Well, this is a lovely article that speaks to what many fans loved about Dark Matter: the characters at the heart of the show…

A Love Letter to the Women of Dark Matter by Paste Magazine’s Frannie Jackson.

“But beyond the Faster Than Light travel and the insane corporate politics, one of the show’s most fascinating elements is that three of its leads are compelling female characters.

And yet Syfy canceled the show this fall, leaving a void in their programming.”

A void most recently filled by Jeepers Creepers 3.

The latest industry buzzword is “loud”.  They want shows that “make noise”.  So I see their reasoning…I suppose.

Still, I’ll always appreciate how loud and noisy Dark Matter fandom was during our final campaign.  Not just on twitter, but everywhere.  I’m still amazed that the article that broke news of the cancellation on deadline.com garnered 164 comments, far and away above the average.

And then, there were all these:


Seemed pretty LOUD and NOISY to me, but what do I know.  I just create, pitch, develop, plot, script, prep, cast, produce, and edit television.   I don’t decide what gets ON television.

November 10, 2017: Loud And Noisy!

Hey, we’re getting down to the wire.  November 15th is the deadline to get your letters in for a chance to receive some Dark Matter swag.


14 thoughts on “November 10, 2017: LOUD and NOISY!

  1. For the life of me, I will never understand why SYFY cancelled the show given its relatively good performance and clearly vocal and engaged fan base. If I were a network exec, I would kill for a quality show that had a built in passionate viewership, rather than go with some unknown quantity. It beggars reason.

    As far as I know, they have still not given any inkling of why it was cancelled.

  2. So what the heck does “loud” mean? How, precisely, does a show “make noise?” *sigh* My personal theory as to why SyFy chose not to renew Dark Matter is that it didn’t have enough gratuitous sex to appeal to their target audience.

    I dropped my letter at the post office this morning.With a little luck it will get to you before the deadline.

    1. Maybe they are meaning it in a literal sense. Like there is very little plot substance and lots of explosions.

  3. Can’t thank you enough Joseph for this gem called Dark Matter.

    Fans can’t let Dark Matter die. How about doing what Star Trek fans did to keep Star Trek alive and well after it’s three episode debut. Have fan based writing blogs and maybe even make fan based short Dark Matter videos?

    Dark Matter Lives

  4. I DON’T care how many “jeepers” (what a WWII remake?) or how many “creepers” (get the “Raid”!). I won’t be watching it, no matter what channel. I might have watched “Wynona Earp” as a “over flow” with my watching but that won’t happen. I DON’T do horror. I can watch the first Frankenstein but only because it has some humor and misfortune. I did tune in on Dark Matter because I remembered Jodelle’s previous (Stargate: Atlantis) work and I just got to know Roger Cross from a previous show (Continuum not the SG movie). I got to know the other characters: Two, Three, Four, and Android. They did not need noise (Hear me SCI-FI).

  5. Maybe someone with a better vision of science fiction can start another network. I wonder though if MGM would be willing, now that they have their own subscription channel, to let us have some Stargate Atlantis movies and perhaps to even pick up SGU and see where in the universe they are and how did Eli survive. It would ease the pain of losing Dark Matter.

    1. In a way, this has already started happening. Not to long ago the fans of Star Trek created their own show (Axanar) which looked about as good as “the real thing”. And now you have independent people on YouTube and other platforms creating decent-looking sci-fi, even if it is just in parody. The technology for producing a good show is getting cheaper and easier to use. And, it is now available to the common person. It is only a matter of time before we see more crowd-funded shows which are of truly decent quality. We will no longer be at the mercy of the networks and what “they feel” should or should not be on the air. Creative people will shine in the future.

  6. I sent my letter on October 3rd, but have no idea if it has already arrived. The damn post wont track it after the 9th, when it left Brazil and went to Canada. Hopefully mine is there (fingers crossed).

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