold in Phoenix.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I need to find a comic book store over here. Those look good! My favorite cover is the “Scales & Scoundrels”. Very cool!