To be perfectly honest, I was looking forward to some time off.  Nothing crazy.  Maybe a month.  Or six.  While a lot of my fellow writers start going stir crazy after a few directionless weeks, I have no problem sleeping in, spending time with my girlfriend and the dogs, and reading into the wee hours.  And that WAS the plan but, prior to leaving Vancouver, my agent arranged for sit-downs with some of the local production companies.  I figured, why not?  If nothing else, I would know what I’d be missing.

Anyway, great meetings all, and one in particular in which I was presented with the opportunity to help develop something.  I liked the project a lot, but especially liked the people involved – and, at this point in my career, that’s what I’m looking for: interesting projects and good collaborators.  As they used to say on Stargate: “LTS” (Life’s Too Short).

And time off, apparently, is even shorter.

So, after reviewing the project and offering my take (and, of course, assuring them I wasn’t THAT crazy), I was hired.  David Ray and I spent about a month fleshing out the world, the backstory, the characters, and arcs.  We delivered the overview, received some input from the broadcaster and production company, and prepared for the writers’ room.

I elected to bring in local-kid-makes-good Alex Levine, a former script coordinator on Stargate (and practicing lawyer before that!) who ended up making quite a name for himself in his days as a writer and Co-Executive Producer on Orphan Black.  Yes, he has an impressive track record.  But, more importantly, he has a great head for story and characters.

Which he has proven over the past two days of spinning.  He, David, Samantha, and I dedicated Monday to waiting for the white board to arrive broad stroking the major story beats.  Then, today, we ate pastries David picked up from the Italian bakery across the street focused on individual character arcs.  I figure tomorrow, we’ll finish up the character arcs, then dedicate Thursday and Friday to fleshing out our first episode.

And, once that’s done, it’ll be smooooooth sailing.  I’ll write an outline, possibly a revised outline, and then go to script.

Can’t reveal much about this project except to say that it’s a compelling, character-driven SF series chock full of surprises, humor, and warmth.  Every sci-fi show I’ve worked on in the past – SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, and Dark Matter – has been, at its heart, about the family.

I have no doubt – you’re gonna love it!

29 thoughts on “December 5, 2017: Project A!

  1. YEEEEEESSSSS!!! *happy dance* Can’t wait to hear what it is! 😆 Does this mean you’ll be back in Vancouver?

  2. Sounds great Joseph! I look forward to seeing whatever it is you have coming up. And trust me, time off is over rated anyway!

  3. Oh wow! That sounds fantastic! Though it’s a given that any show that you work on is going to be compelling and character driven, with surprises, humour, and warmth. :). I’m really looking forward to hearing more about it. Hopefully, you can bring in some of the actors that we’ve come to know over the years too.

    I’ve been under the weather today as I seem to have picked up some kind of stomach bug and was sick all last night. Feeling better today, though tired.

  4. I wish you the best success, but we already know it will be 😊👍 I look forward to when it’s completed 🏆

  5. When will we know a bit more ? the story in 2 lines 😉
    its a sci-fi +1
    its has humor +1
    in space ?
    Action ?
    actors ??
    anyway if you say we’ll love it …I trust you 🙂

  6. I know I will love it as you are a brilliant writer with a lot of heart and insight on what works in the genre and its delivery platforms (TV & Film). I wish you all the success and happiness this project will undoubtedly bring. I have the utmost faith in you and your endeavors.

  7. Always had faith you would not be left waiting long for your next opportunity, congrats and goody!!

  8. Just please tell me that Syfy has nothing to do with this and that it will not air on that network.

  9. never thought you were sitting this out. Like me during therapy today, you many have too much to say in the short time, but you like working. I never thought otherwise. If it was not for that simple goal. I would not know what to shot for. Waiting for your details, doesn’t sound like the negative I read from the car show.

  10. Man. I’m excited. Can you tell us the format? Like hour show? Movie? On TV I assume?

    Hope it all goes great. I can’t get enough SF.

  11. Age has it’s advantages. You’ve developed a big network. You KNOW who’s easy/fun/competent to work with.

    When are “we” going to Japan? 😉

    My friends brought me tea from Russia and it’s very, very good. To me, it’s better than the tea they brought back from Turkey. I’m surprised by that.

    Not much going on in my world. My microwave is broken but I have another one on order. You don’t know how much you use something, until it’s gone… 🙁

    1. Just a little something to add: I finished listening to “Sleeping Beauties” by Stephen & Owen King. Stephen/Owen, at the end of the book had a little interview. Interesting tidbit they shared is that Stephen used to hire Owen to read books and record them for him, when Owen was a kid. This was before audiobooks were a thing. That was a great idea. The kid makes mula, he reads a book AND you get an audiobook!

  12. Seriously, there is an awesome galaxy of Stargate alums making cool shows and movies. If DM/Stargate/Orphan Black creators are making something new and I’m so there. I’m off to listen to more Johnny Hallyday, can’t get enough of Tennessee and Je Te Promets, coolest dude ever.

  13. Will this be filmed in Canada with beloved Canadian actors? Perhaps some familiar faces?

  14. Looking forward to more on Project A…which I hope hasn’t already been sabotaged by your smoooooth sailing comment. 😉


  15. YYYEEESSS! Enfin, peut-être un autre show de science-fiction!! Bonne chance.

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