Courtesy of Mean Jean Brophey!

Matt Purdy, Jozie Conte, and Kelly Anastasiou – behind the scenes on EOS-7.

Bits and pieces – Episode 304, “All the Time in the World”

Turn off the damn light!  Can’t you see Mishka Thebaud is trying to sleep here!

Ready to shoot – Episode 304, “All the Time in the World”.

Our little lady, laid up.

Checking out the weekend weather updates between scenes.

Andrew Moodie (aka Teku Fonsei) = Dinner for one.

Lisa Amaral Wright with the last minute check on the day’s munition facility menu.

Dave Sheridan sets up his next shot from afar.

Anthony Lemke is exhausted after a long day’s shoot.


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Hi Joe
It always amazes me to see the amount of people it takes to shoot a show.
Thanks for these peeks behind the curtain.



Great shots!


Loving these never before seen pics.

Nathan Dionne
Nathan Dionne

This reminds me, we are a few days past the deadline now, aren’t we? How many letters did you end up getting?


These photos are great fun. Anthony /THREE looks so tired. Ahh, bless

Hope Prodigy Productions isn’t sending any of those body parts through the post to fans! That could give someone quite a shock!


Hey Joe, have you been able to catch The Punisher on Netflix? I binged over the weekend. I really wanted to love it, because The Punisher is my favorite comic character. And Bernthal nails it. But I found it way too talky. I found it essentially a drama with Frank Castle plugged in.

Besides the Punisher scenes, the only other saving point for me was casting Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Micro. He was outstanding.

Margaret Clayton

Terrific pictures, thanks for the peek!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I’ve wondered why people go into “show business” but seeing your pictures…It looks like A LOT of fun. I’m sure all the writing gigs haven’t been this fun but still, you’ve been lucky. Hope the next adventure tops them all!

Any decisions on condos yet? I only have one friend that’s “well to do” and he has one humongous house and several condos in different places. He splits the condos with his brothers though. Spreads the costs out that way.

Everyone have a good weekend? We had a cold front move in, so it was a minor migraine weekend for me. We stayed in and binged Lord of the Rings.


I’m feeling spoiled with all the BTS photos! Thanks to Mean Jean Brophey for these ones 👍


Keep ‘em coming! Loving all the BTS shots. Looks like your crew spends a lot of time “sitting”, “sleeping” & “reclining”. Poor Teku, looks like no one would eat with him.


Love these as well.