Welp, I’m L.A.-bound tonight, heading west for one glorious week of general meetings, pitches, and general meetings that will evolve into pitches.  To help prep me for all the best Los Angeles has to offer, Dirk Gently Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper was kind enough to forward me the following links:



October 29, 2017: Kicking Off My L.a. Doughnut Tour! October 29, 2017: Kicking Off My L.a. Doughnut Tour! October 29, 2017: Kicking Off My L.a. Doughnut Tour!

Looks like I might have to blow off a few meetings.

Like I said, most of the meetings will be general meet-and-greets.  Sort of along the lines of “Hi, I’m a showrunner with over 350 hours of television to my credit in addition to 100+ hours as a credited writer, all on shows you’ve probably never heard of.”  I’ll never forget Rob Cooper’s tale of meeting with a television executive who asked: “Stargate?  Did that air in the U.S.?”

Seriously though, I am looking forward to this trip for the doughnuts, the dinners, and the some 10+ hours of flight time and solo nights that will allow me to keep up my torrid reading pace (181 books on the year and counting!) and binge Stranger Things 2.

See you in L.A.!

24 thoughts on “October 29, 2017: Kicking off my L.A. doughnut tour!

  1. Unreal, that Stargate comment. I originally thought it was American. Was elated to find out it was filmed in Canada. Wondering how many Americans know that Designated Survivor is filmed in Toronto. Many great shows are filmed in Canada & several originate here.

  2. Oow, doughnuts! So many different kinds! They look yummy. Have I told you of the time I ate so many doughnuts I actually passed out! Hmm … 😶

    Good luck with your LA trip.
    Just be yourself and don’t take any notice of the occasional ignorant television executives. They are usually the ones who feel threatened by talent that originates from outside the States.

  3. Good luck with all that .. Say Hi! to Robert C. Cooper for me..I can hear him say ,,Who? Cudaker ! Who the f-k is he ? 😀 Serioustly if you ever can Catch this caravan of OLD FASHIONED POTATO DONUTS in the Montreal aera .Try them They aren’t Tim’s they Miam miam i’m telling you ! https://www.delicesdantan.com/en/ <— Them

  4. Safe travels!! Is that a rock candy swizzle stick on top of those donuts?? I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my donuts. I love the cake “Old Fashioned” plain, plain glazed (especially when the sign flashes hot) and chocolate covered glazed. Boring…I know!!

  5. Classic Hollywood Story Updated…

    Hollywood Exec: “Remind me of your credits again, Joe?”

    Joseph Mallozzi: “Why don’t you list yours? It’ll take less time.”

    Totally agree with the Donut Man recommendation, by the way. Those strawberry donuts are one of the high points of living out here in and around Glendora.

  6. How did you know I’m on a diet? You’re killing me. Those doughnuts look like heaven. Have a good time and stay away from earthquakes.

  7. Go to sidecar donuts in Newport Beach! I was there a couple of week ago…best donuts ever! Bring me back some

  8. Safe travels Joe, and I hope you have many successful meetings!

    And if you run into any of the old Stargate cast or crew, say “Hi!” for us.

  9. Did the new Star Trek take certain plots from DM? Tonight’s episode was a time loop episode that was very similar to DM’s version minus the humor, however the concept of being trapped in a time loop isn’t new in fiction.

    What does strike me as suspicious, is the ST spore drive compared to the DM’s blink drive, both achieve the same goal, but function differently. I’m wondering if they(writers) saw DM and took the concept of the blink drive, and re-wrote it to be applicable in the ST universe. Both punch a hole in space to transport a ship and crew, and at one point Discovery is described as a ship with advanced tech(the spore drive exists only on that ship) that can win the war. I remember Six making that claim against the corporations when trying to convince the rest of the crew.

    I’m not saying ST stole the concept, but I won’t be surprised if the took some influence from DM, just something to think about.

  10. @“Stargate? Did that air in the U.S.?”

    Clearly wasn’t a Science fiction fan. There’s no other explanation, that or the person was an idiot. You’d have to roll your eyes at comments like that from people who haven’t heard of Stargate.

    Look at how many countries SG-1/Atlantis etc aired in. They’re huge for the genre.

  11. Joseph,
    I used to be an ER nurse in Santa Monica. I used to make a sugar run for my ER crew at 2-3 AM at DK’s is on Santa Monica Ave. They are open late late and are a local favorite. They have that Cronut-that many say is better than the original. try the nutella one. mmmm! Also for next-level burgers, try Yelping the standing room in Redondo Beach–it is just mind-blowing. It is worth the trip. BUT for upper end WOW try Jose Andre’s Bazaar in Beverly Hills. The Coolest Diner in LA is Swingers in Santa Monica. t. My favorite cake is Sweet Lady Jane-OMG!!!!! that should help. This is what I miss most about LA(I live in Sacramento now). I’m sure you already have a list. Enjoy your trip.

  12. One time I went to Las Angeles did the whole tourist thing and stumbled onto this place https://www.philippes.com/ best French dip I’ve ever had also if you like greasy delicious chilli cheese burgers try Tommy’ s original best chilli cheese burgers any where don’t know of any donut spots I’ve always wanted to try that joint that was in iron man 2 with the big donut on there sign but I couldn’t find it because I don’t know the name any way I hope you have a safe and productive trip to L.A. if you end up in Phoenix hit me up on Facebook and I’ll give you the grand tour and show you where to stay that’s nice p.s. its the Phoenician TTFN.

  13. In all seriousness, how is it possible that people in the industry in LA have not heard of your shows? Perhaps the better question is, how prevalent is that problem? I spoke to someone in LA last week about the tone for my show and this person had never seen a Berlanti show, so didn’t understand any of the references. I was totally shocked that someone in LA has not seen a Berlantiverse show. Enjoy the donuts!

  14. I hope that purple thing on top is a candied stick of insulin!

    I’ll mention it again: if you get the chance, hit up a place called Slater’s 50/50. But, I’ll also mention a new place I visited there a couple weeks ago. It’s a bit more of a regular joint than it is a restaurant, but if you’re a fan of Pastrami sandwiches at all, the place you want is called The Hat. There are lots of them all around the LA area. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. It’s a very small chain, fast-casual style, but with an amazing product they’re “world famous” for. Their signature sandwich is actually called a Pastrami Dip, because they put a little bit of au jus on it. Not too much that it soggies up the bread, though, which I would’ve hated. It works well, though.

    Google them both and if you’ve got time, check ’em out! (Something tells me you might not be able to get out to one of these places because of all your meetings, but that’s a good thing right?)

    Good luck!
    -Mike A.

  15. Stargate, that sounds familiar, wasn’t that directed by Paul Verhoeven about killer bugs from outer space? Donuts, oh yeah! I need my Dirk Gently season 2 fix, especially now that I’m dung binging Stranger Things.

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