November 26, 2017: Happy Dark Matter Family Day!

Apparently, it’s Dark Matter Family Day on twitter, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello and thanks to our extended Dark Matter family – cast, crew, production personnel, and fans.  While others may conspire to keep us apart, it’s nice to see the familiar spirit that was the heart of the show still alive and well in all of you.

To those of you wondering, the production has read all your letters (in the end, upwards of 1000) and is in the process of sending out goodies to some lucky fans. Alas, I have no idea who they’ve chosen, so if you do receive something in the mail, let us know.  Would love to know who got what!

November 26, 2017: Happy Dark Matter Family Day!

It’s been a while since our last tweetstorm and I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a little get-together before the holidays.  I’m going to select a night the week of December 4th for a 1-2 hour Dark Matter (heck, maybe even Stargate)-themed Q&A on twitter.   Over the course of those two hours, I’ll field all of your questions, offer up some behind the scenes pics and videos, and even offer up some never-revealed insights into the show’s creation, production, and what I had planned for the future.  Did SIX really give up his life at the end of the third season finale?  Given everything he did, how could the seemingly irredeemable Ryo Ishida possibly reintegrate into the crew?  Who the heck were Kryden and Carina?

This event will be for our North American fans (and, of course, any other fans world-wide who are willing to stay up), but I’ll follow up with a similar event for our International fans so they don’t feel left out.  So, if you’ve got some burning Dark Matter (and perhaps Stargate)-related questions, file them away.   And stay tuned for more details on date and time!

November 26, 2017: Happy Dark Matter Family Day!

35 thoughts on “November 26, 2017: Happy Dark Matter Family Day!

  1. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    I hope all is well with you and your family, happy belated thanksgiving. I was wondering if Stargate atlantis or universe for that matter might get a revival with a new network or producer. Also, what’s your take on the new Lord of the rings tv show, do you think they going to bring the silmarillon to life?

    cheers and if you are ever in Morocco please give a shout out to take you to a paul boucouse restaurant.

  2. Thanks for the update, Joe. Looking forward to the Q&A and hopeful for a possible surprise in the mail!

    By the way, USPS says my letter was delivered around 11/8. It was addressed to Prodigy Pictures per your instructions, but the outer shipping envelope needed a name, so I put your name on it. Is there any way you can confirm it made it to the right place?

    Thanks, and thank you so much for Dark Matter,

  3. I’ve been a part of the #DarkMatterFamily twitter tweet today. It’s been great fun so far, with loads of photo and verbal memories of such a great show. It’s also been quite hard as it brings home the fact that we’ve been robbed (so far?) of answers to so many questions and story arcs.
    So, thanks Joe for the Q&A next week. I’m sure we’ll keep you very, very busy 😁

    PS Thanks for NEVER letting us down. It’s so, so much appreciated

  4. That was a great mail response. Looking forward to hearing from our swag-winning #DarkMatter #RazaCrew family, when they receive some goodies.

    Always love your Q&As – cool 😎

  5. I just started re-watching SGU, and am midway through the first season – it is amazingly even better seeing it again – SGU and Dark Matter are the only 2 shows I’ve ever been really unhappy to have them go (both well before they should have on any level). That isn’t to say that I like SG1 any less – I was very unhappy when that was cancelled, especially given that Ben Browder had really meshed into the show well – but at least SG1 had had 10 incredible years. Watching SGU again now, I can see how well it was crafted, and on so many levels and that is just as Dark Matter has been- and while ‘what if’s’ are always just idle speculation – Had SGU and Dark Matter ever had the exposure from a network that had its own stable recognition (Showtime, even USA as examples), I would bet they might still both be around. SYFY, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to know what its identity should be – it can’t decide whether it should cater to science fiction fans, or reality ones or horror and blood fans – though, unfortunately, it clearly isn’t comfortable, as it once was, when it’s name was SciFi instead of SYFY, with pure science fiction based series. The Expanse, though a good show – not anywhere near Dark Matter – hasn’t, if my research is correct, attracted a fan base that matches or exceeds Dark Matter. I won’t speculate whether it will have another season beyond the one soon to be aired -SYFY is apparently so apprehensive about making any commitments to a scripted series – do they have any scripted series that has more than a 10 episode order made for a season. Dark Matter’s 13 episodes per season seemed to be more of a commitment than they’ve been able to make with any series for some time – (other than a reality type show such as Face Off).
    I have to repeat and echo what was said above – Many thanks for all you have put into and created and continue to with Dark Matter. I do look forward to whatever else you may get behind as well – though, unlikely as it still is, even were 6’s fate known, and even were we to find out just who or what Kryden and Carina are – to say nothing about where the Black Ships are from and what will happen when they get into this universe – even were we to know those, it is hard to accept that Dark Matter doesn’t have some ongoing place for its stories – It would be great if one day .. Zack

  6. Wow 1000 letters! Dark Matter fans are amazing! Will let you know if I was one of those lucky few to get chosen. ~crossing fingers~

    Thanks again to the production team for taking the time to read all those letters, and for being willing to share a Dark Matter with us all.

  7. I hope Dark Matter will be returning soon! I’ve signed the petitions and I hope to see an announcement soon

  8. I will miss Dark Matter! I’m sorry we fans were not able to save the show!
    D. R. West
    Ft. Worth, TX

  9. Hello Joe, Happy Dark Matter Day. If I’m not working during the Q&A I’ll send some questions your way. Thanks for doing it on Twitter. 😊 Wow, 1000 letters is huge. Knowing the number of letters and that it’s being chosen by production I don’t think I have any chance. Oh well. I’m still really glad I took the time to tell you what the show meant to me. I hope you got to read it.

    I hope you, akemi and the dogs are well. Was the LA trip a success? I must catch up on your posts.

    I’ve been picking up some casual shifts at the library. It’s great when I can pick up a shift on Sunday as it’s worth a couple of days work.

    Heads-up for Stargate fans, on Monday night the DCTV crossover event starts at 8PM on the CW. Stargate Atlantis/Universe Stunt Co-ordinator, James Bamford, directed the Arrow part (airs Monday at 9PM). His episodes are always amazing.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. My most favourite serial. Just waiting eagerly for the next season. Android, Two, Three, Five and Six- i miss all my favourites. Miss you all. Please come back soon ! Happy Thanksgivings Team !

  11. I really miss the show and all of the cast was one of the best shows on tv in a long time wish we could have seen where it was going to go

  12. Hey what’s up u good AND very good actors and staffs members.
    Ask 10 billionaires to sponsor Dark Matter shows forever. We need, want, love, good adventure, etc… , didn’t we.

  13. Ponytail: I was just baiting you with that Shark boy comment yesterday. You’re the only one on the blog that liked it. 🙂
    When is your last day at work?

    “Dark Matter’s” cancellation is just another reason to hide from reality. This last year has been super stressful (shows being cancelled, friends dying & the election crap). I find myself with headphones in my ears most of the time to escape all the hate/crazy.

    BTW, Dr Jo’s family gave me her swim mP3 player. Some of the music she loaded gives me a smile during my morning swim. (“Super Freak”, “Play that funky music white boy” and other tunes like that) Dr Jo liked 70’s up tempo tunes while she swam. 🙂

    1. She’s a brick house! We are family! I love the 70’s! Glad for the smile!

      BTW, I love Spy Kids another R. Rodriquez production for kids. And who doesn’t like Harvey K. Quentin T. George C. Juliette L. in From Dusk to Dawn?

    2. That is so nice that they gave you something so personal for Dr. Jo. I love 70’s music. Plan on using a few in that 25th wedding anniversary video for Jeff that now isn’t likely to get done until 2018. Maybe I’ll have it ready by Valentine’s Day.

  14. Hey Joe, if you have a chance to watch it, give a look at this new show, Philip K Dick Electric Dream. I saw it advertize on Space for January. A friend hook me up with the 1st 6 episodes who ran in the UK already. It’s pretty good. Kind of in the same vain as Outer Limits, but based on short story from PKD. You have my email, if you’re interrested, write me and I’ll hook you up with these. Since you have an eye for production and story telling, I’d like to know what you think.

  15. Thank you for the heads up on the letters. I sent my letter in late October, and I even posted it through registered mail since in my country, regular post in NOT reliable. Silly me, I did not include any email for a notification in case the Production team chose to do that.
    Anyways, as a recommendation, if you post anything to Mexico, please use a special carrier, or registered mail as a minimum. As much as it pains me to say this, otherwise, things tend to get “lost in space” upon arriving to our borders.
    Have a great Dark Matter Family Day!

  16. Wow! A thousand letters is a lot of mail! I hope you get a chance to read some of them at your leisure. Sorry I missed the twitter family fest.

    I’d love answers to the questions you listed already: Six’s fate and Ryo’s redemption arc. Also, what about Three and his cyber sweetie who was kidnapped? And how about Five’s mystery sister?

    You got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

  17. Great show, I truly hope, this show continues to run. My wife and I watch it together. The cast is perfect, and the effects are excwllent!!!!!

  18. I think I missed something, is this show going to have another season, I enjoyed what I saw on Netflix.

  19. My wife & I huge fans ,me dark matter and Atlantis well everything. We really like see new production fan and $ are here ,I understand and don’t understand problems. Looking forward to get together thanks

  20. It ‘s very strange but watching the show I always felt like i was reuniting with family everyone so familure.
    I think it is intresting that you refer to fans , cast and crew as family. Miss the show terribly.

  21. Looking foward to answers, insights, behind the scenes photos & much more. Doubt I’ll be able to participate as I will be traveling mid week to visit with family up in West Virginia.

    I typically don’t “win” in the drawings I enter though when I was 9 I won a Christmas stocking and I won 2 plastic holiday pumpkins 5 wks ago… I’m on a roll. Fingers crossed!!

  22. Even though I’m the type of person who never wins anything, I’m holding out hope for a hero prop.

    Thanks for doing this.

    And, again, it is a crime against sci-fi that your show was cancelled.

  23. I love the group pictures. I skip by Sci-Fi channel and shake my head. Melissa still makes me take (exhale) a deep breath.

  24. Sorry I missed out on the Twitter #DarkMatterFamilyDay I’m in full gear of getting a huge amount of stuff done before the end of the year. Catching up on the blog is something on the list. Making some progress here.

    Jeff put too many lights on our tree and blew a fuse at the electrical box outside. Ca-ching! Electrician is coming out tomorrow. So much to do….time is already going by too fast.

  25. As a big fan of SGU and Dark Matter, I’m dying for soundtrack releases! Any hope for either??

  26. I was at the MoA getting some exercise. (still worker on those balance issue. Walking not much of a problem but it does take conscious effort, surprisingly.) I stopped in to the video/electronics store. I checked out the video title for movies and TV show. To no surprise DM was not on the shelf.

  27. i realize i’m just a fan & was never much of a fan of syfy even before their rebrand from scifi channel, but i have a thought. i have no doubt you realize by now the massive international fan following dark matter has amassed in such a relatively short amount of time. ever thought about crowd sourced funding to at least finish off the story, if not continue the story until you have nothing else to tell? rather than the dubious task of looking for a network, host it online as original streaming content, since it’s already your original creation (syfy’s biggest complaint, so you made it seem). think about the revenue base available not just from we fans who want to see more, but the potential revenue from new streaming clientele. think about it….

  28. Curious, is there anything left from the show? Like a t-shirt or anything? I would love something. So gutted over the cancellation. Its hard to walk away from after being so ingrained into a tv show universe only to have it be left open ended. You invest so much time and love for the characters. I recently watched it for a 2nd time, more of a “notice things I missed the first time” watch. It would be great to have this show on bluray with extras and a post conversation with the cast.

    People on youtube were asking is there a full version of the dark matter theme song? Was it created to just be a short clip? There is also a bunch of youtube videos with some of the music that was in the episodes. One guy even created two dark matter inspired tracks!

    We have been a fan of yours for a long time, my mom has loved Stargate SG1 for a super long time, got me into it and Atlantis as well.

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