I fell asleep on the couch and napped for two hours today.

I’m getting more forgetful.

I pulled something doing lunges two weeks ago and now my inability to cut has diminished my confidence in my ability to play the corner position.

Instead of doubling its character limit, I really feel twitter would have been better served by adding an edit function instead.

I prefer the smaller model iPhones instead of the new ones that come with their own backpacks.

My french bulldog Lulu is getting heavier to carry around, but she’s not really getting any heavier.

I find club-decibel level music in retail stores annoying.

The most accessed function on my iPhone is the flashlight app which I use to read restaurant menus.

I think the 2000 and 2003 X-Men movies are far superior to pretty much any Marvel movie produced since (with the possible exception of Deadpool).

Watching Avengers: Age of Ultron was, for me, like watching somebody else play video games for three excruciating hours.

My favorite incarnation of Spiderman remains Gerry Conway’s run on Amazing Spiderman (#111-149).

My “pajamas” consist of a pair of comfy fleece pants and varied anime-themed t-shirts.

I am constantly frustrated by the limit of my laptop’s screen-brightening ability.

I no longer even feign interest in people who dislike dogs.

My bedtime has gotten increasingly earlier as I make time to read before going to sleep.  But once a night, I will get out of bed to go downstairs and watch Monday Night Football.

I drink chamomile tea at night

I remember a time before eco-friendly appliances, when dishwashers would actually get all your dishes and cutlery clean – in less than an hour!

I still open doors for people, strike up conversations with complete strangers, and hold the elevator rather than pretend to look away while surreptitiously hitting the “close” button.

I’ve come to the understanding that whiskey isn’t necessarily something you usually enjoy in company.

I’m getting more forgetful.

40 thoughts on “November 11, 2017: Signs I may be getting old!

  1. Welcome to your 50’s!! 🙂

    I would add to that having to take off your “far” glasses so that you can see what you’re eating better.

    I’m assuming the blog header meant “getting old”, not “told”, but maybe that was intentional. Both work, I guess!

  2. Welcome to the club, we are proud to have you join us. It’s not as bad as it seems, your enemies die and you care less about making new ones. Things happen more than once and you enjoy them like it’s the first time. Life, which was going so fast, finally reaches that speed point where things are still and you can immerse yourself in the moment. You’re in good company- yourself. Everything that really doesn’t matter will fall away and your well honed coping skills will effortlessly protect you. It’s not so bad.

  3. Like Once I said to my Brother ..”There is that thing That I will never forget and it’s ..well I forgot it !” 😀

  4. Don’t worry Joe. It’s not just you …
    I can no longer tolerate spicy food.
    I need to wear comfortable, springy shoes.
    I get annoyed at those young men and bratlets that take up seats on crowded underground trains.
    I cannot tolerate bad driving.
    I prefer the company of my dog and two cats.
    I forget words mid sentence
    I sometimes walk into a room or go upstairs and suddenly wonder why before I remember why.
    I seem to lose things more frequently and going to the usual places to find them no longer seems to work.
    I get scared at the idea of trying something new (!)
    Something gets stuck in my brain and I can’t stop going over it again and again

    There’s a test ‘they’ do
    Draw a circle
    Put the numbers 12, 6, 3 & 9, followed by the rest of the numbers as found on a clock face.
    Then put in a long hand and a short hand to show it’s, say, ten to two.
    The freakingly scary thing is, it may look fine to you but to everyone else observing, the image you may have drawn is nothing like a clock.

    That’s the test doctors carry out for Alzheimer’s… Beware!

  5. While I share some of those “symptoms”……I can’t help but think…”fleece pajama pants”?🤔😂

  6. PS Forgot to mention (!) I hate, hate, hate LOUD & NOISY TV channels that cancel really great shows!

  7. I could say I’m getting older too, but since I had a traumatic brain injury last year, I have limit monopoly as that excuse. I was in a diagnosed coma for 10 days and was at a couple of hospitals, but I could not say where; there is a joke in that. I didn’t know where I was until I saw the trees, and after I was the attractive girl get up from her chair in my room after I awoke from sleep. My stated goal is to get back to work; am now 52. I now there are others who talk retirement, but the boredom would be what would get me. I have played the Lazadder. The other day the dentist office called to give me a same day opening. My sister was graduating from her training as an FA, and her husband later called to take me; my Mom was doe in the state from FL because her sister just had an operation. In the end the dentist office called me at 3:00 wondering if I was going to come in. Totally forgot I agreed to the appointment. I’m getting old, now I know how.

  8. I find club-decibel level music in retail stores annoying.

    Try twenty-something clothing stores. Next time my daughter wants me to go shopping with her, I need to remember to pack earplugs!

    I can add one of my own:

    Having to wear blended reading glasses even though my distance vision is still 20/15!

    There are a few others that are arthritis and joint related, but then this comment would turn into just a grumpy old man complaining about his medical ailments…

  9. Having a great conversation with someone until you get to the name of something you are talking about then blanking on the name. Getting more impatient with people who block aisles… Yeah, I hate getting older too.

  10. I was recently told on Reddit that a woman my age shouldn’t use bad language. Um, I was a sailor. I earned my vocabulary. I now do what I want. Mostly I want naps and cats, agreeable food, happy poops, and excellent TV which won’t be capriciously axed. And baggy velvet leggings with an oversized Daryl Dixon t-shirt to lounge in.

  11. You forgot to mention that while they are not getting taller, the hills are getting steeper.

  12. I’m probably in the minority but I like the new Marvel flicks. More humor, and less angst is what we need in the world. Since you’re a writer, you probably see more of the flaws. In some ways, ignorance IS bliss.

    Hubby and I were watching Season 2 of Stranger Things, he was going ballistic over the computer scene with Bob. (I’m trying not to give spoilers) Anyways, my hubby is a computer guy and when Bob was “on the spot” writing a program for Basic, I thought my hubby was going to lose it. It sent hubby straight to his Jefferson’s Ocean. I suspect he was using that as an excuse. 😉

    Yes, it’s easy to get nostalgic over the old days but think of all the advancements! Tablets, e-readers, a zillion choices on film entertainment, online shopping… Personally, I’m looking forward to automated cars. When I get old, I’ll just click on my destination address. Of course, my vision will be even more compromised, so no telling where I’ll end up. 🙂

    I wish you many naps!

    1. I don’t think I could ever let a car drive for me, even as stressful as it is to go into downtown Houston or the medical center. The most I will let a car “drive for me” is cruise control. Contrary, Jeff HATES cruise control but would get into a car that drove itself in a New York minute. He kept telling me no one would die if cars drove themselves, but then I point out actually someone did die in a car wreck involving a self-driving car.

      1. I can’t wait for self driving cars; not to own one but to ping an app and have one shuttle me where I please; I’m ready for that Minority Report future.

  13. At 58, I’m not “getting”, I “am” old.

    If I don’t interrupt, burst out and say something that has come to my mind while talking to someone, I’ll forget what I was going to say.

    While waiting for my flat tire to be repaired yesterday, of the 12 people sitting waiting, only 2 were not on their cell phones texting. I was one of the 2.

    I noticed my accidental naps are getting longer. Gone are the 20 minute, 45 minute naps. Last night I fell asleep on the couch around 9pm and woke up at 1am.

    And I think I can out-curse @maggiemayday on any day now. 😆

    (On the bright side, I am literally one day closer to retirement!)

  14. “I fell asleep on the couch and napped for two hours today.”

    Yippers. That’s fer sure.
    The realities of human aging can at times be difficult to cope with.

    I fell asleep on the couch and had a lovely nap, as well, today.
    Only problem is …
    I had only been awake for an hour and a half and the only chores
    I accomplished were -getting up, making my bed, making the coffee, getting the coffee mugs out of cabinet and placing them on the counter next to the coffee pot, getting dressed, washing my face, combing my hair and brushing my teeth.

    Geez, come to think of it.
    So many details.
    I’m exhausted just typing that!

    There was something else relevant I wanted to add
    but have now forgotten due to diverting my focus
    to the complexity of typing all the many details above.

    Time for another nap.

    ~Sweet Dreams~

  15. Yesterday my cats and I traveled to their new vet for vaccines & checkups. One cat was an absolute gentleman who charmed all the vet techs and new lady vet, the other was a misbehaved diva. Best thing about this foray was getting a senior discount of $50! This discount experience is still new to me, although I am a full decade ahead of you Joe.
    I can commiserate though. Forgetfulness can also be a symptom of being overwhelmed with “stuff”. Stuff to do, stuff to avoid doing and stuff you really should do, but will procrastinate about.

    As previously said, welcome to the club, and I highly recommend naps. I never get enough of them.

  16. Wow! There are a lot of us “over 50” people in our group here. That is so cool. I also notice I have zero tolerance for bullshit. And everything I think in my brain comes out of my mouth with no filter. I feel like “hey time is short.” I don’t care anymore about my credit rating. If something bad were to happen where I suddenly had to declare bankruptcy, does it really matter at this point? We aren’t interested in buying another home. Maybe it might hurt car financing, but that is the only thing I could see being a problem.

    Now onto a request. Tomorrow I go visit potential day hab programs for Patrick. School wants to get him going there starting in January one day a week and increasing to 5 days a week by the time he graduates. They will send his teacher to go to the day hab with him to get him transitioned which is phenomenal. That is the benefit of doing all this now. All these supports in place are going to make a big difference for me (and I suppose me, too). The school won’t transport him there though. They said they would have to transport him to the school and then the school to do whatever they want (but if they transported him to the day hab, then 2 people have to go in the car). So I’m going to have to drive him each time he is there and pick him up.

    The choices are not good. The one that everyone wants to get into has a wait list of “a few years” and 150 people on the list. The second choice may be where I place him. I don’t know how well he would do there and I don’t know what the staff-client ratio is, but I do know the owner and she created the agency because there was nowhere for her son to go. We’ve been FB friends for a few years now so she has gotten to know the good and the bad of Patrick. She said they don’t turn anyone away. They have about 25 clients from the agency we will use for the group home. The third place told me how nonverbal clients tend to get “lost” and when they heard the word “seizure” they said they didn’t have the facilities for that. I told them I could buy them a bed or a cot or gym mats if that was the only issue. Then they told me that they have a 1 to 15 ratio. Yikes. I told her that Patrick does better with higher functioning people, but that didn’t seem to sway her from trying to say something that would get me to say “okay, he doesn’t belong there.” The fourth one said they aren’t taking clients with his level of need. This fourth place is about 2 miles from my current home. They were affected by the flood so I could see why they would be overwhelmed right now, but then she told me they were short-staffed at the moment, etc. She did give me a heads up on an agency not to call because someone just left there and wanted to go to them and told her some really horrible things that happened. So at least the phone call produced that tidbit of information for me. The others on the list aren’t places he can go either.

    My request is to say a prayer for me tomorrow to be able to get through that day without sobbing. Or think good thoughts for me if you are an atheist.

    Yesterday we attended the official grand opening celebration of Patrick’s school. Another mom introduced me to several judges she knows (she works with them) who are now involved in the school. They are judges in another county so I got to share with them all these challenges. The mom wants to see about getting me into a meeting with all these people to try to explain the challenges we are facing and what Texas is doing to NOT help us and making life more difficult for us. Yeah, I would LOVE to do that. Count me in. But the moment I said “graduation and have to leave this place” I had to turn around because I couldn’t help the flow of tears pouring down from my eyes. I apologized and asked them to just give me a second to pull it back together. They were very kind in letting me work through that as I was speaking to them.

  17. @I still open doors for people

    That’s not an age thing, that’s just politeness. Most people do that regardless of age. I genuinely can’t remember the last time someone didn’t hold the door for me. I always hold for other people too.

  18. All that LA rush-rush could have zapped your energy. Maybe do a few days of Absolute Vegging to recuperate with nothing more stressful than cartoons and naps, write something weird and wonderful. Or get out the Sega Genesis and play some vintage video games. This SNL skit makes me wanna play Streets of Rage. https://youtu.be/rDiz5-vfUZ8

  19. Also glad I’m not the only one. Forgetfulness is the scariest one. Yesterday I searched my car for my exercise heart monitor, only to realize I had put it on 2 minutes earlier. Seriously freaked out on that one. But they say if you’re aware of your problems, it’s not that bad (yet)? I hope so, damn.

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