November 23, 2017: This ‘n That!

Quick, get in!  Next stop = Slumber Land!

November 23, 2017: This ‘n That!

Hey, if you’re thinking of making our dogs new outfits, Akemi offers up the following doggy measurements.  I think she does a fairly good job of capturing Suji’s trademark wide-eyed wonder, and Lulu’s general furtiveness.

November 23, 2017: This ‘n That!

Who feels like kaka for dinner?  Pardon me?  Happened across this sign for a new Japanese restaurant a little while ago.  Debatable name aside, not sure how a restaurant that has yet to open can claim to be the “No. 1 rated all-you-can-eat sushi in Toronto”.  Who voted?  Time-traveling nigiri-enthusiasts from the future?

November 23, 2017: This ‘n That!

I’m sure we can all agree that, next to politics and religion, there is no subject more controversial than marzipan.  Its mere mention will incite a tirade so impassioned from my former writing partner you’d think almond paste had somehow played a role in the tragic passing of a loved one.  I, on the other hand, love the stuff, so you can imagine my delight the other day when I happened upon a Danish Pastry House pop-up and discovered the above pictured delicacy – some unpronounceable North Germanic confection comprised of marzipan, chocolate, sliced almonds, and assorted umlauts.  Delicious!

November 23, 2017: This ‘n That!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.  May you be as generous as the Mark Sanchez-led Jets offense, and as thankful as the New England Patriots defense five years ago today.

17 thoughts on “November 23, 2017: This ‘n That!

  1. Does “Kaka” mean something in Japanese? Maybe it’s No 1 rated elsewhere in the country and is now opening in Toronto? In my experience, anything “all you can eat” is usually comprised of things you’d rather not actually eat.

    Marzipan, on the other hand, I could eat all day! Alas, I’m travelling to the UK this Christmas so probably won’t get a chance to bake my trademark Stollen, which is filled with marzipan and frangipane. My girlfriend’s mum will be baking a Christmas cake that will be covered in marzipan and icing, though!

  2. The kids look so cute in their bunny hugs. Yeah, kaka isn’t a name that inspires mouthwatering anticipation. Former writing partner? You and Paul broke up? Noo!

  3. Happy American turkey day also,, We had lasagna,, but with a side of double layer pumpkin pie, a nap and dishes washed, whew, glad the day is done.
    I love Akemi’s pictures and measurements, all necessary for her terrific outfits!!!

  4. Kaka comes from Markham. And they have a restaurant with that name there as well.

    I guess in their mind Markham is part of Toronto. More Kaka.

  5. I’d be immediately suspicious of any restaurant named KaKa. Time will tell!

    Love Akemi’s creative illustrations with detailed measurements. Sadly I don’t knit, crochet, or sew.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the states! Had to work but hey, it’s time and a half and i was still able to have an awesome meal afterward compliments of my best friend’s husband’s mother. I’m a southern girl at heart, couldn’t get enough of the sweet potato casserole!

    Stay safe during this holiday season! Don’t shop til you drop!

  6. I’ve never heard of Kaka, at least in the restaurant sense. I’m sure they’ll be successful. Who wouldn’t want to respond to the question, “what did you have for dinner last night?” with the answer, “We had some kaka!”

    Anyway, those pups sure look cute. I’m not sure that I could make them any doggie clothes, though. Wait, I am sure. I couldn’t. 🙂

    Is it okay to be indifferent to marzipan? It’s okay, maybe even good if I’m in the right mood. 🙂

    Off to PEI for the weekend to visit friends!

  7. Oh, marzipan, so yum. The commissary on base stocks all manner of European Christmas treats, and baking marzipan, so I can get my annual fix. That pastry is drool worthy for sure.

    I can sew a bit, but doggie clothes may be beyond my skill level!

    We had a mellow Turkey Day, mostly putting the Christmas lights on the roof. Beautiful warm day, so why not? No dinner. Flying east to see husband’s family is a no go (drama + money + time off = indigestion), the friendsgiving fell prey to busy schedules and an unemployed hostess, my family has mostly passed on, and my one remaining brother prefers his turkey at Chuck-a-rama. So I made a nice sweet potato cake, husband made shrimp scampi and rice. We’ll do turkey eventually, when we feel like it.

  8. Randomly throwing this out there, but if you haven’t watched Inuyashiki yet Joe, you should. It was created by the author behind Gantz. It also has a middle aged protagonist and its awesome.

  9. I love that first picture of Lulu and Suji. Suji has a Mona Lisa smile, and Lulu is dourly frowning. Lulu is looking straight into the camera, while Suji is gazing off scene, perhaps dreaming of a better world. It’s a keeper.

  10. Always love puppy pictures. I think Akemi’s drawings are perfect.

    I’d be suspicious of any claim of any business with zero history claiming to be No 1 in any town. Sounds like a lot of caca to me.

    My Thanksgiving was nice. I didn’t have a huge amount of pet sitting. Since my local restaurants weren’t providing us with anything we cared to ask for a to-go order from, we had to go a different way this year. Cooking! Yes actual cooking! Of course Jeff was supposed to help, and he did with the green beans. Wednesday night I made FRESH cranberry sauce from scratch for the first time in my lifetime. I was skeptical, but it came out pretty good. I cooked the carrots Wednesday evening, too. I also steamed the sweet potatoes.

    I decided the creamed onions I was making ALSO FROM SCRATCH wouldn’t do well with a cream sauce a day before so when I got back at 7 a.m. from my pet sitting, I started with that. That took a LOT longer than the recipe said it should. And because it was baking in my only oven (don’t have a double oven space), I had to wait for that. So I prepared the turkey, put it in the oven, drove to my two pet sitting appointments and got back. It wound up having to sit longer than I had hoped. I whipped up the mashed potatoes, sliced the sweet potatoes and glazed them with brown sugar & butter, stuffing. I put some yeast rolls in the oven.

    I was so pleased everything came out so well. The turkey was so incredibly moist. Patrick even sat down with us. His favorites were the stuffing, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes with some sneaked-in turkey pieces.

    Then a few hours later he had another breakthrough seizure.

    Our dessert was pre-made. I got a single-slice of frozen pumpkin pie and Jeff got his traditional apple pie that was cooked but bought from the frozen food department.

    So it was a good experience. I told Jeff I didn’t want to do this again at Christmas so perhaps I’ll just make a pan of lasagna. He thought that would be just fine.

  11. Wasn’t Mark Sanchez playing the part of the Sci Fi channel canceling Dark Matter in that GIF?

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