14 thoughts on “October 28,, 2017: Our little celebrity!

  1. What a lovely film!
    Suji is a lucky, little star 🌟
    She and Lulu are such happy pups.

    So good to see Bubba again too.

  2. Nice. Suji is so lucky to have you as parents. Many people would opt for
    Puppies, but giving g senior dogs a home is very special indeed. ❤

  3. Awwwwwe. Suji has come such a long way from living in a barn.

    Enjoy all the attention little one.

  4. A trip down memory lane! Bubba! Lulu! Suji! Suji is one lucky girl! Look how far she’s come! Two loving parents and lots of Aunts & Uncles. Aunt Jodelle…Aunt Melissa…Uncle Anthony to name a few.

  5. That raspy little bark, oh she’s so adorable! Suji was born to be a superstar, I’m glad she hopped that train north to find fame and yummy treats in the big city.

  6. Great video, but when I saw Bubba I got choked up and teary eyed. I’m so glad you and Akemi were able to give her a fantastic life. I can’t believe Boomer was on death row. MY BOOMER!!!!! My most cuddliest dog I’ve ever had. Can’t believe next month will be 4 years already since we adopted him. Time flies when you are having fun.

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