Recently, much of my days are spent reading, writing, and in creative discussions over the phone, via email, or while enjoying double chocolate mochas.  Again, the plan was to take time off, travel, catch a bunch of matinees, but the opportunities that have presented themselves have proven too intriguing to pass up.  Besides, in this business you just never know.  One day you can be juggling a half dozen slam-dunk prospects and, the next, you can be wondering where it all went.  Suffice it to say, it’s always a good idea to have more than a few balls in the air.  It’s always not a bad idea to diversify your creative portfolio.  With 350+ hours of television to my credit as a produce (100+ hours as a writer), most of it in the sci-fi realm, I’m more than happy to field offers in that particular arena.  On the other hand, if the prospect of working in another genre (fantasy, horror, crime) presented itself, I’d be delighted to pursue.

Considering the various tangible prospects that have recently crossed my desk (everything from materials forwarded for review to participatory deals), and accounting for crossover in certain categories, they break down as follows:

SF: 50+%

Horror: 20%

Fantasy: 10%

Comic book-related: 25%

Adaptations: 67%

A lot of very interesting stuff that has kept me very busy of late.

BUT not too busy to keep me from my reading!  I’m pleased to report that of the 44 (2017 release) titles I listed  on my blog last week, I’ve managed to read five (3 very good,1 okay, and 1 excellent) and abandoned one after a hundred pages. Only 39 more to go!

November 21, 2017: Projects! Books! Robots!

While the poop emoji is the new hot thing and Akemi is all about the hearts, the thinking emoji is far and away my favorite because it reminds me of my former Stargate cohort Carl Binder –

November 21, 2017: Projects! Books! Robots!

Oh, hey!  The Robopocalypse is upon us!





18 thoughts on “November 21, 2017: Projects! Books! Robots!

  1. Speaking of Slaughterbots, how about doing a show spinning off a plotline from Dark Matter about Robots infiltrating human society. My show The Invaders was about aliens successfully infiltrating & was a cult hit back in its day. Zobot had such a great sense of humor and AI is so in vogue now, so it would be cool to meld those ideas into at least a movie if not a series. The concepts you explored in Dark Matter could very well bloom into other ideas, especially with themes that work so well (like in that Stranger Things-like episode of DM). I hope you will pick a great project that will bring you lots of success! You’re brilliant at what you

  2. It’s great that you’re so busy already. But for someone with your talent that’s not surprising! 🙂 I hope we hear some news soon!

    I do believe the robots are coming, but in the sense that increasing automation is going to cause disruption in employment. I don’t think that our current economic system is prepared for the kind of displacement that is going to happen.

  3. So glad to hear there are potential projects keeping you busy! We can only wait and hope.
    I love technology and science fiction. I love the latest gadget and my phone, tablet and computer. Why am I so reluctant to get Alexa and why am I so terrified of those robots? Maybe it’s my “Terminator, BSG” past!

    1. I have an Alexa. She’s great fun and very useful but if you don’t speak to her for a day or so she gets a bit moody and doesn’t carry out requests/commands when you first ask her. Honest!

  4. I cannot wait to see what’s next. There surely is a next from you, not a shred of doubt.

    I can usually tell when I am talking to an AI on a robocall. As I give increasingly weird responses, an AI will cheerfully plow on when fed a couple key words, even in the most oddball context. A real person gets frustrated, and if English is not their first language, very confused.

  5. I like the animated emojis.

    We eagerly await your project decision!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. people! We’re heading to my mom’s house for the day tomorrow. Today I have to whip up the cranberry sauce and desserts. Yes, that’s all my control happy mom will let me bring. It’s hard to pitch in because of distance though.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!

    1. Guess we were both doing cranberry sauce then. Once I feel comfortable with the recipe (which I am now), the next time I make it I’ll make it with the baking kind of Stevia and see if that tastes the same with so many less calories.

  6. For your anime question:

    From my son’s girlfriend: Fruits Basket “it feels like it would be easy to do, really entertaining, a lot of good messages and likable characters.”

  7. I’m still having a hard time accepting Dark Matters cancelation. I’m heading over to Netflix to watch the pilot episode now.

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