November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Winter is almost upon us and, while it’s almost impossible to coax my french bulldog, Lulu, outdoors at the mere sight of snow, our senior pug, Suji, loves the frisky weather.  I don’t know what it is – maybe the fact that she was, literally, raised in a barn – but she seems impervious to the elements and has no problem with snow.  Hell, she loves the stuff – sniffle-snaffling and trotting aboubt, literally punching down the soft powder with her paws until WE have enough, scoop her up and bring her inside.  I suspect she may have some Viking blood in her.

November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Warm AND fashionable.

November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Rudolph’s substitute.

November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Not sure whether she looks festive or old world East European ecclesiastical.November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Seeing triple.  Natural Japan Eats, a farmer’s market favorite for Japanese treats, created these awesome Suji onigiri.

November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Carbing up for those cold winter months.

November 26, 2017: My Cold Weather Dog!

Of course, being cosy warm indoors aint so bad either.

33 thoughts on “November 26, 2017: My cold weather dog!

  1. Those Siji onigin are amazing! Very creative.
    Suji is such a tough cookie. Lulu however is, like most of us, sensible when it comes to cold weather – prefers to stay snuggly and warm.
    My pup, Puddle, hates anything wet… rain, baths and yes, puddles. Great for a dog that comes to work with a gardener!

  2. Wow, the camera really does love Suji. Every pic looks great. But, that one of Akemi and Suji is just beautiful!

    Is that a filter on the photo or did Akemi really do her hair that awesome colour? Looks great!

  3. I call our chigi an Ohio chihuahua because her shorter, thicker corgi legs cause her to stay warm. It’s cute when she jumps for snow flakes. The down side is she tires quickly swimming and she’s a big wimp about heat.

    One summer AM, she started pulling on my wrist. (It’s ok when herding dogs do that. ) Usually, that’s just to pull me down to rub her belly, but this time she was taking me somewhere. I went along and once in front of the air conditioner, she stopped and looked at it. I feigned ignorance to test how intentional this was. She was about to grab my wrist again, so I turned it on and she left me alone. The wimpy part is it wasn’t that hot yet, she was just trying to stay ahead of the heat.

  4. I’m with Lulu. I’m impossible to coax outside when it snows. Maybe Suji stays out in the snow on purpose so her parents will “scoop her up” and make her come it. Nice to have someone who loves and cares about you. Lucky girl and it shows. She is beautiful.

  5. I would love to go out in the snow too. We don’t generally get snow in the suburbs of Melbourne. Perhaps Suji finds it gentler on her feet or maybe she just likes showing off those beautiful, warm coats.

    My cat used to flop in the middle of the floor in Summer. She had a long, thick coat. I would put the fan on. She loved the fan.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Lots of Suji love!! Love the outfits. She is definitely the “belle of the ball” bringing the seasonal cheer!

    Did you watch any movies this weekend? I watched The Great Wall on HBO. I actually liked it so much I’ve watched it 3 times. Fun, frivolous romp. Love the set designs & costumes.

  7. Give your pups an extra hug tonight. At 9:30 we said goodbye to our wonderful lab, Aisha, We’ve suspected since September that she might have cancer, but it was confirmed tonight when she fractured her leg due to the tumor that had spread. She gave us love for 14 1/2 years and we will miss her every day.

    1. So sorry to hear you’ve lost your dear Aisha. Take care of yourselves.
      Will be thinking of you all, tonight

    2. I’m so sorry to hear about Aisha. It doesn’t matter how old they are/were….it’s such a difficult thing to endure.

    3. sorry to hear the story. It is never a good time. Keep her good thoughts in your memory.

  8. Joe, I think you are missing Nov. 25th and Twitter caught your Date-Challenged Mind when you originally posted this one as Nov. 28th. 😆

    @ Tam – I am the only one who will admit it! 😆 This week, just call me “Five Weeks”. Count down to retirement has gotten serious. End of December and then I-am-outta-there!

  9. OMG! Suji is just so incredibly cute, and what a great life she and Lulu are leading now! Miss you all.

  10. You sure brightened my day with this comment I suspect she may have some Viking blood in her. and the pictures. Thanks!

  11. Need to go to local chocolate shop as my hot chocolate from Soma (Maya) ran out this morning. If I got back to work, it would be simpler, but not happening soon (3months soonest). Then I could just fly to YYZ. I am getting better as public TV had a show about the Hmong and how they came to Minnesota. It bought back memories from when I worked at the Senators office during the time this refugee issue was in the news. Memories! My mom’s dog dosn’t like it when is rains much less snows.

  12. Joe, check out Grace Vanderwaal, she won Americas got talent last year she is a Pug owner and her music is Really great.

  13. Very sorry and saddened for your loss of Aisha, Sparrow_hawk. You’ll have 14+ years of wonderful memories to cherish.

  14. Suji is just so precious in her tailored outfits. Those photos of her look like she knows she’s swinging the fashion and mugging for the camera. What does Lulu have to say about all this?

    Feeling nostalgic lately, so I’m re-watching my DVD’s of Stargate Atlantis from S1 onward. Gee, it was such a great show and just love the stories and sets!

    1. I agree. I’ve been having a little Teyla, Shepperd, McKay, Ronan, Beckett, Weir, Wolsey, O’Neal nostalgia. Rewatching The Return.

  15. @Sparrow_hawk … I am sorry. They just don’t tell you until it’s too late to do anything. But 14 1/2 yrs is a fantastic amount of love and care. ((( hugs)))

    The onigirl is bigger than the dog! Suji looks so cute in her winter gear. 🙂

    Ya know, Akemi used to be cute. As she ages, she has become truly beautiful.

    May you both continue to have a life of happiness.

  16. Wow. Amazing shot at the end of your post. You could have a fall-back profession as a Glamour Shots photographer.

  17. That is a beautiful pic of your girls, aw! Waiting for Suji’s “Let it Go” cover, please include a vid of her sniffle snaffles because it sounds beyond cute.

    I’m recovering from a week long binge on honey baked ham, chilly games of Horse (I lost every time) and The Punisher. There wasn’t enough pecan pie as usual.

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